G Hopf: Driver 8: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

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G Hopf Driver 8: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel
  • Название:
    Driver 8: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel
  • Автор:
  • Издательство:
    G. Michael Hopf
  • Жанр:
    sf_postapocalyptic / на английском языке
  • Год:
  • Город:
    San Diego
  • Язык:
  • ISBN:
  • Рейтинг книги:
    3 / 5
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Driver 8: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel: краткое содержание, описание и аннотация

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Nineteen years have past since a nuclear world war wiped out the United States, leaving nothing but charred and ruined cities. Out of the ashes, small pockets of survivors banded together to forge new societies in the few areas not ravaged by the nuclear holocaust. One community has not only risen but thrived. Known as The Collective, they pride themselves on an orderly system of government with a functioning infrastructure. The citizenry owe their success to their founder The Number One, who presides over them with an iron fist. Life in The Collective centers on contribution and purpose. All are assigned responsibilities and if one cannot fulfill them, they are cast out. The most coveted but dangerous responsibility is that of a driver. Drivers ride the lonely and barren roads scavenging and exploring the outer reaches. Over the years only one has emerged as a legend and his name is Driver 8.

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G. Michael Hopf









“Now, kids, hydration is critical when you’re out in the wilderness. So, before we head out today for our hike, drink plenty of water and second, make sure you bring plenty with you,” Kyle Grant said to the group of children whose ages ranged from eight to twelve. Today they were heading out for the longest hike of their summer camp and Kyle didn’t need anyone dropping out. “One last thing, always remember the threes. Three weeks without food, three days without water and three minutes without air. That’s how long you need of each before you… what?”

A young girl, about ten raised her hand.

“Yes, Melody,” Kyle said pointing at her.


“Correct. Now, go get hydrated and finish packing. Meet me at the trailhead in fifteen minutes,” Kyle said.

The group of twenty-three kids and two adult counselors stood and exited the cabin.

“You’re really good with the kids,” Tiffany Powell, the camp director said with a big smile. She walked over and leaned on the table where Kyle had the pack back he was using for a demonstration laid out on.

“I love it, I can’t think of a better way to spend my two week vacation,” Kyle said, a broad smile gracing his rugged and square jawed face.

“We don’t get many volunteers and those we do, don’t’ travel over a thousand miles at their own expense,” she said.

“Like I said, I love it. Taking my vacation time and spending it on the beach drinking cocktails is fun, but I find this fulfilling, I really do.”

“I could go for some cocktails on the beach right about now,” she laughed, standing and folding her arms. “The kids really love having you here too. I especially think they love the police stories you tell around the camp fire.”

“You do know, I do it mainly to scare them straight,” he joked. “But is it only the kids who love having me here?” he said with a wink.

“Let’s keep it professional,” she replied. “You know something, I also think you make them feel safe. Nothing like having a real LAPD detective as a volunteer camp counselor.”

“Part-time counselor, if it paid more I’d be here full time, believe me,” he jested.

“You have a job anytime you want it,” she flirted.

The door opened and a man in his late twenties, stuck his head in. By the look on his face, he was scared.

“Josh, you okay? You look like someone just got eaten by a bear,” Tiffany joked.

“Tiffany, hurry, something is happening back east. Something bad.”

She jumped and asked, “What’s happened?”

“A terror attack, something, come, hurry,” Josh said and took off.

Tiffany and Kyle followed him to the main camp station building. When they entered they found a group of people huddled over the television. She pushed past until she could see the screen.

For Kyle it was easy, at six foot three, he just leaned over the group.

On the television was a large explosion followed by a mushroom cloud rising high into the sky.

“What is that? What’s going on?” Tiffany asked.

“That was Boston,” Joselyn, the camps aquatics counselor, said.

“Are you serious?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes, the news is reporting cities all along the east coast are being hit,” Jacob, the native skills instructor, answered.

“Turn it up, I can’t hear,” Kyle said.

“…reports are now telling us there have been strikes on the west coast too. It’s very chaotic but it does seem like the west coast is under attack now. Oh, wait, we have a need video feed coming in from a pedestrian’s phone,” the reporter said.

The screen clicked over to a wobbly video image of Los Angeles in the far distance. A bright flash then a huge mushroom cloud rising and enveloping the entire city.

“Oh my God!” Vivian, the arts and crafts counselor, cried out with tears in her eyes.

Chatter and crosstalk exploded in the group.

Kyle stood in shock and watched the video clip being replayed. One second his city is there, the next second it’s gone. Destroyed in the blink of an eye by a nuclear weapon.

“Denver. Has anyone heard if Denver has been hit? My mom and dad live there,” Joselyn asked.

“My brother lives there too,” Blaine, the archery instructor said.

“We’re now getting a report from our affiliate in Topeka that Kansas City have been hit. It appears what started on the east coast then the west coast is now happening in the Midwest,” the reporter said.

“What should we do,” Josh asked.

All eyes turned to Tiffany.

Tiffany thought for a second and said, “We wait. We don’t do anything drastic until we know for sure what is happening.”

“But we’re at war, cities are being destroyed,” Vivian wailed.

“This is not a time to panic. Our number one goal is to take care of these children. Does everyone understand?” Tiffany asked.

“I agree with Tiffany. Let me make a call to a contact I have in Denver,” Kyle said pulling out his mobile phone. He dialed and put the phone to his ear.

The phone clicked and a message played. “All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later.”

Kyle tried again and got the same message. He looked at Tiffany and said, “I can’t get through, can someone else try to call out?”

“I’m getting a message that says all circuits are busy,” Joselyn said.

“Me too,” Jacob said.

Tiffany pulled out her phone and tried, “Same here.”

“Try the land line, see if that’s working,” Joselyn suggested.

Kyle picked up the landline phone and called the number he was trying on his mobile. He put it back on the cradle and said, “Says the circuits are busy.”

“Oh no. What does that mean?” Vivian asked, her hands trembling.

“It means everyone is calling out like us, nothing more,” Kyle replied hoping to calm the situation down but feeling deep down that he had just witnessed the end of the world live on television.

“Turn up the T.V. they’re saying something about Europe,” Vivian exclaimed.

Josh turned the volume up.

“…Paris, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, all gone. We have preliminary reports coming from our international correspondents in the Far East that Beijing, Hong Kong and other major cities and military installations in China have been hit by the United States as a retaliation for the attacks against what is now over a dozen major U.S. cities ,” the reporter said and paused as she became overwhelmed with emotion. “I don’t know how long we’ll be live but I pray that when this is over….” The feed went dead and the screen turned blue.

“Where was that news station?” Kyle asked.

“That was Denver,” Tiffany said her voice cracking a bit.

The room grew quiet save for the sound of people crying.

“The kids, they’re waiting for me near the trailhead,” Kyle said.

“Go get them. When they come back we need to ensure they don’t hear about any of this, if you can’t keep your composure then let me know,” Tiffany ordered taking control of the situation.

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