David Crane: The hotter mom got

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David Crane The hotter mom got
  • Название:
    The hotter mom got
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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David Crane

The hotter mom got


Long, lovely legs flashing beneath her short black lace nightie, Rachel Carrington climbed up the ladder and went on through the trap door into the attic.

She was going to look for her dildo. She was fairly sure that it was stored away somewhere in the attic, but not absolutely. She hadn't seen it in years. Being a happily married woman whose husband, Ivor, had a gigantic prick, she had little need of the big rubber cock she had used at college.

But today was an exception.

Ivor had not neglected her. He had thrown their customary morning fuck into her. But he had been quicker about cumming than usual, and had drained his balls off before Rachel's cunt had creamed.

After he had left for work and the kids, Chuck and Frostie, had gone out to play, Rachel had gone back to bed and began to finish what Ivor had started with a finger-fucking.

But her own hands weren't awfully satisfactory, after her years of connubial bliss, and as she frigged away, she got to thinking about her rubber prick from the past.

Rachel had sent for it mail order when she was living in her sorority house, and it had been a big hit. It was equipped with a leather harness so that a girl could strap it on and use it to fuck another lady of similar persuasion.

Her sexy sorority sisters hadn't been lesbians – nor was Rachel – but they were all horny all of the time, and they had all taken turns belting the rubber cock on and fucking one another silly with great regularity.

They'd done a lot of cunt-lapping, too.

But a hot college girl doesn't have to be a dyke to enjoy sucking cunt, so that was okay.

Now, with fond memories of those days, Rachel was eager to locate her latex lover. Fucking herself with the tool wouldn't be nearly as much naughty fun as it had been shoving it up other girls' cunts, but she figured that it would be a lot more satisfying than her unadorned hands.

She rummaged around in old suitcases and trunks and, in the end, located the device. She held it up and gazed at it, recalling the randy kicks she had had with it, both using it on other girls and having them use it on her.

Her cunt began to bubble.

She had intended to take the dildo down to her bedroom if she found it, but now she had a better idea. She didn't want to leave it lying around. Her husband might feel hurt if he found it and figured that he wasn't giving her as much loving as she needed.

But she knew that once she had creamed off, she wasn't going to feel like bringing the dildo back up to its hiding place in the attic. Her legs would be too shaky to climb the ladder, for one thing.

So she decided to use it on herself right where she was, then put it back where she'd found it.

This was to be a fateful decision.

Rachel, a tawny-haired beauty with a curvaceous body – big tits and solid, meaty ass divided by a narrow waist – lifted her skirt and tugged her bikini panties down, squirming out of them.

The crotchband was so damp that they lay in their own gooey puddle on the attic floor.

She perched on the edge of a big steamer trunk – which was appropriate, considering how her cunt was steaming. She slipped the bulbous knob of the rubber cock into her mouth to lubricate it, then guided it into her pussy.

She began to pump it in and out, her ass grinding on the edge of the trunk.

The rubber prick vanished up her foaming fuckhole, and the leather straps snaked up her lovely thighs. Her clit began to tingle as she massaged the cock across it, angling it so that every thick inch was rubbing her clit.

But it was lots of fun and Rachel, horny as she felt, was in no hurry to end the session.

She pulled the cock out of her pussy and held it up to her radiant face. She rubbed her nose against the mushroom-shaped knob, sniffing her own hot pussy perfume. Then she licked it and slipped it into her mouth, sucking on the head as if it were a real cock.

She had always gotten a kinky kick put of sucking it after another young lady had creamed on it, and she was remembering those naughty times now.

Then the lithe lady tuned over and jutted her ass up. Grinning saucily, she nudged the tip of the cock into her tight asshole.

Wriggling around with pleasure, she fed the thick, hard rubber tube up her shit-chute. She frigged it into her ass a few times as she shoved three fingers up into her cunthole, feeling the dildo sliding in and out in the twin passage through the slender dividing membrane.

She drew it out of her shithole and turned ass down on the steamer truck again. Now she began to suck the prick again. It made the woman feel deliciously depraved to taste it, now that it was flavored from her shithole.

As she mouthed the soiled head, her slobber poured down the stalk. The frothy drool reminded her of jizz trickling down a man's prick from his pisshole.

It was a shame that her dude couldn't cum, Rachel was thinking. It would be a lot more exciting if she could squirt some jizz into her mouth and cunt.

Her fevered imagination was turning her on as much as the physical action, and now she was really getting horny. She jammed the cock back up her randy cunt and began to frig herself towards the creamy conclusions.

Her blonde head tilted down as she watched the big rubber prick go in and out of her unfurled, pink cunt-folds. It was too bad she wasn't limber enough to double up and get her mouth on her pussy, she thought.

It would be really nice to suck on the smoldering fuse of her clit while she pounded the rubber prick in and out of her fuck-chute.

Her nipples shot out like high-caliber bullets, and her clit echoed the explosion.

Rachel began to shudder all through her voluptuous body as she surged to the peak.

She melted and her cunt-cum poured down the dildo in a creamy deluge.

She smiled happily, feeling content.

Then she leaned back on the top of the steamer trunk, breathing deeply in the aftermath of her climax. She had released the dildo, but it was still stuck up her cunt, gripped in her pussy by suction.

She wiggled her ass and watched the hilt of the rubber cock sway around, the harness swinging.

She was just about to drag it out of her cunt and put it back in its hiding place.

Then the trapdoor swung open.

Frostie, her curly-haired daughter, came up through the space and into the attic.

Rachel stifled a cry of alarm.

She realized that she was well back in the shadows at the far end of the room and that it wasn't likely that the girl would see her.

She sure hoped not.

It would be embarrassing as hell if her teenaged daughter caught Mom with a dildo stuck up her cunt!

Rachel was aware that the whole attic was permeated by the fragrance of steaming cunt, and she hoped that the teen wouldn't notice it.

Then she found out he wasn't innocent.

Chuck followed his sister through the trap door.

Both kids were grinning devilishly. As Rachel, becoming suspicious now, held her breath, her son gently lowered the trap door back into place. Then he stood on it, as if to make sure that no one could push it open from below.

The siblings stood face to face. "Boy, am I horny!" Chuck said. "Me, too," his sister sighed. "You hear Mom and Dad fucking this morning, Sis?" the handsome youth inquired.

"Yeah! Mom sure makes a lot of noise when she's getting prick, huh?"

Both kids giggled.

"It really turned me on," Frostie said. She tilted her head and peered into her brother's face. "Did you jack off, Chuck?"

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