Jane Fox: Seducing her brother

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Jane Fox Seducing her brother
  • Название:
    Seducing her brother
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Jane Fox

Seducing her brother


"George! For heaven's sake!" Wilma Maxwell gasped as her husband suddenly reached for her hand and pressed it hard against his stiff cock. She looked around the gigantic cabin of the plane and then she giggled in relief as she noticed that most of the other passengers on this Trans-Atlantic flight were asleep.

"Now, honey… behave yourself!" Wilma managed to say sternly but there was a twinkle in her eye. "I don't think they let you do things like this on planes. You'll just have to wait until we land and get to the hotel."

"Aw, come on, Wilma," George chuckled. "I've always wanted to fuck on a plane. All these people are asleep and the stews are in back taking a break. No one'll ever know the difference."

Wilma looked around again and then her slight frown turned into a smile. What George said was true but she really didn't want to make a spectacle of herself. It would be fun to do something right under everyone's noses though. The thought of doing something that daring made Wilma's body tingle with excitement and there was a heated rush of cream that flooded her shivering cunt as she thought about telling her friends back home what they'd done. Of course fucking would be impossible in these cramped little seats but there were other enjoyable things one could do if one were horny.

"I've got an idea," Wilma whispered, leaning over to kiss the side of George's neck. This was something she'd always loved about George. He was always willing and able and sometimes they did do quite shocking things in strange places. That was what made marriage to George so exciting. It hadn't tapered off at all in eighteen years and she was glad that she'd married such a horny man. At least she didn't have to complain about not getting enough like her next-door-neighbors back in Greenville.

George watched with amusement as Wilma rang the buzzer for the stewardess. Then he grinned openly as Wilma politely asked the smiling young girl for a couple of blankets. Now he knew what Wilma's idea was, and he chuckled as she draped the blankets over them and then turned to wink at him.

"Unzip your pants," she whispered. "And give me your handkerchief. This is going to be a blast!"

George reached over and ran his fingers over his wife's long, smooth legs. She sure had a nice body for a woman of thirty-six. Her legs were warm and the crotchband of her panties was definitely damp. Wilma wasn't just humoring him. She was just as hot as he was.

"Mmmmmmm," Wilma moaned, lifting her hips a little so George could slide her panties off under the blanket. "We'll have to remember to be quiet. We'd be in bad shape if they kicked us off the plane right in the middle of the ocean."

"They wouldn't kick us off the plane, you ninny!" George chuckled. "I'll be quiet though. You just keep those hot lips of yours shut. You're the one who always makes the most noise."

"Oh, do I?" Wilma giggled, wrapping her fingers around George's hard prick and squeezing lustily. "I'm the one, hmmmmmm?"

"Awwwww, Jesus!" George moaned, unable to silence his loud groan of passion. Then he smiled as Wilma raised her eyebrows. "All right… all right," he conceded. "Both of us'll have to be quiet."

"Yessssss," Wilma breathed as George's finger slid over the creamy expanse of her drenched cuntal slit. "Ooooh, honey… that feels so good. I don't know why we wasted all this time. I wouldn't have been nervous during the takeoff at all if you'd been doing this. It's just marvelous!"

George felt his cock stiffen even more as Wilma's hand started pumping up and down lewdly. Wilma knew how to jack him off just perfectly. That's all they'd done for a long while when they were dating. Wilma hadn't let him pop her cherry until the night of the. Senior Prom and George had just about turned blue in the face, trying to talk her into it. But once Wilma had tasted the lusty delights of fucking she had been insatiable. She certainly hadn't turned out to be a frigid wife, like so many of his friends complained about. Wilma was a first-class fuck and he was a lucky guy for finding her.

George couldn't stop his lusty groan as Wilma's fingers began to grip his throbbing cock tighter and tighter. Her fingers were so smooth they felt like a warm, velvet vise around his jerking prickshaft and he groaned again as his cock gave an impatient surge.

"Honey," George whispered, "I think we could get away with it if you just put your head down here in my lap and sucked it. Please, honey? You know how I love that."

Wilma glanced around again but none of the other passengers seemed in the least aware of what was going on in seats 17 E and F. They were tight next to the window and no one was seated in the aisle seat. They had the whole row to themselves because the flight wasn't crowded. Wilma didn't think the people on the other side of the aisle in seats 17 A, B, and C could see what they were doing. The lights were very dim and their neighbors across the way seemed to be sleeping soundly.

"Alright," Wilma whispered back, giving a little muffled giggle. "But you'd better keep your eyes open for the stewardess. I don't want anyone to see me."

"I will… I will!" George promised quickly. "Just do it, honey… I'm hornier than hell right now!"

Wilma squirmed a little until she was sprawled out under the blanket with her head in George's lap. Then she carefully raised the blanket and grinned as she saw his hard, nearly-bursting cock. At least they wouldn't have to use the handkerchief this way. She felt almost like a new bride as she wrapped her hand around George's huge cock and started licking it with her tongue. Poor George really was horny and she just hoped that he wouldn't make any noise when he came. She could feel his cock jerking as she licked it and George was making little gasping noises of enjoyment. He was doing his best to keep quiet but Wilma knew just what lusty feelings were rushing through her husband's body as she swirled her little pink tongue over the head of his smooth, slippery prick and sucked it in the tight oval of her lips. At least this wouldn't take very long. George's stiff cock was jerking so hard that he was almost shooting already and she'd barely started sucking.

"Mmmmm, yeah!" George whispered, pushing her head down with his heavy hand. "Come on, baby. This'll be so quick no one'll ever know about it."

Wilma giggled as she made a little smacking sound with her lips. She hoped that the blanket muffled the noise she was making as she sucked George's big, jerking cock into her throat. The smacking sucking noises sounded awfully loud to her, but, that was because she was under the blanket. They couldn't be that loud outside. If they were, everyone in the whole aircraft would know exactly what they were doing.

"Mmmmmmm," Wilma groaned, sucking joyfully on the throbbing pole of her husband's prick. She'd have to demand that he play with her cunt when she was through sucking his cock. Every time Wilma sucked her husband's lovely, large cock her cunt got so wet and steamy she could hardly stand it. Cocksucking definitely turned Wilma on and she rubbed her swelling nipples against George's lap as her cheeks ballooned in and out obscenely under the blanket. This was really fun in a wicked sort of way. She couldn't help but wonder what the stewardess would say if she noticed what was going on. The poor little blonde would probably turn beet-red and run up to ask the pilot what to do. Wilma was sure they didn't stimulate situations like this in stewardess school. Who else but her and George would do something this risky? Certainly none of their friends would ever dare to do anything like this on a flight to Europe!

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