Robert Vickers: Seducing her family

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  • Название:
    Seducing her family
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Robert Vickers

Seducing her family


The sound of the jet engines revving up drowned out the sounds of the noisy fucking going on near the terminal. Anyone not watching the silver 707's taking off could have seen a grimy engine mechanic fucking the hell out of a trim, svelte eighteen-year old blonde girl if they'd looked in the right place.

"Ohhh, Hans, you're such a fine lover!" Annemarie moaned, arching her back against the cowling of the partially dismantled engine. Her pussy was damp with lust, and she wasn't going to allow this stud to have any second thoughts about fucking in public. There was something about the idea that anyone could come along and see them fucking their brains out that excited the girl even more.

"Ach, you say that to all the men in your life. My prick is no longer than any other man's." He bent forward and kissed her mouth, their tongues dueling for a moment. Then he started a slow in-and-out movement which would, imitate the fucking rhythm he would use when he got to fucking her for real. Now, he was simply getting her hot for him.

As he began kissing hers the girl gasped out, "But it's not length that counts! You're good, I know it! And your cock is so thick! I feel it pulling me in new and wondrously different directions."

She panted now in real lust. This had started as a way of passing time. She'd met Hans in a small snackbar inside the Schipol terminal, had played up to him just to keep her feminine wiles sharp, and he had responded. When she'd seen the size of the lump at the crotch of his pants, she'd decided she could spare the time before her flight to America.

If only he would tie her up while they were fucking in plain sight!

"Your tits are so firm and young and tasty!" he said. He pulled open the front of her blouse. She didn't wear a bra. He cupped one tit in his grimy hand, then kissed it. She moaned softly at the feelings shooting across her chest.

She gasped when he licked the very tip of her tit. He caressed her tit with his lips, kissing and licking, stimulating her nipple until it sprang wildly erect. The little knob of erect flesh was pulsing hard.

"Fuck me, fuck me good with that thick prick of yours! It's all I want! I want to feel you deep inside me!" she whispered hotly in his ear. He chuckled and kept kissing and licking her body. She hardly knew where his leaping tongue would lick her next.

From tit to tit and down into the depths of the canyon between them, he licked. And when he licked lower, she helped him by lifting her skirt up around her waist. The blonde teenager almost passed out from joy when she felt his rough, pink tongue licking her cunt.

He wasn't the insensitive slob he had appeared to be. He knew how to get a woman strung out sexually. He licked her chit until her cunt was gooey and spilling its love juices. She was moaning so loud now, anyone passing within ten feet could have heard them – and anyone standing in the observation deck could have looked down into the maintenance area and seen her arched back over the jet engine, the mechanic avidly licking her cunt.

"Your cock!" she begged, "I want to feel your cock, not your fucking tongue! But it's soooo gooood I…"

"No. Not yet! I must make sure you truly want my prick!"

"I do! I do!" And she shoved her cunt toward his mouth to emphasize how badly she wanted his big prick. She'd stroked up and down the length of his mighty pillar of prick. As he said, his prick wasn't all that long. All her boyfriend's were hung longer than Hans, but few of them could match the thickness of his cock. He was as big around as a telephone pole.

And she couldn't wait to have him fuck her with that huge cock!

She began thrashing around, slapping her hands against the aluminum siding of the jet engine until it rang like a gong. He looked up from his tasty treat of cunt and shook his head. "Not so loud, damn it! You'll have all see us!"

"I don't care! I care only for your prick! Fuck me now with it!"

Her hands windmilled around again and almost hit him in the head. He saw that this was one fraulein who would really get off when she came. He sensed he wouldn't be able to stay on top of her when he really fucked her. She would be moving around too fast. He would have to do something about it now.

He pulled off his belt and lashed her right leg to one of the stanchions supporting the engine. Then he pulled out a piece of string and bound her other leg to the nearest steel rod so that she was held spread-eagle. He thought it was strange that her blue eyes never opened in horror at what he was doing. If anything, she had relaxed enough to allow him to tie her down. Then Hans understood.

She liked this! She wanted to be tied up!

He rapidly finished binding her hands firmly over her head. Her long, lustrous blonde hair now whipped back and forth in the wind.

"Oh, Hans, how can you tie me up then fuck me in public like this! I can't stand it!" she complained. But her tone of voice told a different story. This was the only way she would let him have her.

And have her he did. He moved close, grasped the sides of her straining body, positioned himself, and then shoved upward with his prick. He plunged right into her cunt with the first thrust.

She came as soon as his huge prick parted her cunt lips. Her pussy drooled obscenely at her excitement at being bound and fucked in public, and his prick shot easily all the way up into her cunt. Her slippery pussy walls stretched to enclose his thick cock. While he was hardly six inches long – fifteen centimeters sounded so much better – he was easily two inches thick. That made for a prick eight centimeters around. She loved it. She loved every inch, every centimeter of his huge fucking cock!

She gasped for breath at his sudden entry all the way up into her cunt. Her young cunt kept stretching and expanding to take the thick plug of virile prick ramming into her. She was suddenly greedy and wanted it all. Annemarie was oversexed and knew it – that was one of the best things about living in Europe. There were always men who were as horny as she was and willing to help the Dutch girl scratch her eternal itch so delightfully.

Men like Hans. He appeared to be nothing more than a mechanic, but he obviously knew all there was about pleasing a woman. And the teenaged blonde was glad she had taken the chance with him. She was certainly enjoying this public fucking more than sitting around watching the airplanes take off!

She could take off instead!

She pulled strongly against the bonds holding her spread out over the engine. She tested them and they wouldn't release her. Perfect. No matter how much she thrashed around now, she was safe from breaking loose and embarrassing both of them. She relaxed and enjoyed every single contour of the mighty cock shoving deep into her cunt.

"So tight you are!" he muttered. His face was just inches away from hers. "So fucking tight I might mistake you for a virgin. But you are no virgin. A man can tell."

"Only a real man can tell," she said breathlessly. "And you are one!" She jerked and bucked hard against his body as he slowly pulled his prick from her seething pussy. This was such torture for her. The vacuum formed inside her cunt by his thick piston of prick made her feel as if he were sucking her guts out. She shivered, in spite of the warm sunlight shining down on her bare tits and exposed pussy. Her blonde pussy fur gleamed in the sunlight like golden strands of wire. An occasional droplet of cunt juice reflected back all the colors of the rainbow.

He bent forward and kissed her again. She tried to lick his tongue, but he was a strong man. He refused to allow her to do what she wanted. He pressed his tongue firmly against the very tip of her tongue. For a moment, an oral tug-of-war went on, which she lost. He plunged his tongue into her mouth to play and frolic and do whatever he pleased.

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