Jackson, Deborah: Heaven's Children (Earth Totem)

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Deborah A Jackson

Heaven’s Children

The first book in theEarth Totemseries

Copyright © 2012


The sounds echoed in my dreams and I could hear the humming of their wings. For those who walked, I could hear their feet tread the ground. For those who swam, I could hear them slice through the water.

‘Where are you?’ I whispered holding my hands out.

I couldn’t see anything, the mist was too thick. But I could hear them and felt their fear.

Were they running away?

Bad dreams


I know about the white Ford now. I know without seeing that Hussein is turning dials on his radio. He arrived from Bulgaria four years ago and works as a cab driver. Someone paid him extra for tonight. Later, he tells everyone how he came here to start a new life, not to take one.

Their voices might be muffled, but I can hear the exasperation.

‘Nevaeh…please…look at us.’ her parents plead.

I’m trying ok, it’s just my eyes feel different, I can’t see properly. Ifeel soheavy.

‘Nevaeh…its Mum and Dad…’

Am I sinking or floating?It feels weird.

‘Nevaeh, please honey stay with us … Nevaeh,’ they beg.

I hate the way Mum stretches out my name. Who names their child Nevaeh? Although, I used to like it when Mum told me how they found me.

She said that, at the hospital, I had a white feather in my basket and flowers entwined round my ankles and wrists. Mum reckoned an angel put it there because I came from Heaven. My parents had tried forever to have children, but nothing happened. Then, one day in the Doctor's waiting room, a woman who had sat next to them, gave them a card. On it was the name of an adoption agency: ‘Heaven’s children.’ They always argued about the woman, because Dad was sure it was an old woman and Mum always argued that she was young with pale skin. ‘Like a sculpture,’ she had said.

‘Is she going to be okay?’ a worried voice interrupts her thoughts.

Amber? Is that you?

‘I hope so, thanks for calling. Amber isn’t it?’ Her Mum asked.

‘Umm…yeah.’ Amber mumbled.

Amber, you don’t have tosoundsomiserable.

‘Nevaeh - it’s me -Jo-Jo. Can you hear me, your best friend? I couldn’t believe it when I heard. I would never have found out, if I hadn’t decided to walk Mum home from yours. I’ve missed you.’ she whispers in my ear.

Good timing Jo-Jo.

‘Nevaeh, I’m holding your hand now, keep listening to me if you can.’ Her voice has a wobble.

‘It’s okay Jo-Jo, take your time.’

My Mum’s voice is wobbling now.

Take your time, hah! I’m not exactly going anywhere.

‘You should have seen your folks, I’ve never seen your Mum and Dad run so fast, we even beat the ambulance – thank goodness you were just round the corner…or…’

Or what…?

‘Jo-Jo - Jeesuz!’ Amber hissed.

I laugh, Jo-Jo always puts her foot in it.

‘Can you hear me Nevaeh; the ambulance will be here soon, please hold on. Your parents are here, and I’m here. Mum’s looking after your little sis.’ Jo-Jo is whispering now and I can almost see the red spots on her cheeks.

‘Yes darling, the ambulance will be here soon.’ Mum’s voice is still wobbly but more soothing.

‘Amber won’t tell me why you were at her house.’ Jo-Jo adds. I can feel the silence, it’s thick with tension.

‘Jeesuz.’ Amber gasped again.

I smile - why should she Jo-Jo?You weren’texactlybest friendsremember?

‘Nevaeh, please don’t die…I need you.’ Jo-Jo is crying again.

Yep, all about you again – what about Josh, did youneedhim too?

‘You didn't need her before.’ It was Amber’s voice, and I can sense the change in atmosphere. She must be reading my mind, maybe it’s a group thing. Amber never pulls any punches. It’s Jo-Jo’s fault that I’m even friends with Amber.

I can’t believe this is happening. This is like one of those horror movies – If. If Jo-Jo had not betrayed me, I would not have made friends with Amber and her group, and I obviously would not be where I am now.

I’mdefinitelysinking, it feels warmer.


Hey, is thatlightreal?


What? Give me a break will you?

‘Can’t do that – sorry!’

I feel my body tense - it’s Hawk and he’s talking inside my head again. This was how everything started.

Did you hear that? You started this.

‘I told you not to leave your house.’ Hawk’s voice sounds defensive.

I can’tbelievethis guy – is he listening to himself? Ever heard of a phone? I must have called you a dozen times.If you cared at all,you would have answered.If I hadn’t fallen out with Jo-Jo, I wouldn’t be part of your group.

‘Don’t get so huffy…’ Hawk interrupts.

Huffy? Who speaks like that? I am furious, with him, with myself, for trusting him.

You aren’t eveninteresting, just weird. Don’t you know Wicca and vampire stuff is the latest thing? Never heard of totem groups holding muchinterest– I meanreally, totems?

‘We’re not having this conversation.’

Ha! No, we’re not. I’m having it with myself.

I can feel something wet dropping on my leg, is it still raining? So why am I still outside?

Where is everybody?

I’m moving again. Why am I moving? It hurts. Please stop! You’re shaking everything up. I can’t concentrate.

‘Nevaeh, my name’s Shaun. I’m a paramedic, can you hear me?’

Ow! Do you have to shout? You’re giving me a headache.

‘We’re going to move her into the ambulance. Did you drive here? Would you like a lift? One of you can join her if you like. Her vitals are stable, so she might be able to hear you.

Hello? I am here you know. Mum? Dad! Mum’s crying, tell her not to worry...you know how she gets.

‘It’s alright querida, don’t worry…be strong.’ My Dad’s voice was sad.

I can feel her, Dad…Mum’s calmer now.

Querida sounded so much nicer than sweetheart, especially the way Dad rolls his r’s. I always loved his voice and the fact that we were a little different. Mum called us her spicy family, a mixture of English, Spanish, Turkish and a drop of something extra special – I was the extra special.

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