Harry Kellogg III: The Red Sky: The Second Battle of Britain

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Harry Kellogg III The Red Sky: The Second Battle of Britain
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    The Red Sky: The Second Battle of Britain
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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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    Альтернативная история / prose_military / на английском языке
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Warning do not read this unless you have read Book One Warning This second book is set in the World War Three 1946 universe. A universe where Stalin Learns of “Operation Unthinkable”, Churchill’s ill-conceived plan to invade the USSR. He strikes first and attacks the West when it is at its weakest point and the Red Army is at its strongest. In Book Two we continue to explore one of the greatest “what ifs” in history. Who would have prevailed the Red Army or the forces of the Free World in an all out war, after the defeat of the Axis powers? As Book One World War Three 1946 — The Red Tide — Stalin Strikes First ends, we find the Red Army has smash the feeble western armies in Germany and then France. America’s atomic scientists have been incapacitated by a dirty bomb containing polonium, smuggled in and detonated by a real NKVD spy George Koval. Who in our reality had access to the world’s only supply of the deadliest substance on earth, when he worked on producing the Mark III atomic bomb. Sometimes facts are stranger than fiction. The Allies have temporarily stopped Stalin on the border of Spain and France where the Pyrenees Mountains makes a formidable barrier. As the Soviet version of the Blitzkrieg grinds to a temporary halt, Britain is given a chance to see the error of its wicked, capitalistic ways and to join the workers of the world. When this offer is rejected the Red Air Force prepares for an all-out attack with odds approaching five to one. Will the many, once again owe so much to the few of the RAF? And where are the Americans? Have they abandoned their greatest ally? Have they scrapped too many of their planes and can they retool their economy, an economy that has switched almost totally to consumer products. Can they once again become the arsenal of democracy? Will they be in time to save the Royal Air Force? Using a combination of their own skills and well-designed late war planes like the Tu 2S, the Yak 3, Yak 9 and the Lag 7 along with their newest jet fighters the MiG 9 Fargo and Yak 15 Feather, the Soviets will battle the Spitfires, Typhoons, Lincolns and Meteors of the RAF in a second battle for the skies over the British Isles. Stalin is convinced that the next war, against the capitalist Amerikosi, will be in the air over Europe and the Soviet industrial machine starts to concentrate on air to air and surface to air missiles. These missiles are improved versions of the German Wasserfal and X4 missile. These Nazi wonder weapons were not developed in time to save the Thousand Year Reich. Brought to fruition by the Soviet industrial complex under the guidance of Sergo Peskov, the missiles wreak early havoc to the bomber streams of the RAF and USAAF. The era of massed attacks, by the manned strategic bomber, appears to be over. These books are not written in any traditional style. They are a combination of historical facts, oral histories, third person and first person fictional accounts. They read more like an oral history or an entertaining history book complete with footnotes. I was inspired by “The Good War”: An Oral History of World War Two by Studs Terkel (1985 Pulitzer Prize for General Fiction) and Cornelius Ryan’s wonderful books “The Longest Day” and “A Bridge too Far”. I was especially captivated by Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. Where the author explores the history of everyday objects and tells stories that captivate and educate all of us on the history of… well everything. Hopefully I have used their techniques of storytelling competently enough to entertain you for a few days.

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I looked around and my wingman was nowhere to be found. He had gone down in the marshes. We spotted them when they shot a red flare. I banked my wings and made a steep turn and indicating that I would be back and to sit tight. I marked the spot in my mind and went back to base. After landing I reported to the commander and then I got in a trusty Po-2 and headed back to the marshes and picked Zoubov and his gunner up.

He told us he had been damaged by ack-ack and then was finished off by a fighter. He admitted later that he thought I was bad luck when I first came to the regiment, but no more. “All my doubts disappeared when we saw you above us and you picked us up. I beg your pardon… most sincerely comrade.”

I was forced to go to navigation school. One of my fellow students was V. Kalougin know far and wide for ramming two bombers in two days when he ran out of ammunition. The first one he chopped off its wing with his propeller and the next day took down another by ramming its tail assembly. He of course was a legend.

One of our best weapons for killing tanks was PTABs. These were small armor piercing bombs that each Sturmovik would drop by the hundreds. Each plane could hold up to 250 of these little bomblets and they would easily go through the top armor of any tank on the battle field. We simply flew over them at low level and released the PTABs. They spewed out of their cassettes like a farmer sowing seeds, only these seeds sowed destruction for the capitalist pigs below.

I was given the choice of choosing my own gunner. This was never done and I was speechless. Just give me one I stammered. “Well we do have only one who is unassigned at the moment but he is kind of a queer duck.”

“I’ll take him.” I responded.

Personally I would not want to be an IL-2 gunner. It was very frightening. You sat with your back to the pilot in an open cockpit crammed against a heavy machine gun. Basically there was nothing between you and the 6 or so machine guns or cannons of an enemy fighter. You had nothing to hide behind and all the time the pilot is throwing you from side to side while you try to fight back. Imagine if your gun jammed or you ran out of ammunition. You could just watch death coming in the form of a Mustang. No I would not want to be an aerial gunner.

“He” was very young and very awkward. But what a choice I had made! I knew from the very first flight when he shot a flare at an unseen enemy fighter warning the whole flight. Yes I knew from that point on that he was going to be a good one and would serve me well in our fights ahead.

Anna Alexandrovna Timofeeva-Egorova

Chapter Three:

Found, One Atomic Bomb!

Mark Three Atomic Bomb * * * “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” * * * The Hallway

Two aides are sitting outside the oval office and both looking at the latest addition of the Washington Post. They are in an animated discussion which is out of sync with the usual calm of the White House. Heated discussions and animated anything is highly frowned upon in the setting these young gentlemen find themselves in. They are surrounded by pictures of some of the most talented debaters and speakers in US history; speakers who are to this day revered for their animated discussions. But today is not the time for such a display. Nerves are on edge because of the very article they are discussing.

“Of course it’s not treason. I mean Walter Winchell mentioned it on the radio and Charley McCarthy made jokes about it. It was all over the London Times. It certainly isn’t top secret information anymore so how can it be treason?”

“I dunno it just seems un-patriotic to me to start spreading rumors about such a thing. I mean this can change the whole war if it’s true.”

“Of course it’s not true. Do you really thing that those pilots wouldn’t do everything in their power to see that it never ended up in enemy hands. No, they did crashed that thing as hard as they could and the Soviets are just bluffing!”

“Well they published the crew’s names and pictures like they were captured.”

“Ah you can’t really see their faces. Their wives and mothers couldn’t recognize them from those photos.”

“Well then how did they get their names?”

“Who says their even real names?”

“Murrow got to Mrs. Knutson and she admitted that her husband was missing before the FBI could whisk her and the others away. How do you explain that?”

“I can’t but I just know that no United States Army Air corps bomber crew carrying an atomic bomb would rather save their lives than let one get into the hands of the Reds. It just wouldn’t happen and you can take that to the bank.”

“Hey you two… knock it off. The President can hear you all the way from his desk!”

“Yes Sir… sorry Sir. We were just leaving.”

“You bet your ass you were. Now get over to the Chief of Staff’s office and wait there till I deal with you.”


Inside the Oval Office

“Pretty rough on them weren’t you? The President isn’t even in here.”

“They don’t know that. Loud mouth little runts. I hate aides anyway. Who started this program?”

“What do you think about what they were discussing?”

“I have no idea what an atomic bomb looks like so they could be totally bluffing for all I know. All I know is that if they have an intact atomic bomb we are in trouble.”

“How so… they have no way of delivering it. No bomber big enough… oh wait they did have what looked like a fully functional B29 sitting there in the background. Were in hell did they get that if the story wasn’t true?’

“I heard that some of our bombers had to make landings in Russia when they couldn’t make it back to Okinawa after bombing Japan. I heard they never gave them back. It could be one of them

“But it’s got the correct markings and all I heard. They even printed the serial number of the bomber in the article.”

“I wonder what their game is?”


Madrid Spain

“I wonder what their game is?”

“What do you mean Sir?”

“Why are they tipping their hand so obviously? They have to know that we know that that bomber was seen crashing full throttle into the coastal waters off Leningrad. We have dozens of witnesses. Hell I know Knutson and that crew. They would have done everything possible to destroy that bomb. From what I know of Jennings he would have been beating on it with a crow bar after he emptied his side arm into it. He would be attempting to destroy it until his dying breath. There is no way that bomb is intact and there is no way that the crew surrendered and they have to know we know this. Yet they are exposing the fact that they have a spy in place who could provide them with names and the serial numbers etc. Why would they place that person in such obvious danger and expose him or her as a spy? I mean it can only be a hand full of people.”

“Maybe it was that guy they caught already. He was pretty high up. Maybe they figured what the hell let’s foment a little confusion and dissension between us and the Brits. Make it look like we pulled a fast one and the Reds do have a bomb. I mean I bet the general public will think that they do. How can we fight that without revealing all sorts of top secrets to refute their claims? I mean all we can do is officially deny everything and call the Pravda article a hoax… which of course it is.”

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