Ken Preston: More than a daughter

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Ken Preston More than a daughter
  • Название:
    More than a daughter
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Ken Preston

More than a daughter


"Hey there, you naughty girl! How come you spend so much time in front of your mirror?" I myself, grinning back at my own image in the big glass that covered one full wall of my bedroom. "Because," I answered me, "I like what I see. I am growing up into a truly gorgeous chick!" I gave myself a big razzberry and started giggling. I felt really super this morning. It was Saturday. No school! My pussy still tingled from the wild fingerfucking session I'd just had in my big easy chair pulled up close to the mirror. My fingers were so slippery I could hardly get a grip on my cunt lips, but I managed to spread them and check out the pink entrance to my virgin hole.

"You better be careful with those fingers, Debby," I told myself. "You've got yourself opened up enough to take one finger part way in, without it hurting too much. That's enough! When you lose your cherry, don't you want to experience all the sensations that are due you?" I suddenly grew serious and stood staring at my reflection. I saw a stark naked blonde girl, with big round brown eyes. Over the years, I had watched her grow up. It seemed only yesterday that I was a skinny brat, with braces on my teeth, my long hair in braids and not even a trace of a bump, on my chest. My hands went to my breasts. Now they were full and round and very firm. My nipples came up right away, pressing into my palms with little tingles that mad me rub them harder. My waist was slim and my tummy flat as a board. I liked the way my thighs had filled out, pressing close against the triangle of blonde hair that seemed to have grown, all of a sudden, all over my pussy mound. I turned around and checked the back view. My bottom swelled out with the same round fullness as my tits. Finally I had curves after waiting so long to lose that pooched-out belly, little-kid look. My skin was clear, fair and very soft to my touch.

I turned around to smile at myself, showing my teeth like a movie star getting her Oscar. My mouth looked a little wide to me, but the teeth had turned out super after the braces came off. It was hard to keep my hands off my cunt, so I gave up trying. One climax is never enough for me. My middle finger stole into my soft bush and began looking for my stiffening clitty. "Gee, my hair is so fine anyone could look right through it and see every inch of my pussy underneath."

"That's right! The view is delightful!" I whirled around to see my father standing in the doorway, grinning at me.

"Daddy!" I flew into his arms, completely forgetting I was naked, and had just been caught by my dad with my finger in my pussy. "When did you get home? Oh, I – we – missed you so much!"

"Hey! My neck may bend a little bit, but you're breaking it!" he laughed. "You are getting awfully strong! And really very lovely, Debby."

He held me at arm's length and his eyes slowly traveled from my face down to my breasts that were goosebumpy with excitement, and rising and falling very rapidly. I felt my pussy get all hot and itchy when his eyes rested there for a long time. "You know," he said quietly, with something like wonder in his voice, "my little girl is almost gone. I see a very beautiful young woman standing in front of me."

I blushed real red and hugged him tight, my hands accidentally brushing his terry cloth robe aside so that our naked bodies pressed tightly together. His skin felt cool, and his wavy hair was still damp from his shower. I laid my head against his big chest and my arms held him very tight against me. "Oh Daddy," I murmured, "I'm so glad you're home. These long business trips you have to go on are just for the birds. I fall asleep every night hoping I'll be wakened by you kissing me good morning."

His warm hands slid down my back to pat me gently on my naked bottom. "Those trips are necessary, Deb. The new insurance agencies I set up for the company bring in the money I have to have to run this house and feed your brothers and your mom and me. But I'm glad to be home again for a while." He tilted my face up to him and kissed me so sweetly I hugged him even harder and pressed my lips tightly to his. I kissed him a long, long time. I started to get the strangest, warmest feeling all over my body when I felt his big hands cup my bottom and pull my hips closer than ever to him. His cock began to grow bigger! It pressed right against my pussy. My legs just naturally opened a bit, so it could slip between them and rise to touch against the very bottom of my cunt.

I felt my hips begin moving against him, kinda like all on their own. He felt so big and so warm and so strong, between my legs! I suddenly caught my breath and stepped back, embarrassed at what I was doing, and all confused by the emotions racing through me. His cock sprang free, to stand straight out from his muscular body, and point right at where it had been nestling. He had kind of an odd look on his face. "Uh, sorry, Debby," he grinned, sort of like he was apologizing. "Don't know what happened to me, there, for a minute." He closed his robe and tied it firmly, hiding his stiff cock that I wanted very much to keep looking at. "Your beautiful warm body…" he broke off, and tried to get back to being my daddy, instead of – what? My mind was racing. I desperately wanted to feel his cock pressing against my pussy again. I wanted to hold him in my hot hands. I wanted – God! – I wanted him to have sex with me! To love me! To put that thick, long cock inside my pink cunt! I had never had such thoughts before! I just stood there, biting my lip, my head in a whirl. What I really wanted was for my daddy to be my… my lover!

He cleared his throat like he was going to tell me something, then decided against it. "I have to get dressed, Deb, and take your mom out to brunch." He reached down and gave me a quick kiss. "See you when we get back. O.K.?" I nodded. I couldn't find my voice.

The moment he was gone, my bottom hit the cushion of my play chair and my shaking hands cupped my moist pussy. But I didn't want to do myself again. Not now. I just wanted to sit quietly and think about what had happened to me. To us! He must have felt the same mad desire to make love. The sex books say that men don't get a hard on unless they are sexually turned on. I immediately, shamelessly, began planning how to get my own father to fuck me!

"Hey, Sis. Since you're just sitting around doing nothing, how about helping me." My brother, Dirk, was standing behind me. I was so lost in thought I'd never heard him come in my room. He had a new camera in his hand. It seemed to me his face was deliberately expressionless. "I need some practice with this thing. How about posing for me. The way you are."

I just looked at him, kind of mad at being interrupted. In my mind, my daddy and me were already in bed together and I had my hands around his stiff cock, holding him tightly and staring at how he was jumping and throbbing in my fist. "Dirk," I told him, "I don't want you showing pictures of me around school, all naked. And why don't you knock before you come in a girl's room?"

He grinned, his eyes now sweeping over me in a very un-brotherly manner. "This is a Polaroid camera, dummy. No negatives, and I'll give you every picture I take. Honest. Let's go out in the guest house. The sun is coming in the picture window out there, so I won't even need my flash. Put your pool robe on, and come on."

I looked at him looking at me. His eyes kept coming back to my pussy. Maybe it was because I was so turned on, but I didn't really mind my brother staring at my cunt. He had become a boy, in my mind. A boy with a cook. And, somewhere in the house, there was a duplicate of him. Two cocks! Geez, I was going cock-crazy all of a sudden! My image of my daddy had vanished, and I saw myself naked in bed with my twin brothers. No one, not even my mom and dad, seemed able to tell Dirk from Allen, sometimes. Their voices and the way they walked and the way they thought and reacted to everything that happened to them was so much the same it was spooky!

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