Richard Hill: Sharing his sisters

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Richard Hill Sharing his sisters
  • Название:
    Sharing his sisters
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Richard Hill

Sharing his sisters


While the negative aspects of egotism and ambition are all too apparent, it is also true that for a person to function adequately and maturely in society, it is necessary to have a certain amount of healthy self-confidence.

The successful businessman, the woman who rises in her chosen profession despite tremendous odds – each is imbued with the self-confidence necessary to skillfully carry out chosen tasks. Without it, each would find it difficult to do well, and would possibly fail.

When a person lacks self-confidence on a sexual level, it can affect every aspect of his life.

Billy Huston is a bright young man, but one who suffers from a lack of self-confidence in his own sexuality. He finds the teasing of his twin sisters, Robin and Janie, a source of continual irritation, yet it is they who eventually help Billy gain the confidence and poise he has always lacked. Billy's story is one of a young man who learns to free himself of deep-seated fears and inhibitions, taking his place in the world as a fully functioning, independent, self-assured adult.

The Publisher


"Oh, fuck…" cursed Billy softly when he realized he was going to have to spend the weekend at his twin sisters apartment. His parents had a number of guests staying with them, so he really had no choice. He dreaded the thought, because he really didn't even like his sisters. They were always putting him down, always ganging up on him, telling him what a horny asshole he was.

And then there was their boy friends of course. He could see the whole thing now – his sisters and their boy friends in one bed, and he alone in the other room. The thought excited him, but in a bad way. Having nowhere else to stay, however, he decided it would be better than nothing.

After he had arrived and put his things away, Billy and his sister Robin went to cool themselves off in the pool at her apartment. Westport was known for its number of swimming pools, and now nothing felt nicer on their sun-drenched bodies than the cool, blue water they were now playing in.

But Robin, as usual, was teasing her big brother, swimming up to him and pinching him on the ass, then swimming right away from him as he turned to her. She knew where he was at, though. From the minute she'd seen him, she could see his eyes undressing her, running up and down her luscious body, ogling her magnificent tits, the valley of her belly, and her inviting crotch. He'd always done that to her, it seemed, and she just couldn't understand why. Why didn't he go out and ball some chick? she thought.

But Billy never seemed to be with girls. He was always horny, always undressing them with his eyes; in fact every girl he saw, he pictured himself in bed with, warming her lovely body with his hard prick. But the truth was that now, at twenty-one, Billy was still a virgin! He'd never fucked a woman, but how he wished to. And Robin's playing with him didn't help things a bit. Instead, the touch of her fingers on his ass made his cock swell with passion, giving him a huge hard-on.

And that was just what Robin wanted. She wanted to tease the shit out of him, because she really didn't like her brother at an. Being the oldest, he was always treated the best, and it made his twin sisters very jealous. But now Robin was getting her revenge. She'd get his dick harder than the Rock of Gibraltar and then deny him!

Robin leaned her beautiful head back in the water, and as she came up, her sparkling blonde hair fell behind her ears. She was facing her brother now, admiring his hairy chest and his large, muscular build. She licked her lips gently, staring him in the eye, and she knew he was a born loser.

"How you been doing in the sex department, big brother?" she asked, wanting to make him feel bad.

"I've been doing all right," he answered, and the gaze from her eyes dropped to his thighs. He stood there a minute, motionless, watching her examine his swollen trunks.

"What's all right?" she wanted to know.

"Well, you know, just okay."

"You mean you've been beating off a lot?" Her words were making him mad. He wanted to reach out and hit her, but instead he reached out his hands underwater and touched her slim waist.

The touch of her satiny skin reminded him of those carefree days back home when he would spend the day swimming at the park, watching his sisters teasing every guy that came around. The thought that they were doing it to him now made him mad, but her body felt so good in his hands that he gripped her tighter, wanting to squeeze out the evil that lurked inside of his sister's mind.

Robin was surprised by his grip, and even more surprised that it felt so good to have her big brother's strong hands around her. But she couldn't let him win.

"Oh no you don't, you sex maniac!" she jeered, splashing him in the face. Startled, Billy cleared his eyes, and in an instant was underwater, swimming for the bitch. He could see her swimming away from him towards the ladder, her long legs kicking furiously at the water in a very fluid motion. When he finally touched her thin bikini, she jumped onto the ladder, and when he looked up, she was standing above him.

The water from her bikini was dripping on his head, and she just stood there a minute, spreading her legs a bit so he could catch a glimpse of her silken pubes protruding from the sides of her bikini bottom. Her fur looked so lovely to him, but just as he focused on her, she moved onto the patio, the sun reflecting off her golden skin into his eyes, blinding him for an instant.

When he looked up again, his little sister was drying herself with a towel. Her beauty astounded him, for she had grown up a lot in the last six months. And the bikini she wore was very tight, making her golden flesh even more attractive and tempting.

"Why don't you come back in?" he yelled to her.

"Are you kidding? With a sex maniac in the pool?" And flashing him a sexy smile, she turned and stuck one of her long legs up on a chair. When Billy heard her words, anger stirred inside him. Yet she was right, and he knew it. He was so eager to stick his cock in a chick it hurt. But now he was concentrating on his little sister's fully rounded ass which was now staring him in the face. And he realized how much his sister had grown, how much both of his sisters had developed. She was a woman now, he thought as he gazed down at her feet, his thoughts following his eyes all the way up her legs to her very tight bikini. He felt his cock swelling with desire again, but, still feeling angry with Robin, shook his head and dived back into the water.

When he came back up, he looked for Robin but she was gone. He looked over at the man who had been watching them, and smiled. Seeing Billy smile at him, the man immediately turned his eyes back to his newspaper.

Billy kept swimming for a few minutes, thinking about how good it was to be away from that college of his, and how good the water felt on his body. He thought of Robin's accusation that he was a sex maniac, and he wanted to go in there and show her just what he could do. But his better judgment told him not to.

Making his way to his sisters' apartment, all kinds of thoughts pounded through his head – how long it had been since he'd seen his sisters, how much they'd grown, how mature they were. If only they wouldn't make fun of him so much!

Billy ran up the stairs as fast as he could. He quietly pushed the door open, threw down his towel, and tiptoed to the kitchen where his sister was. She was singing to herself, fixing some lemonade, still dressed in her bikini. Billy remained quiet, watching her delicious body as she moved. Again he noticed how beautiful she really was. He could feel his cock swelling again, and it surprised him that he was looking at his own sister with such lust, but he couldn't help it. He just wanted a woman so bad!

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