Ken Preston: More than a daughter

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Ken Preston More than a daughter
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    More than a daughter
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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I sat there on the sofa, blinking and trying to get my head together after the pulse-pounding excitement of jacking off two super neat cocks. I was feeling almost as hot as I had gotten when my daddy's long cock pressed against my pussy. Dirk and Allen had something else on their minds, because they just stood there, all, dressed, looking at how my robe was nestling against my body. I smiled at them and sat up, hooking my heels on the edge of the sofa and holding my ankles. I let my legs part and my robe opened, sort of framing what I figured they wanted to see again. "Dirk," I asked, "why did you want to take my picture, naked? Did you tell Allen we'd be out here?"

Allen spoke up, shoving his hands deep in his pockets and holding his cock that I bet was beginning to raise up again. "I saw you head out here from my room, upstairs. Dirk and I have been talking about you, Debby, and well, frankly, we wanted to see a girl's pussy up close. For real. And pictures are nice to have. They help when we… jack off, together."

I grinned up at them. "I figured you guys had been messing around with your things. Thanks for showing me how to play with them. It was… damn exciting! But you two had all the fun. Nobody did anything for me." I was teasing them, like most sisters do, I guess. I opened my legs wider. "Aren't you going to fuck me?" I don't know what I'd have done if they'd said yes. I bet I would have peed all over the sofa in my excitement. They both said the same thing at the same time: "Oh, no! We have never…" Dirk continued, "It isn't right to screw your sister. That's called incest. It's bad!"

Allen's eyes were holding right on my cunt. I could tell for sure, now, that he had a huge hard on. "Deb, I'd be a liar if I said I don't want to do it with you. A stiff prick has no conscience. But I bet Mom and Dad would kill us if they found out we fooled around with you even as much as we have. I busted into your session because I got hotter than hell thinking about seeing your cunt. Deb, it is just super beautiful!"

I grinned back at him, and slid my hips forward so my pussy was right at the edge of the sofa cushion. I felt very bold, but safe, and beginning to feel differently toward both my brothers. I saw them as young, horny, handsome men, and I was being very female in front of them now. "Would you like to see how a girl does what you did, before?" My voice came out very low and sexy. They both nodded and knelt down on the carpet in front of me.

I took a deep breath and let my hand fall on my wet pussy. My tummy was suddenly full of butterflies. I had never performed for an audience. My fingers shook a little when I opened my cunt lips and let them see how pretty and pink I was inside. My clit rolled out of its little house and stood up, demanding the touch of my finger on it. I rolled my stiff nubbin around under just the tip of my middle finger, holding my hand up high and away from my cunt so they could get a clear view of how it quivered and tightened up from the nervous impulses it was feeling. Damn it! I came so fast my little exhibition was over almost before it started. Never had I gotten so hot so fast, nor come so hard! I was learning a heck of a lot about sexual excitement today. And what it did to you. My mouth was dry. My tits felt tight and my nipples were all crinkled up and itchy. When I had my climax, my knees came together with a loud smack and I doubled up on the sofa in a little ball, gasping and squeezing my hand down hard on my cunt. Dirk and Allen's eyes were round as dinner plates! "God!" Dirk breathed. "I thought a guy really got racked up when he came, but a girl goes… well, almost – agony!"

The room finally stopped spinning. I curled up and folded my robe around me, almost primly. My voice was croaky, but I got out something I wanted them to know. "I can do that, I mean come that fly, over and over again. It gets better, not worse, each time!"

"Holy cow!" Dirk and Allen murmured, in unison, staring at each other with their round blue eyes.

"Well," Allen said, getting to his feet, "it's almost lunch time. The folks will be looking for us. I think we better drift on back to the main house."

We walked back across the broad expanse of green lawn, each of us busy with our own thoughts. We had no idea it was going to hit the fan before sundown – I mean, that our mom would find out about what we three did in the guest house. None of us remembered to pick up the [missing text].


After lunch, which was a surprisingly quiet meal, my brothers drifted off somewhere, followed shortly by my daddy. Mom had been looking at me in an odd way. "Debby, dear," she spoke up, "I have to take a shower and dress for my club meeting this afternoon, but I want to see you in my room after you clean up the table."

"Sure, Mom," I replied. "Is Teresa off today?" My mom shook her head and told me that our maid was working, but my father had asked her to help rearrange the furniture in his den.

When I opened her door and walked across the marvelously thick blue carpet, she was standing by the side of her bed, naked, toweling her hair dry. She smiled at me and lay down on her huge bed, patting the colorful quilted cover. I lay down beside her, my mind instantly thinking about being with my daddy in this bed. My pussy got wet right away, but I struggled to pay attention to her and to stop thinking such horny thoughts. She looked beautiful. Her white skin glowed from the sting of the shower. Her breasts were round and still high on her chest, each with a tiny pink center. Her tummy was almost as flat as mine, and it swooped down to a full bush of golden hair covering her pussy. She was me, only a few years older. Or I was her, really. Just a younger version.

She reached over to hold my hand, and turned on her side so she could look tight into toy eyes. "Deb," she said quietly, "I'll come right to the point. Have you been messing around with your brother? Doing things you really shouldn't do with them, I mean. Sex things," she finished lamely.

My heart suddenly skipped a beat. Damn! Then I remembered the Polaroid pictures we had taken. I don't know why, but I decided to be very frank and honest with her. I held her hand more tightly and took a deep breath. "Dirk and Allen and I took some pictures of us, sort of without any clothes on."

She smiled at me, oddly, I thought. "And… you played with their cocks." The word sounded shocking, coming from my mother. I swallowed hard and nodded yes. She sighed. "My little girl is growing up. Debby, I appreciate your not trying to squirm out of this. I'm not going to tell your father about the pictures. I burned them. But I think a girl as young as you is pushing things a little, don't you?"

"I'm not a little kid any more, Mom," I replied quickly. "Dirk said messing around in the same family is called incest. And that it's wrong. But I don't see why. We… well, we all love each other, don't we? I jacked them off, and I did myself in front of them, but we didn't – fuck." It was hard for me to say that word, but Mom didn't frown at me.

She held me tightly and kissed me, real sweetly. "I'm glad, Debby. And that's almost all we're going to say about it. But, are you sure you didn't let one of them, at least, put his thing in your…"

I was so relieved at not being bawled out like mad that I impulsively pulled up my skirt and opened my legs and took her hand and put it right on my pussy. "Honest, Mom. I'm still a virgin. Honest! You can feel and you can tell. Go ahead."

She pressed her lips and was about to say something, but I guess it was awfully important to her to know that her daughter still had her cherry. Hesitantly, she let me guide her hand down into my pussy, and push one of her fingers up into my tight hole. She knew right away I'd told the truth. She sighed very deeply and smiled at me. She leaned over and kissed me full on my mouth. And then something very weird, but wonderful, happened to both of us! I felt her hand press gently against my cunt and her finger moved in me, ever so slightly. I looked down at her breasts and her nipples were standing out as stiffly as mine! To my astonishment I found myself laying back on her bed and opening my legs wider for her. I felt hot all over! My pussy began to tighten around her finger. My hips moved without my telling them to, just the way they had when my cunt felt my daddy's hard cock pressing against it.

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