Tabitha Briton: Coed Sluts

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Tabitha Briton Coed Sluts
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    Coed Sluts
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Tabitha Briton

Coed Sluts


Chapter 1

They were two fuckable girls, that was for sure. Me and Richie just sat there in the car and ogled them, stealing glances through the window of their Volkswagen and catching glimpses of their beautiful faces. One was blonde, with bright, shiny curls that hung around her pale face.

The other had the darkest hair I've ever seen, jet black against her white face. Her bright red lipstick made her lips look incredibly luscious. Richie and I were practically gasping for breath by the time the two got out of the car and sat on their car hood, talking to each other, giggling and drinking beer. The cops never hassle you down at Pynchon Lake where there's plenty of privacy, and sometimes you can meet up with chicks like Rich and I had just seen.

"Look at the brunette one," Rich said. "Look at that ass. Did you ever see an ass like that?"

"Only on Lorelei," I grinned.

"Fuck you, man," scowled Rich. Lorelei was the most gorgeous woman at Pynchon Junior College, a budding woman of 19, and she was crazy for me. I hadn't made the move yet-but believe me, I would. For now, though, it seemed I was taking some time out to ogle these two breathtaking girls at the beach.

"How can she wear a shirt like that?" Rich was going on. "Doesn't it fall off?"

"It will if you touch it right," I said.

The blonde had on an incredibly tight spandex top of the type that was so popular that season. It clung to her enormous tits and made it quite plain that she was not wearing a bra. In fact, we could even see the jutting outline of her nipples from the car. And the way she stood made it quite obvious that she wanted us to see her tits.

They had spotted us all right. The two juicy females were looking over toward the car and giggling, pointing us out to each other, turning their bodies slightly to show them off better. They looked good and it was a wonderful coincidence that there were two of them. The brunette came over to the car.

I had the window rolled down. She leaned over, putting one hand on the top of Rich's Mustang, grinned and looked at the car.

"How you doing?" she asked. She kept grinning, and her tits reached out toward my face. They were nice and big, though not as big as the blonde's tits. They were firm and gorgeous, and I could make out the shape of her nipples, too. It was a hot summer night and she wore only a flowered halter and a tight leather jacket on top, and a very flimsy pair of harem pants which hung revealingly around her legs. The pants were so transparent, I could see right through them, though I couldn't make out more than a tantalizing outline of her legs and her hips in the twilight. The pants came to her ankles, and she was barefoot. Her toenails were painted and I thought that was plenty sexy, but her tits were what caught my attention.

The halter was low-cut and showed me most of her cleavage. It was nice cleavage-the black leather jacket pulled open, not hiding much except her armpits.

Her midriff was great, too-smooth and pretty, with a luscious little navel just above the loose, stretchy waistband of the harem pants. The faintest tuft of pale hair peeked out and I knew that the thin trail of hair lead down to her delicious, enticing cunt.

"How you doing, guys?" she grinned. "What's goin' on up here?"

Rich was beside himself, unable to speak. I answered, "Not much. What are you two gals doing out here at this late hour?"

"Oh, looking for a party," she sighed. "Looking for something to happen. You got any ideas?"

"A few," I said. "You're looking without escorts?"

She smiled. "Probably why nothing's happened yet." She looked into the back seat and saw the twelve-pack of beer we'd brought. "Is that cold?

We're out."

"Help yourself," I said, reaching to open the door.

She stepped back and let me get out of the car. I reached in back and got the twelve-pack, which was still cold from the store. Rich was in the driver's seat, gasping for air. You see, despite his good looks and charm, my friend Rich was still a virgin at age twenty-one. He'd had enough chances to get pretty women into bed, and sometimes he got pissed off about that. But you know, friends are friends.

I peeled off a beer for the brunette as her friend came over. She stood looking up at me, leaning very close with her tits beckoning to me. I touched the beer flirtatiously against her bare neck and she jumped at the cold. I had wanted to touch it to her breasts, but I figured that would be a little forward for the first meeting.

"I'm Julie," she said. "This is my friend, April."

"I'm Mick," I said. "Short for Michael. This is my friend, Rich."

"Do you come here often?"

"Oh, only when we want to meet gorgeous girls," I said nonchalantly as Rich got out of the car.

April smiled at me and said, "Nice to meet you."

April was gorgeous, too. She leaned up against me as she shook my hand and felt quite warm in the steamy summer night. Her tits almost burst from her spandex top as she leaned against the car, closer to Rich. We all started to drink the beer.

"So," said Julie, looking intensely into my eyes as she fondled her beer, "what are you like? Tell me about yourself, Mick."

I breathed hard as Julie smiled seductively and licked her lips.


It was a pretty strange thing, but we got along great with Julie and April. Julie turned out to be charming as well as the sexiest dish I'd ever seen. Before long, she suggested we go for a walk.

When we were out of sight and close to the lake, she kissed me on the lips, but pulled away fast, before I could make the kiss mean something. Instead, she took a step back and unzipped her jacket all the way.

"Want to go swimming?" she asked, smirking.

"Do you have a suit?"

She smiled broader and shook her head, slipping off her jacket and letting it lay on the ground behind her. We were in a little grassy meadow with trees all around us. We had plenty of privacy and I noted with pleasure that that soft grass would be a perfect cushion if we were to fuck.

The jacket had hid a lot, it appeared. Her breasts were hanging out of the top, the bottom and the sides of her halter. Now that I could see them better, they were making me particularly hot.

"I don't have a suit," she sighed. "But then, we've got plenty of privacy, don't you think? No one'll know if we take our clothes off!"

"In that case, I do want to swim."

"All right," said Julie. She reached up between her tits, where her halter-top tied loosely and pulled the knot then eased her way out of the halter. She smiled as I gasped with awe at her breathtaking bust.

"You, too," she grinned.

I unfastened my shirt and took it off, then motioned for her to continue.

She was willing. She took hold of her harem pants and began to pull them down slowly over her magnificent legs. She got her panties in one swipe at the same time, so when she stepped out of the pants, she stood up stark naked and gorgeous. I was breathing hard, going wild with desire.

Her pubic hair was light blonde, the hair on her head dyed! Usually, I mused, it was the other way around. But no matter-once I'd seen that blonde pubic bush, I knew I'd get into it.

I started forward, but Julie giggled and stepped back. "No, no," she said. "What do you think I am, sexist? I want to meet you on equal terms."

I quickly got my pants open and pulled them down, kicking off my shoes.

Julie's gaze hovered over the prodigious bulge in my underpants. I got hold of my underwear and started pulling them down, over the long, erect shaft. I know damn well that I'm big-eight inches at least, which is why Julie looked at my cock with such eagerness.

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