Randy Guy: Hot bed neighbors

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Randy Guy Hot bed neighbors
  • Название:
    Hot bed neighbors
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Randy Guy

Hot bed neighbors


Doe Wilson breathed fast in anticipation as she slid her slim hand into Robby Cameron's bulging jeans. Her exploring fingers inched lower to touch his thatch of curly crotch hair, and then contacted the thick, hard base of his big cock.

Her fingers curled around the thick, hot shaft of his prick. She blinked fast for a few seconds, then smiled. Wow! She had picked up a prize stud this time!

They were on the bed in her small room. She had just picked him up at the Elite Estates recreation room.

Robby asked nervously: "What about your mother?"

He'd met Polly Wilson when he entered the twenty-wide mobile home. He knew how thin the walls were.

Doe used her other hand to unbuckle Robby's ornate western belt and unsnap his jeans. "She knows when I have a boy in here it's privacy time. Don't worry about Mom. She's no prude." Doe tossed her dark-red hair back and laughed throatily. "She and Dad are definitely not prudes!"

Doe ran Robby's zipper down slowly, savoring the revealing of his cock. He wasn't wearing briefs. She saw her hand exposed, wrapped around a cock almost as thick as her slim wrist. She gently pulled the rest of the prick free of its nest in the tight leg of his jeans.

Her large green eyes widened. "We're going to have a lot of fun!" She held his cock upright. It towered at least eight inches above the fringe of dark-blond curls.

He grinned; "I sure didn't expect this when we said hello and played a game of Ping-Pong." He reached over and tugged at the thin straps of her green jumpsuit. The thin polyester and cotton top slid reluctantly down the slopes of her small, conical white breasts and dropped off the mouth-watering pink nipples.

He whispered, "Hey, beautiful tits." He shifted and dove his head. His thick-lipped mouth closed tightly on her right nipple and sucked it and half the tit.

Doe arched her back. Her cunt was juicing already. The big cock in her hand was hard as a rock and throbbing heavily. She loved the way he sucked her tits. He was a greedy boy.

Doe was glad her family had moved into this mobile home park, instead of into a regular house after her dad had been transferred to this state. Right off the bat, she had hooked the local high school baseball star.

She ruffled Robby's short, bushy, dark blond hair. "Hey, you like to eat pussy?"

He lifted his head, giving up her clit reluctantly. "I don't mind, as long as you like sucking."

Doe chuckled. "I like everything." She sensually stroked his big cock. She watched the skin ride up and down like a pink cowl on the mauve-colored head of his cock. She saw a tiny dewdrop of colorless pre-cum appear at the small slit. She leaned over and licked the drop, then slithered her long, pink tongue around the cockhead.

She held his cock upright with both hands and swooped her mouth down onto it, taking the fat, spongy head and three inches of thick cockshaft. Her head rose and fell. Her tongue caressed the sensitive places, the nerve clusters.

She burrowed her left hand into his crotch and cupped his large balls. She felt them stir. She wanted their load of cum.

She kissed the tip of his cock and asked huskily: "Do you come fast, the first time?"

Robby nodded. He was breathing fast. "Just from what you were doing, I was close. But I'm good for two or three fucks in a row if you want."

"Oh, I want them!" Doe smiled and moved up to kiss him passionately on the mouth. His full lips intrigued her.

Their hot mouths melted together. Their tongues played exciting games. They moaned and pressed their bodies together. Doe's tits were squashed against his naked cock, feeling its hard length burning through the front of her thin jumpsuit. Her cunt was oozing, soaking the cotton crotch of her nylon bikini panties.

She had to break the hot kiss to get air into her starving lungs. She panted against his bull-like neck. She wanted this six foot, two-hundred pound boy on top of her, fucking her!

But first she wanted to drink his cum.

She panted: "Let's get naked!" She left the bed, unzipped and peeled down the jumpsuit, stepped out of her slip-on sneakers, and thumb-hooked her panties down.

Robby undressed as quickly. His big, hard cock flopped this way and that as he moved. He got back onto the bed and doubled a pillow under his head. He grinned. "You're a little girl, but I guess you know what you can take."

Doe glanced down at her slender, five-three, narrow-hipped body. She only weighed a hundred pounds. She smiled sexily and ran her fingers through her long, wavy red hair. "You better believe it."

She climbed onto her bed and lay beside Robby, with her head on his belly. She played with his cock, pumping it slowly, bringing the cockhead to her lips so she could lick away the oozing pre-cum and tickling the pleasure nerve triangle with a fingertip.

She felt his belly tightening under her head. She smiled and edged her head lower on his belly. She fitted her mouth over his big cockhead and started slow, tongue-slithering cocksucking.

With her right hand she pumped the skin of his prick up to meet her clinging wet lips. She knew the sucking-jacking combination would have him off in no time! Then she could enjoy a good, long fuck and a lot of climaxes before he went off again.

Robby began to pant almost immediately. His belly knotted and jumped, rocking her head. That added a special movement to her mouth on his cock.

Doe pumped and sucked faster. She could feel his cock getting even harder. The prickhead expanded in her mouth. His whole body was tight and jerking. He was moaning.

She felt him begin to tremble. She sucked his prick lavishly, whipping her tongue, pressing now to take more vibrant, rigid cock deeper into her flexing mouth. She whipped her gripping hand even faster.

Robby gasped. Abruptly a gob of thick, salty cum spurted into her throat. She knew how to keep that from choking her. She sucked harder. More cum shot into her mouth. She whipped his jism to a froth with her tongue.

Robby's hips bucked and twisted. His cum spurting cock was fucked even deeper into her mouth, to her throat. She almost gagged. His cum was filling her mouth, leaking from the corners of her lips.

Robby groaned. His big, strong young body arched upward. His face was a mask of seeming agony.

Doe was delighted with his cum! What a stud! She backed her mouth almost off the still-spurting cockhead. She swallowed twice, then took his cock deeply again.

Robby shook violently. "Stop! Jeez, stop!" Doe obeyed him. She hauled his cock from her cum-drooling lips and watched it ooze white jism for a few more seconds. She milked his prick and then licked it clean.

Robby quivered and hissed as she completed the clean-up. His cock was exquisitely sensitive at this time.

Then she sat up, flipped her hair back over her naked shoulders, and smiled. "Pretty good, huh?"

He was almost speechless. He nodded. "Pretty incredibly good! You can suck my cock anytime you want."

She played gently with his still-hard cock. It wasn't shrinking. "I will. But now I want this big hunk of cockmeat inside me."

Robby was confident. "If you can take it, I can deliver it."

Doe let herself sink onto her back. "Try me."

She raised her knees and let her slim young thighs fall wide open. Her pussy lips gaped slightly, pink and wet, below the fuzz of red hair on her plump cunt mound. Her little white tits poked angry pink nipples from flushed pink areolas.

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