David Crane: The family oral tradition

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David Crane The family oral tradition
  • Название:
    The family oral tradition
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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David Crane

The family oral tradition


"Thanks a lot, Sis!"

Laura was sitting on the front porch as her older brother, Thad, came up the steps looking disgruntled and annoyed and slightly flushed.

Laura, at that time, was a very pretty blonde teenager with a nubile, bouncy body. Her tits thrust out saucily in her tight sweater and a lot of slim, shapely thigh showed below the hem of her then-fashionable miniskirt.

Now she looked surprised by Thad's attitude.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Myrna Jones is what's wrong!" he snapped. Myrna was a classmate of Laura's and had asked Laura to get her a date with Thad. Thad had just returned from that assignation, much earlier than expected. Evidently the date had not been a success.

"Why? What happened, Thad?" Laura asked.

"Nothing happened, is what!" "I don't understand," the blonde said. "She's a cockteaser!" Thad rasped, grimacing to show his distaste.

He flung himself down on the swing beside his sister. Laura had blushed slightly.

"Gee, I-I didn't-" she stammered. "Aw, it ain't your fault," he muttered. "But-what did she do?" Laura queried. She was a little embarrassed, but intrigued, too.

"She let me feel her up, see? Bare tit. But after that got me horny, the bitch wouldn't let me go no further. She wouldn't even jack me off!"

Laura giggled. Her gaze slid down to his groin and, sure enough, the outline of a massive hard- on was bulging in the front of his pants. Thad gland at his sister for giggling.

"It ain't fuckin' funny, Sis. A bitch like that can give a guy blue balls."

Laura was beginning to feel some very strange stirrings and emotions.

"What will you do, Thad?" she whispered, in a low and husky tone.

He peered at her quizzically.

"Will you-jerk yourself off now?" she asked, sounding both shy and fascinated.

The siblings had never spoken like this before and now there was a crackling tension between them. They looked into each other's eyes. But Laura's gaze kept dropping down to her brother's crotch.

"I-I guess I'll have to, Sis," he croaked. "My balls really need to be emptied off!"

"I-I feel responsible," she said softly. "Since I got you the date and all-"

"Yeah? What about it?"

"I suppose-" she blushed again, batting her long, silky eyelashes, "I could do it for you."

"Oh, wow!" he gulped.

"Since it's my fault and all," she added, as if the job was a duty rather than a delight.

Thad had begun to grin. His sister was really sexy and she had often thought about her lustfully while he was beating his meat. The prospect of misbehaving with her was thrilling him to the core.

He knew it was real naughty, of course-and so did she-but that only added to the excitement.

"Oh, yeah, Sis! Gimme a handjob!" he enthused.

Laura smiled. She felt deliciously wanton. She lifted her hand and stared at it, almost as if she I was accusing her palm and fingers for what they were about to do-as if it was her hand that was the sinner, not her mind.

"Okay," she agreed willingly.

Thad reached for his fly.

"No, let me take it out," Laura said, grasping his wrist and pulling his hand aside.

He leaned back on the swing, thrusting his hips up, his legs extended to the floor. His sister leaned over his lap and began to open his pants. The girl looked as fascinated as if she, were unwrapping a Christmas present.

She unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the waistband of his pants, then began to tug the zipper down, inch by inch, with teasing slowness, tantalizing them both by lingering over the approach.

His fly opened in a wide vee. He was wearing tight nylon briefs and they were packed solid with his meat. The outline of his cock and balls stood out clearly and a damp, sticky patch was seeping through the stretchy fabric where his cock-knob bulged out.

Her breath wafted over his sex tackle, through the sheath of his shorts.

Tucking her fingers under the elastic band, she pulled his briefs out wide of his prick and yanked them down, tucking the elastic under his swollen balls so that all of his sex tackle was bared.

"Oooooh." she moaned, impressed.

Her brother's prick was long and thick, the head flaring out in a fat purple slab and, at the base, his balls were as big as melons.

Laura thought that Myrna Jones must be a fool to tease a lovely prick like this, instead of having plenty of fun with that hard, hot cock.

But Myrna's loss was her gain.

She simply stared at his naked prick for a while, as he stabbed it up and down impatiently.

"C'mon, Sis! Do it!" he rasped.

Laura cupped his huge, cum-filled balls in her left hand, feeling his load sloshing within the bags. She folded her right hand around his cockshaft. She held him, squeezing, delighted at how his prick was throbbing.

She took a slow push-pull.

"Ahhhhh!" he groaned.

"Is-is this right?" she whimpered.

"Yeah! Do it faster!" he gasped.

Laura didn't really want to do it fast, though. She was having so much fun that she wanted to make his handjob last as long as she could.

Obviously, from the way his prick was pounding in her palm, that wouldn't be very long at all.

She was bending over his groin, her cute nose flaring as she breathed in the tantalizing fumes rising from his hot prick. Her eyes were glowing lasciviously and her mouth was starting to water.

She glanced up at his face speculatively.

Would her brother like more than just a handjob? she was wondering.

Laura was so horny now that she would have joyfully taken his cock into her salivating mouth and swallowed his spunk. She would even have let him fuck her, if her brother had asked.

But Thad didn't know this.

His head was back, his face contorted by lust. He didn't even notice that hungry look on his sister's lovely face or the suggestive glances she was giving him. The teen actually believed that his sweet sister was simply doing this as a favor to him and because it was her fault that he had dated a cockteaser.

And although Laura was drooling for a mouthful of that brotherly love, she was much too shy and timid to suggest it, or to just go down on him.

It would have to be his suggestion, and Thad didn't understand the situation at all.

"Jack my cock, Sis! Jeez! Empty my balls before I fuckin' explode!" he cried.

Laura sighed wistfully.

Thad was humping up from the swing, fucking through her fist. She began to frig him then.

Her palm and fingers skimmed lightly up the meaty tube, then she tightened her grip and jerked him more vigorously.

As her hand drew up, his foreskin folded over his knob in a fleshy carpet, and as she pumped back down, that huge slab flared out naked and glowing.

Pre-cum was dribbling lavishly from his open pisshole. She inhaled the musky fragrance. Her tongue was starting to sizzle in her saliva.

The preliminary seepage poured down his prickshaft, greasing it up so that her fist was sliding more fluidly up and down on the spunky lubrication.

If it had lasted just a bit longer, Laura would have been so hot and hungry that she would have lost all of her inhibitions and dove on his prick.

But Thad was too horny to hold back. "Here it cums, Sis!" he yelped. "Ooooh-yeah! Yeah!" she squealed. The prospect of watching his fuckjuice squirt from his cock was driving the teenager crazy and she began to beat his meat furiously up and down.

His balls exploded and she felt his prick ripple as the juice came spurting up the hollow tube.

Then it was spraying from his pisshole in a creamy cascade, hot and thick as melted lead. Gooey globs shot up past her cheek and jizz jets splashed on her chin and into the fluttering hollow of her throat.

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