Robert Vickers: Blackmailed teacher

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Robert Vickers Blackmailed teacher
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    Blackmailed teacher
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Blackmailed teacher

Robert Vickers


Liz squirmed nervously as she sat in her high-backed wooden chair. The faces of the bored students told her they didn't know what was making her so nervous.

If they'd known she had a boy's tongue eagerly lapping up and down the inside of her thigh and pushing toward her gooey cunt, they would have been far more attentive.

But they didn't know that Don, their classmate, was under their history teacher's desk. They didn't know she had her skirts hiked up around her waist. And they definitely didn't know what she was feeling at that instant as the boy's tongue drove mercilessly into her juicy cunt.

"Uh, and who, uh, ummmm, who can t-tell me wh-when the Constitution was ratified?" she stammered. It was getting harder and harder for her to keep talking. The words jumbled together the closer that lapping tongue came to her hot little pussy.

"Uh, 1789?" came a faint voice from the back of the room.

Liz Walker couldn't even concentrate. The date may have been right or it could have been wildly wrong. All she cared about was getting tongue fucked.

"Good. Now, class, r-read the next chapter wh-while I correct your tests from yesterday."

She heard a faint snicker from under her desk. Don was enjoying the feeling of power he had over her. She didn't dare call him on it. The humiliation of being found with the boy under her skirt and licking her twat would be too much.

She would also get her ass fired so quick she wouldn't know what happened for a solid week.

Leaning back in the desk chair and straightening her legs, she was able to give the pussy-eating student a better shot at her cunt. His rough, wet, pink tongue slurped up the tiny flood of her cunt juices. Nearer and nearer he came to her pussy lips. As his tongue brushed against the blood-engorged cunt lips, she came.

It wasn't a fireworks-flashing and heavenscrashing come. It was simply a sharp intake of her breath and a warmth flooding her entire body. She felt her tits pressing hotly against the confines of her bra. For the millionth time she wished she wasn't wearing it. The cloth chafed and rubbed her tender titties until she wanted to scream.

But, of course, that was out of the question. Teachers didn't scream for no apparent reason in the middle of class.

His tongue slipped under one of the quivering flaps of her cunt lips and probed into her cunt hole. She shivered in reaction. Hot and cold surges raced up her spine. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from yelling out something obscene like, "Tongue-fuck me, Don darling. I want to feel that wet tongue of yours drilling deep into my poor little cunt!"

No matter how much she wanted to cry out those words, they were forbidden to her. And her student knew it. He enjoyed putting her in spots like this. Never before had he actually eaten her out in public like this, but he had pinched her ass, run his hand up under her skirt and done other things that would normally have gotten him expelled.

But Liz Walker didn't dare turn her teenage student in for disciplinary action. Not when she and Don had been fucking since the beginning of school. She couldn't really remember how it had started. She had gone to a school football game with a friend. Before they had gotten out of his car, they'd shared a joint.

The pungent fumes of the dope had muddied her brain. Somehow, she'd been separated from her date, or he'd left her for another woman. Don had been on hand and more than willing to give his history teacher a helping hand.

Maybe she'd made the play for him. Maybe he'd seen the opportunity and taken it. It didn't matter. They'd fucked like rabbits under the stadium. Long after the game was over and won, they were down there fucking. When she wore him out, he'd eat her pussy until she came.

By then, he'd have his erection back. The teenager was a tireless sex fiend. He could fuck all night long and often did.

Since that time, he had been after her constantly. She felt the lion bonds of his trap perfectly. Anything a sixteen-year-old horny boy did was just fine. A respectable history teacher at Walter Williams Memorial High. School couldn't afford the slightest hint of scandal.

Someone might actually find out why she'd been asked to oh-so-quietly leave the city's other high school. Liz Walker was over-sexed. She couldn't handle herself when the chance for a good fuck came along. She'd been caught fucking the football coach at Eight Miles High School just after a game in the school's locker room…

If a couple of the students hadn't seen them, everything would have been cool. But it wasn't. She was forced to take a job at Williams High and Liz had left town in shame.

She abandoned herself to the sensual feelings assaulting her body. His tongue probed deeply into her cunt. Then he began tongue-fucking her with more force than she would have believed possible. His tongue might have been a prick, it was so hard and long.

Swirling in her cunt hole like a tornado, he sucked up all the flowing love juices from her twat. His lips pressed firmly against hers as his tongue tried desperately to dig all the way up into her steamy, humid little twat.

As his soft lips caressed her clit, she came again. The teacher was aware she was sweating profusely now. In the airy autumn weather, there was no explanation for it – except sex. And as hip as her students were, it wouldn't take them long to figure out why she was gasping like a fish out of water and twitching around on her chair like it was electrified.

Luckily for the teacher, the bell rang ending class. She was limp as a dish rag and feeling the full effects of the boy's tongue working all over her snatch.

"Remember your homework is due tomorrow," she said in a shaky voice. "Dismissed!"

They shot out of the classroom like a rocket sled on rails. In less than a minute, the room was empty. Empty except for her and the teenager avidly sucking on her clit.

"C-come on up, Don," she said to the boy crouching under her desk. It took a few seconds for him to unbend his long, gangly legs. His flame red hair seemed to reflect lines of gold she had never noticed before.

He smiled broadly. "Didn't you like me sucking on your little cunt?"

"You shouldn't have done it. You could have gotten us both into a shitload of trouble!" she flared.

"Shitload? Tch-tch, such language and from a teacher, too. And don't hand me any of that skit that you didn't like the feel of my tongue up your cunt or my lips all over your pussy lips."

He was smug and self-assured. And the gleam from around his lips was definitely the remains of her cunt juice that he'd failed to lap up. She shuddered as she looked at him. She'd created a monster in a moment of doped-up indiscretion. How could she get rid of him?

"Let's do something a bit more satisfying," he said. "Hop up on your desk and spread. Those lovely legs of yours. I think I want to bury my pecker in that gooey cunt of yours."

"Now look, Don this has gone far enough!"

"The hell it has, doll. It's just starting. I mean, gosh, Miss Walker, you and me and, the principal and maybe the PTA and all those busybodies all the time talking about child porno… think of the field day the newspapers would have if they found out one of their high teachers was actually seducing one of her pupils."

She looked him square in the eye and decided he wasn't bluffing. He'd go straight to the newspapers with his story if she didn't let him fuck her. There wasn't any way she could avoid doing what he commanded. With society the way it was these days, they'd never believe her. And Don could make up such a lurid account, everyone would want to believe it was true.

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