John Kellerman: Sisters in heat

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John Kellerman Sisters in heat
  • Название:
    Sisters in heat
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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John Kellerman

Sisters in heat


Robin smiled into the mirror, admiring her firm titties. She liked Saturdays. Liked this one too though something seemed to be missing. Stevie of course. He'd been gone a week now and though Mom and Dad had still not gotten over it, no one really talked about it. It was all so dumb. An argument over… what? Everyone had forgotten. But Steve had tossed all his things in his jeep and taken off. Robin knew where he was staying of course. A little apartment down by the river. Steve had made her promise not to tell the folks. He'd promised in return that she could come see him. This weekend!

Robin pulled a red T-shirt over her firm, small breasts and tucked it into her shorts. It was funny how a person got used to having someone around. Steve was a pretty neat brother. Weekends had always been a special time for her to fool around with her big brother. Steve had taught her a lot about auto-mechanics and she'd loved being able to do something that even a lot of boys couldn't cut. She could do a tune-up on the jeep easy now. Change a tire.

Steve was twenty-one, three years older than Robin. But Robin never felt like he pulled his age on her. He treated her as an equal. Though his friends generally didn't. Their looks embarrassed her sometimes. And she always made a defense by acting tomboyish.

She tied her tennies and went down the hall to the dining room. Her sister Marcia was brooding over a grapefruit, winding a strand of silky, brown hair around a forefinger. Marcia was just about to turn twenty-one. She'd been to college a few years and quit and come home. She'd tried a couple of secretarial jobs, quit and come home. She dated sometimes, but not much of late. Robin had never been too close to her, but lately they were practically like beings from two different planets.

"Hi, Marcia." Marcia was really a knockout. Even in the morning with a robe on she looked sexy.

"You look like you're going to a motorcycle race." Robin poured herself a glass of orange juice. She looked pleasantly across at her sis. She didn't mind Marcia's kidding.

"Nope." She finished the juice and found a half piece of toast. She felt Marcia's look.

"When are you going to start dating, Robin? I mean, don't you think it's about time you started to learn about men."

"I'm not so dumb about men." Robin chewed the toast.

"Yeah, I know," Marcia went on, "you fight with them and race them and all that kind of stuff."

"I don't fight with them."

"I bet you could though. I bet you hate males deep down inside. You're a person with deep mental problems, Robin. You're repressing your libido and sexual drives…" Marcia had come awake. She looked chair and ready for a long argument.

Robin swallowed the toast. She could see that Marcia was waiting for her to come back.

"You haven't had a whirlwind of dates yourself lately." The toast was stuck in her throat but Robin didn't let Marcia know. The orange juice helped.

"Oh, but I have one tonight. I've been saving everything for him." Marcia arched her eyebrows and quit fooling with her hair. Robin's sister was a regular beauty queen. She could see Marcia's large tits even through the terrycloth robe. "He drives a Continental. Not a new one, but one of those classics made in the forties." Marcia licked her lips. "White with leather seats."

Robin was impressed. She shrugged her shoulders. "Big deal. What is he, a tie salesman?" She could see that she'd gotten under Marcia's skin.

"Well, at least I won't be arm-wrestling him." Marcia stood up and the front of her robe parted slightly. Robin saw that she was naked underneath. Not even a pair of panties. Mom wouldn't approve.

"I don't arm-wrestle."

"Oh, I see. You just wrestle."

Robin felt her face redden. Marcia smiled, walked sexily around the table. She eyed Robin.

"You'd better start wearing a bra, little Sis. You're going to find some male's paw wrapped around one of those little titties some afternoon when you're bending over a busted engine."

Robin pressed her lips together hard. She couldn't think of one Goddamn thing to say back. Marcia opened the robe more, let her see a big tit. And despite her effort not to look, Robin found herself staring. Marcia's tit was big and round and high on her chest. The nipple was dark, the areola was dark too with little bumps around it. Down along the undercurve of the lovely breast was a tiny mole. Robin could only think of her own, small titties. They weren't much. She felt suddenly very inadequate standing there before her big sis.

"I gotta go."

"Oh, Robin?"

Robin turned.

"You have some grease under your thumbnail," Marcia cooed. "Just thought you might like to know. Or is that part of your appeal?"

"Fuck you," Robin said, her voice husky with anger. She went out the front door and down the walk. She could hear Marcia laughing in the house. She almost walked right past her mother, bent down behind her rose bushes.

"Oh Robin, you're up." Her mother brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and smiled. "Where are you going, darling?"

"Somewhere… to Betty's house I guess."

"You will be home or lunch, won't you? I worry about you not eating on weekends."

"I'll get something at Betty's."

"Do take care, Robin. Do you have any money?"

"Yeah." She was already turning down the walk. She wanted to get to Steve's before he cut out somewhere. Her mother was calling something after her.

"Ask around for Steve, would you please, Robin? Your father isn't taking this whole thing very well at all. At least Steve might call us. You don't know where he is, do you?"

"No Mom, I don't," Robin called back. She started to jog. At the end of the block her T-shirt was rubbing her nipples. They had begun to grow the past year and Robin wasn't used to the new sensation. They were a bother, always rubbing on something. She stopped jogging and wondered if maybe Marcia was right about the bra. Marcia never wore one though. She thought it was unliberated.

Robin saw the bus four blocks away, hissing down on a curb. She leaned against a light pole and let her palms slide up over her T-shirted tits. The nipples expanded immediately, pressed hotly against her palms. The sensation seemed to be wired to other parts of her body. Her ears glowed and between her legs.

"Oh Jesus Christ…" she breathed, taking her hands away.

She got on the bus.


Steve's apartment was at the back of an old house on Trumble Street.

Robin saw the yellow jeep parked in the alley and knew she must be at the right place. She knocked lightly on the pane of the door. She stood on her tiptoes and tried to peek inside. It looked dark. She tapped again. Nothing. But the knob turned in her hand and she pushed it open and went in. Funny smell. Like leaves burning.


"Huh?" There was a lump in the bed that moved a little. She saw his tousled blond hair.

"Hey, it's me. Robin!" She stepped across his clothes in the middle of the small room. "It smells funny in here. Like something's burning."

"How ya doing, Robin?" Steve's voice sounded blurred, heavy.

Robin looked down at his handsome face, the wideset, blue eyes. Funny but she'd never thought of Stevie being handsome before. Robin felt a sudden urge to kiss him, to beg him to come back home. Instead she pounced on his belly with her knees and grabbed at his wrists.

"You must think you're smart," she laughed, "just because you got a place all your own now."

"Hey come on…!" He twisted away but she had a knee on his belly still, pinning his shoulders. He grabbed her middle with both hands and tried to shove her over. Robin laughed and hung on, but Steve was waking up now. He was laughing tickling her hard.

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