John Kellerman: Hot and naughty nieces

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John Kellerman Hot and naughty nieces
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    Hot and naughty nieces
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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John Kellerman

Hot and naughty nieces


Annie was relieved when the sermon was over at last. She hadn't listened to a word of it. She'd been thinking of the odd dream she'd had early that morning. Just before her mother had awakened her. A dream that had become real as she'd struggled up out of the heavy sleep. And as the dream had become intermingled with the morning light streaming through her window Annie had experienced her first climax ever. She'd heard the girls at school whispering about such a thing for years. Now she knew what they meant. And it was more glorious and exciting than words could ever describe.

And as she'd sat on the hard pew and felt her cunt heat up she'd noticed Gil Blake in a pew across the aisle. He had smiled at her! Annie smiled back. Then they were walking out of the place together.

"Come on down to the basement," Gil said, grabbing her small hand. "I'll buy you a Coke."

"My mom'll be waiting for me. You know how my father is abou…" She stopped, embarrassed by the strict rules which she was forced to follow.

"Your mom will be grabbing out front for a little while," Gil said, pulling her towards the basement steps. "You've got time." Annie went with him to the recreation room. He lifted her onto the ping-pong table and went to punch some money into the Coke machine. Then he brought the bottle and put it in her hands. Annie didn't even have time to take a sip before Gil slipped a hand behind her head and pulled her lips against his. The kiss was like a charge of electricity. Her cunt seemed to expand against the dainty silk crotch of her panties and she knew that she was getting slick. She wiggled her hips as the kiss went on and on and on. She was breathless, panting through her nose when Gil finally let her go.

"God, you're pretty Annie."

"Why'd you kiss me like that?"

"Cause I wanted to." Gil took her in his arms and really kissed her this time. She felt his tongue teasing along her closed lips. Annie didn't know the first thing about kissing. But she opened her mouth slightly, letting his tongue sneak in.

"Mmmmm," she sighed, feeling the tingling excitement between the plump, pink lips of her pussy. It was the same kind of excitement she'd felt that morning when the dream had become so intense. Her breasts were glowing too, the nipples getting stiff against the cups of her training bra. She wasn't very big but lately her swells had begun to ache as they grew. And now with Gil kissing her like that she felt like she had the biggest tits in town.

"Ohhhhhh Gil, we shouldn't be doing this. What if someone came down?"

"Hell, the kids use this place for making out all the time." He picked up his Coke and swallowed some. "I'll even bet that a few local girls have been knocked up right over there on that sofa."

"Oh Gil, don't say such things." Annie felt her heart pounding. The white, lace frock she wore seemed so angelic when she was feeling something entirely different between the heated flesh of her thighs.

"When is your old man going to let you date?"

"Maybe never. He's kind of weird. Whenever I ask him about it he flies off the handle." She gave him a flirting look. "Anyway, what do you care? You've never asked me out."

"I've been wanting to. But everybody knows how your old man is." Gil pulled her down off the ping-pong table and slipped his arms around her tiny waist. Then she felt him bringing her forward, bringing her lithe, young body against his. She could feel the hard muscles of his thighs, the hard lump at his crotch. It pressed against the front of her dress, even touched her lower belly. She arched her back then, poking her pert bottom out to keep from being too obvious about what was going on. Gil seemed to go a little crazy when she did that. His palms slipped down the small of her back and curved out over each rounded cheek.

"Ohhhh, Gil… don't!" But his hands stayed. His fingers dug in a little, pressing her though the layers of clothing until a new and more bewitching sensation jolted through her loins. She let her face rest against his shoulder. She was breathing hard again. Her body seemed to be taking over. She knew that she shouldn't be hugging Gil down there in the church basement. But it felt so lovely. His mouth brushed her ear and electric thrills made her whimper. He tongued the dainty whorls of ear flesh and she put her slender arms around his body too. They hugged furiously as Gil kissed her mouth again. She wanted to actually rub her smoldering mound up and down against his thigh. He'd slipped his leg between hers now and the pressure was ecstatic. She was discovering things about herself that she'd never guessed. Energies were flowing, energies that she'd never experienced.

"Baby, you're so fine. Every guy in school wants to date you. But I want you more than any of them."

"You… w-w-want me?"

"You know what that means?"

"I think so," she whispered, feeling naughty for even thinking about such things. It meant that Gil wanted to make love to her! He wanted to undress her and kiss her all over her body. He wanted to rub her cunt until she was half out of her mind. Then he would put his cock…

"Oh Gil," she gasped, struggling to get away from his strong arms. "You'd better take me back upstairs. My mom will be hunting for me if you don't."

"One more kiss."

"Oh, well I…" His lips smothered her resistance. And as she squirmed her mouth hungrily against his fervid lips, she felt Gil's hand creeping down the back of her dress. She wanted to stop him. She knew that no girl let a guy get away with too much at first. But now his fingers were lightly petting the soft, blue-veined spot behind her knee. It made her feel so darned weak, so trembly and nice.

"Dhho-o-o-n't," she gasped, twisting her mouth to the side. Gil caught it again and this time she felt his tongue stab between her teeth. His fingers pressed and massaged the place behind her knee. She felt so weak, so wonderful. This strong guy was hugging and touching her in ways that made her remember the hot raging fever she'd experienced that very morning. But he was sliding up her thigh now, reaching under the white material of her Sunday dress.

"Gil, stop!"

"Annie, I'm crazy about you. I've got to see you more."

"But stop touching me!" She tried to grab his wrist but he twisted out of her grasp and eased his fingers up between her thighs. Though she had clamped them together, he was able to touch the silky patch that covered her cunt. The touch was like someone had jolted her with a hot wire. She shivered and pressed her body against his warmth. Her legs couldn't hold him out and she relaxed some and felt his hand slide back under her mound. When he brought the finger forward again, the panty silk went up into her crack.

"Uhhhnnnnnn, Gil! Ohhhhh Gil!" She was moving her hips now, unable to keep from rubbing back against the erotic caress. Her cunt was flooding. She'd never been so wet down there! Not even this morning when she'd awakened to find the sheet twisted up between her thighs as she went off like a skyrocket.

"You're really wet. Ohh Annie, you know what I'd love to do to you?" She thought he was going to say how bad he wanted to make love to her. But she wasn't ready for his next words. "I'd like to kiss you down there. I'd like to eat your…"

"Gil! Let me go! This instant!" She squirmed violently, trying to close her mind against the seductive sensations Gil was causing between her young thighs. But his finger had found the elastic edge of one panty leg now and he dug under it. As his touch opened her plump, throbbing mound she felt her knees going. She hung with both arms around his neck as the finger slid forward and back, forward and back. The soft, slick sound of him feeling her made her whimper.

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