Laurann Dohner: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 2

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Laurann Dohner Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 2
  • Название:
    Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 2
  • Автор:
  • Издательство:
    Ellora’s Cave Publishing
  • Жанр:
    Фантастические любовные романы / Фэнтези / Эротические любовные романы / на английском языке
  • Год:
  • Город:
    Akron, OH
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  • Рейтинг книги:
    4 / 5
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“Matty? Are you in there?”

“I’ll be right out.”

She knew that Scottish brogue. He’d come back. She dried off quickly, wished for clothing, but only had the robe to put on. The blood red color of it made her feel like a walking advertisement for a vampire meal on legs. Bad pun. Don’t go there. Her hand hesitated at the door but she turned the handle, opening it up.

It surprised her to see that Kilt had showered and changed. His long hair was still damp and the sight of him in loose black pants was enough to make her gawk. He looked like some kind of blond pirate out of a film with his long hair, the breeches, and a sword hung low from a belt secured at his waist. He stared at her with his sexy eyes when she finally stopped noticing his shirtless, muscled chest. The guy had the best body she’d ever seen.

“You ate.” He looked pleased as he smiled. “I take it was enjoyable? The plate is clean.”

“They serve good food. You were right.”

He shrugged, drawing attention to those broad shoulders. “I had heard but I don’t eat food anymore.”


“I used to but it’s been a long time.”

“So you can eat it though?”

He hesitated. “I don’t need it and I lost the urge to eat with others a good hundred years ago. Blood is what I need.”

She unconsciously reached up and touched her neck. There wasn’t a mark where he’d bitten her, she’d check in the mirror, but the memory remained. Kilt followed her hand with his gaze and licked his lips. The air between them seemed to warm up in the chilly room as both of them were reminded of what they’d done together on his desk.

Matty dropped her hand quickly. “Have you eaten?”

He hesitated. “Are you offering to feed me?”

She took a step back and bumped the doorway of the bathroom, missing the opening, and halted. “No.”

He reached for his waist, unfastened the belt, and turned his back on her to place his sword on the table by the bed. She watched him, leery of what would happen. The guy weighed at least a hundred pounds more than her and was bodybuilder big. Their gazes met when he faced her.

“I fed and showered to give you time to yourself. We need to talk.”

“Yes, we do. I need to go home. I’m sure that I’m safe. That jerk was after you, not me.”

“You haven’t asked what I did to him.”

She hesitated. “I don’t want to know.”

“Fair enough.” He took a hesitant step toward her. “I’m an honorable man. I want you to know that. You’ll learn but we don’t know each other well.” He stopped feet from her, watching her closely. “I’d never cause you harm and I’d give my life to protect yours. Those are things you can always count on from me. I’m honest and I can pledge total loyalty to you. I’m a bag feeder so there won’t be any other women in my arms.”

Mute, Matty listened. It sounded as if he were trying to make something more out of the crazy one-morning stand they’d had. Her heartbeat increased. The idea of dating him wasn’t totally a bad one. She’d never forget him and admitted he’d become a part of her life while she’d watched him from her bedroom window. He said he wouldn’t be returning to his house and that meant she wouldn’t see him again as soon as they said goodbye.

“In the old days a vampire couple would’ve fed off humans. The best way to assure a human could survive without knowing what we were was feeding off them during sex.” His cheeks blushed slightly. “Those days are over and I’d kill anyone who touched you even for feeding purposes.”

“Um…” No words formed.

“I’m saying this wrong. I’m not good with words but the passion between us can’t be denied. I’m attracted to you, the sex was incredible, and sleeping with you wrapped inside my arms, against my body, was heaven on Earth. I’ve never known such rightness as touching you.”

For a guy not good with words, he said the right ones to melt her heart. She still couldn’t talk though. He shocked her more by dropping to his knees before her and stared up at her face with sincerity.

“You bring me to my knees. I pledge my life to yours, Matty. I’ll do whatever it takes to convince you to be my companion.”

She swallowed hard. “What is that? Your girlfriend?”

He hesitated and offered a hand, holding it out to her. She placed her trembling one in his. He brought it to his lips to place a kiss on the back of her hand, turned it in his, kissed her palm. His gaze never left hers.

“It’s a lover, a friend, and you’d use the term wife. It’s a lifetime commitment and we don’t age. I’m going to be honest with you. It’s forever and that could be a long time. I’ve met a vampire over a thousand years old.”

Her knees locked together to keep her on her feet and the wall at her back kept her standing. “You want to turn me? Make me a vampire?”

He nodded, still holding her hand. “I don’t want to lose you to old age or illness. Humans are frail. You’d be much stronger as a vampire.”

She yanked her hand out of his and hugged her waist. “No.”

Pain etched on his features. “Why not? Isn’t that something tempting? You’ll never age and I’ll always protect you. I’m a skilled warrior. Only the sun can kill you or a beheading. No one would ever get close enough to stake you to the ground or touch that pretty head of yours.”

“I…this is insane. You don’t even know me. We had sex once and while I kind of thought you might be a vampire, you’re real. I’m still reeling from the fact they exist and why would you offer that to me? I don’t understand.”

“Kisses don’t lie and nor do our bodies. You’re a perfect fit for me.”

“It was sex one time. That’s crazy to think just because it was good that we should get married. We’re strangers.”

“We’ll have a long time to get to know each other.” He smiled. “I look forward to it.” He paused. “And if you believe that was just good sex I obviously need to take my time the next round.” His gaze lowered to the tie of her belt. “Open it up. I’m on my knees already and just hook a leg over my shoulder.” He brushed his hair back, winked, and licked his lips. “I’ll show you greatness.”

Her jaw dropped open. “You…”

“Plan to do a little worshipping of your bonnie body.” He reached for her.

Matty launched herself against the wall, avoided his hands, and ran for the door. The guy planned to seduce her, bite into her again, and make her a bloodsucking creature of the night. That wasn’t on her “to do” list. He might be hot, have a rocking body, be totally hung, but no guy was worth giving up chocolate forever. Besides that, they were strangers.

She nearly reached the door when an arm snagged her from behind around her waist. Kilt hugged her to his body, wrapped his other arm over her chest, and lifted her right off her feet. She twisted her head to stare at him with fear as he frowned at her, inches from her face.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“Put me down!”

“I won’t hurt you. Are you afraid it’s going to be painful? It won’t.”

“I don’t even know you and I’m not ready to get married. Or whatever you call it.” She struggled but his strong arms refused to release her. She did however feel his body respond when something hard pressed against her ass. She froze and gawked at him.

“Sorry.” He shrugged, turned them both to face the bed, and sighed. “I can’t help it. I want you despite this not being the best time to be sporting a pole.”

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