Ken Preston: Loving mother

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Ken Preston Loving mother
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    Loving mother
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Ken Preston

Loving mother


Ann Reynolds stood in the doorway to her daughter's bedroom, staring with shocked eyes at her son's flushed face – and his sturdy cock sticking straight out from his body! He leaped off the bed as though it was on fire.

"Uh, hi Mom! When did you get home?"

"Rick, I can't believe this! To find you sucking your sister's pussy! Bunny, I'm ashamed of you!"

Ann was furious. Her daughter looked up at her mother, her eyes round with fear. She knew about her mother's temper. The blonde teen-ager lay frozen on the bed, her legs still spread, her cunt-hair wet with her pussy-juice. Her pink nipples stood straight up. She was naked as the day she was born.

Ann stepped into the bedroom and seized her son's arm. She shook him, furiously, making his hard cock swing back and forth. He was jay-bird naked. And frightened.

"I wasn't hurting Bunny, Mom. Honest. We… we got to fooling around. Teasing. You know. She dares me to kiss her pussy, and…"

"I don't want to hear about it, Rick. Shame! Brothers are not supposed to have sex with their sisters. You know that. It's naughty."

"Carol does, Mom. Her brother fucks her every day, after school. Rick didn't fuck me. He just…"

"Hush! Such gutter language, Bunny! Get up. Get your clothes on. I'll talk to you about this later."

The girl pouted, but she got up and put her robe on.

Ann shook Rick again. Hard. Her eyes were blazing with anger and frustration. Trouble with her kids she didn't need. Not so soon after her husband's death. The six weeks since the funeral had been plain hell for Ann. She lay in bed at night, fingering her wet pussy and teasing her hat clit in torment. Now she had no man to fuck her. No wonderfully hard cock to suck, or guide into her blonde muff of silk cunt-hair. She was so horny her nipples were always up – her snatch always damp!

Ann pushed Rick into her bedroom and slammed the door shut. She grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. Her long blonde hair tumbled down aver her shoulders. Her full tits jiggled under her thin blouse. She looked at her son's full erection. A tiny drop of moisture trembled on the very end of his cock.

"You aren't too big for me to spank you, young man. The very idea! If I hadn't come home, I bet you'd have put this thing in Bunny's cunt. Wouldn't you? Answer me!"

She reached out and seized her son's stiff cock. He swallowed hard, his eyes round with fear and excitement.

"Mom – you're squeezing my cock awful hard!"

"Shut up! You have to be punished, Rick, so you'll know I mean what I say when I tell you to leave Bunny alone."

Ann plumped down on her dressing-table bench and jerked her naked son across her lap. Her hand rose in the air and whipped down. He yelped and thrashed around. Ann's smarting hand left long red streaks on his bare ass.

Her skirt had been pushed up high when she slammed him down across her lap. She could feel his hard cock rubbing against her bare thigh as he jerked every time her hand smashed down on his red ass.

Was his cock getting even harder, or was it her imagination?

Ann's fingers stung. She stopped whipping him and rubbed her hands together. He lay across her lap, sniffling.

"Rick," she said softly, "you're becoming a man." God, how hard his cock was! "You know it isn't right to mess around with your twin sister. No matter how much she teases you." Why did she like the weight of his body, lying on her? "I want you to promise me you'll be good." Her hand rested on his smarting ass, rubbing his soft flesh. Her fingers slid down between his open legs to brush over his tight balls.

"I'll-I'll be good, Mom. Honest."

Ann could not keep from reaching down. Automatically, her thighs parted. She was so damn hot she felt she'd faint! Her nipples were up, hard as small pebbles!

She made him stand up close to her. Her hand wrapped around his cock again. His prick jerked and throbbed under the pressure of her fingers wrapping around his cock-shaft.

"This cock of yours is going to get you in trouble soon enough, Rick." Her hand moved up and down on him. "I know you get hot. But you better just play with it…" God, what was she telling her son to do? That it was okay to jack-off? He was so fucking hard! "Ah… what was I saying? Oh. It's better to play with, this hard dick, yourself, than to let your sister get her hands on it!"

Now both her hands were holding him. Tightly. God, why couldn't she let go? His stiff dick pointed up toward her parted lips. She shouldn't be moving her hands up and down on him! It wasn't right. But he felt so damn good! So hard.

And his tool was almost as big as her husband's had been!

Her thumb swirled over his smooth cock-head. He jumped, but he didn't move back. He got even stiffer!

"You probably should get off, Rick," she murmured. "When a man's excited, it's not good for him not to come."

Her soft hand cupped his full balls. His toes dug into the carpet. His face turned bright red. His cock twitched and throbbed in her hand.

"Just to help you feel better, I-I think I should help you get this off."

Her voice was low. Throaty. Ann could not believe what she was doing to her own son! Her hand moved around his smarting ass, keeping him close to her. Her other hand stroked him up and down. Very slowly. Very gently. Spreading his slick fluid all over his stiff shaft. Oh, God! This was driving her mad with lust! To have a rigid cock buried in her hungry pussy-hole…!

"Hush. This is what you need. If… if you want put your hand over mine. Yes. Like that. You've grown so hard… I mean, so big. Big for your age. All over." Ann knew she was going to jack him off. All the way. She could not help herself. Her hand moved faster. His cock turned fiery red. His own hand set the pace, now. His mouth fell open. His body stiffened.

"Come. Come, Rick honey. Shoot!"

"Jesus, Mom! You squeeze so hard! It's gonna go off any second!"

"Yes! I want it to. You have to come!"

He jerked his hand off his cock, to run it nervously through his wild mop of hair. He bit his lip. Ann's hand stroked his cock faster and faster.

She felt his dick grow red-hot! Her thumb pressed into his cum-channel. His hard tool shot a quick jet of cum into the air. Another. Another! He groaned. Her fingers slid into the crack of his firm ass. She pumped him until she had every drop of cum dragged out of his flaming-hot tool.

Ann took a deep breath. The silence in her room became very strained and awkward. She made him sit down on the edge of her bed.

"Rest a minute, Rick. I have to take my dress off now. Your cum flew all over it."

His eyes watched her undressing. He saw her firm breasts. Her rigid nipples. Her flat stomach. Her flaring hips. Her long, shapely legs. His eyes zeroed in on her puff of blonde cunt-hair. He could see right through it. He could see her erect pink clit. Her full cunt lips. So soft! They glistened with her pussy-juice that trickled down her crack and soaked her asshole. His cock came right back up! Hard. Bobbing up and down.

Ann fluffed her hair out, unconsciously posing for him. Showing her son her big tits, each one centered with a stiffly erect pink tip. Showing him her mature pussy. To him, her cunt looked like Bunny's, except his sister's cunt-lips were smaller and tighter. He licked his ups.

Ann's hot eyes didn't miss the flick of his tongue. Her clit screamed to be licked. Touched.


Her feet were moving her body closer to him. Her moist cunt was just inches from his mouth. She saw his nostrils widen as he sniffed the hot scent of her pussy.

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