Jane Fox: Swappers next door

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Jane Fox Swappers next door
  • Название:
    Swappers next door
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Jane Fox

Swappers next door


Liv Adams mixed herself a stiff drink. She flopped down in the new living room chair and propped her long, tanned legs up on a stool. Then she looked down at her full, curvy figure and sighed.

Liv had on a new, sexy nightgown. It barely covered the rosy hard nipples of her thrusting titties. Liv knew that she looked good enough to eat. It hadn't made any difference though. Jim had passed out right after he came home from the office, three hours late again, as usual. It didn't do any good to get dressed up for Jim. He was more interested in the bottom of a bottle of scotch than he was in her lush curves.

Liv sighed angrily. She heard her husband's snores coming from the bedroom. She had been hot all day. She thought that Jim would fuck her for sure when she planned their evening. She had the drinks mixed on time and she waited in her sexy nightgown. Nothing had worked out the way she had planned it though. Jim had come straight home and flopped on the bed.

Liv tasted her drink and shivered slightly. Her pussy rubbed against the silky material of the gown and she shivered again. She was burning up with lust. She just had to do something to get Jim to fuck her. It had been two weeks since he had touched her.

A smile flashed across Liv's face. There was only one thing she hadn't tried. She had nothing to lose.

Liv stood up with a determined expression on her face. She walked into the bedroom and stopped in the doorway. Jim was lying crosswise on the bed, snaring drunkenly. He looked like he wasn't going to be good for anything except eight hours of sleep. She had to try though. It was her last chance.

Jim sighed as she rolled him over to his back. He kept right on snoring even when Liv reached down and slid down the zipper on the front of his pants.

Liv pulled out Jim's cock. It was limp, like a noodle. She couldn't believe that this had been the man who had swept her off his feet with his hard, stiff cock only four years ago. Jim's prick looked so limp that it was hard to imagine it stiff and powerful.

Liv knelt down at Jim's side. She just had to try to get his cock hard. He wouldn't have to do anything if she could only get it stiff. She'd do all the work. She just had to have something in her aching, moist pussy.

Liv ran her slim fingers over the head of Jim's cock. She stared at it, willing it to get bigger and stiffer. Nothing happened though. Her caresses were making absolutely no difference in Jim's cock. He wasn't even waking up. His eyelids weren't even flickering now. Liv sighed. This called for drastic measures. Jim had always loved it when she sucked his big cock. Maybe that would make a difference. She didn't see how he could stay limp if she did a good job of licking and sucking his prick.

The tip of Liv's tongue shot out. She licked over the rough surface of Jim's balls and was rewarded by a small groan. That was encouraging.

Liv licked up the limp shaft of Jim's prick, all the way to the head. Then she ran her tongue around the head in little darting circles, hoping for a miracle. Whoever was passing out miracles that night didn't seem to take kindly to her ministrations though. Jim's cock remained as flaccid as ever.

Liv opened her mouth wide. She sucked the tip of Jim's cock right into her mouth, sliding it down her throat. It was easier to suck when it was soft like this. She could fit the whole thing into her mouth. Liv sucked and licked for a long time. She was encouraged by several drunken groans from Jim, but nothing happened to the size of his cock. Her hot mouth and squeezing throat were doing nothing to increase the size of Jim's prick. It seemed almost smaller than before. "Damn!" Liv sighed, letting Jim's dangling cock plop out of her mouth. It flopped back on his belly like a small pink worm. There was no use in going on with it. Liv was positive that she could suck Jim's cock all night and he wouldn't even feel it.

The itch in Liv's pussy was getting stronger and stronger. That always happened when she sucked cock. There was nothing that Jim could do to take care of her cunt though, when he couldn't even get his cock hard. She would have to take care of her pussy herself, like she'd done so many times in the past year.

Liv walked back to the living room and stared out the balcony window. There were plenty of men out there with stiff cocks. Why couldn't she have married one of them?

Liv's face felt hot and flushed. She pushed her dark hair back from her forehead and shivered. She knew lots of women in her predicament who would go out and find another man to take care of their lust. Liv didn't quite have that kind of nerve though.

Liv wrapped her arms around her body. She wished that she had a man to hold her… to drive his big cock into her eager pussy and make her come. That kind of thinking was getting her nowhere though. There wasn't anyone around except for Jim and he was in no condition to do anything but sleep it off. There would be no stiff cock for her tonight.

Liv looked around the apartment. It was a beautiful place to live. She had thought that she and Jim would be happy here. It was a brand new high rise and there was a balcony running the length of the apartment with a view of the Washington skyline. She could see the Washington monument in the distance.

Liv opened the sliding balcony doors. The cool air felt good on her flushed face. She stepped out on the balcony and sat down in a chaise lounge. She could see lights on in the other apartments.

Liv could see a blonde woman walking past the window and there was a good-looking man sitting on the couch. It was kind of strange being able to see straight into their apartment from here.

Suddenly Liv gasped. The man pulled the blonde woman down beside him on the couch and his hands fumbled at the front of her robe. Then the robe slipped down and Liv could see the woman's high titties gleaming in the light. Now Liv wished even more than ever that she was in the apartment across the way. She sighed lustfully as the man's mouth lowered to the woman's titties and sucked one rosy nipple. Waves of jealousy ran through Liv's body as she watched. She wanted her titties sucked too. If only Jim were more of a man.

The couple across the way kissed for a long moment. Liv tried to relax and watch them. The man over there wasn't passed out cold like Jim was. That woman was lucky. Liv wondered how she managed to keep her husband interested in her. She had beautiful titties, but Liv knew that her titties were just as pretty. It wasn't fair that Jim didn't pay that kind of attention to her.

Liv sighed as she saw the blonde's hands moving across the front of her husband's pants. She tugged his zipper down and his long, hard cock popped out like a spear. Liv sighed again, wishing that Jim's cock would be that hard. The blonde's husband was really turned on. He squeezed the blonde's titties and Liv could see his cock grow bigger and harder with each squeeze.

Liv remembered how it used to be with Jim, when they were first married. Jim had fucked her everywhere. It seemed like he couldn't keep his hands off her. They had fucked in the living room, the bathroom, even the kitchen. Now she was lucky if she got a goodnight peck on the cheek.

Liv's hands reached up toward her own quivering titties. She squeezed and tugged at her nipples. It felt so good she cried out in pleasure. She pretended that the man was squeezing her titties. It felt even better that way. She could watch and pretend that she was the lucky blonde woman.

Now the woman was slipping down her husband's pants. He helped her kick them off. Then their bodies locked in a torrid embrace. Liv could see his cock pressing against her thighs.

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