Kevin Sellers: This family does it

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Kevin Sellers This family does it
  • Название:
    This family does it
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Kevin Sellers

This family does it



"Ohh – oh, you bastard!" Sharon Brant gasped, her gasp turning into a groan as she spread her slender legs wide open to expose the pink, blonde fleeced flower of her sopping cunt. "You know I can't stand it when you're like this! Why… why can't you be a nice normal husband for once and do it the way it's supposed to be done?"

"Because that would be too easy," Ted chuckled back, standing nude at the foot of the bed as her lust-filled gaze fastened on his wagging nine-inch prick, its hard veined length bobbing up and down like a thick branch in a stiff breeze. "I want you good and horny first, the way we both like it best. And that's why you're going to do exactly what I say, Share. Now, spread your pussylips open real wide so I can see right up that hungry cunt of yours. Maybe then I'll fill it with a little of this."

He dropped a hand to enfold into a tantalizing fist wound his huge bloated cock, and Sharon groaned again. She knew her husband loved teasing her, enjoyed getting her furnace-hot before he finally fucked her with that big expert prick of his. And at the moment she was too horny to object. With nothing but a long hard day of cooking and cleaning and laundry ahead of her, another whole day of just waiting for Ted to get home from work to soothe the ache that was bound to swell in her cunt the way it did every day, she couldn't pass up the chance to get a little fucking right now.

"Damn you!" She glared in mock anger up at his knowing smile, her hands sliding down her trim stomach and between creamy parted thighs straight into her blonde matted thatch of pussyfur. "Damn you, you know what I want! Don't make me – ahhh!"

Her fingers slid across the wet, pink trench of her pussy and that first intimate touch was like an electric jolt that sent out a horny flood of her juices. Almost as if those fingers belonged to somebody else they dipped down to her puffed gold-trimmed cuntlips and pried them open.

Sharon had a naturally tight pussy mouth, and her cuntlips parted with a wet sucking sound. Cream poured from her exposed cunt, bubbling up from its velvety depths like the hot steamy outflow of a fountain. In the three months of her marriage, the twenty-four-year-old bride was constantly horny and this morning she was hornier than usual.

Her fingers pulled both her taut pussylips wide, baring the hot pink hole of her cunt to his gaze.

"Is… unnnh, is this what you want?" She tried to sound disapproving, but her voice was a husky give-away.

"Yeah, that's it." Ted nodded, his response a slightly harsh grunt as he gave his soaring cock a squeeze at the sight of his wife's scrumptious tight pussy. "Jesus, you really wake up hot, don't you. I'll never get over that clit of yours – Christ, it sticks out like a little hard-on all its own! Why don't you massage that fat little hard-on for me, babe, while I do the same with my big one…"

His fist began to move, riding up and down his bloated cockshaft with measured, taunting strokes.

It was true that Sharon had an oversized clit. It had always been larger than those of any of her girlfriends, standing out at least an inch long from its hooded cleft and swollen up finger-thick. At one time she'd been embarrassed about her clit – it had seemed like having too much of a good thing. But then she'd met Ted, and he'd quickly shown her the fun an oversized clit could bring. He showed her how it could be sucked and teased and nibbled, how it could be worked into such a frenzy that even the slightest touch brought her to peaks of orgasm like nothing she'd ever known before.

And then, adding some spice to their newly married life, he'd shown her how to bring on those peaks all by herself.

That's what she did now, bringing a thumb up to that stiff, juice-drenched bud and gliding it across her clit in a slow torturous fuck that made her ache.


Already hotter than a firecracker, she exploded with greasy cream, at that loving caress. Her thumb flicked again, and her resilient, inch-long clit popped erect, quivering in reaction. Her slightly glazed eyes watched Ted's fist slide back and forth along his meaty prick as she began to blatantly finger herself, giving him all the show he wanted and more.

"Ahhhhh – ahhmmff… is this… uhhh… better?"

"Yeah. That's it. Lots better, babe," Ted agreed completely as his wife massaged her enormous clit with growing openness, making sure he saw every twang of her clit and every motion of her thumb.

To be absolutely honest, Sharon didn't really hate displaying herself nearly as much as she pretended, and Ted knew it. Secretly she had to admit that she enjoyed being watched, though it was hardly the sort of thing a nice shy young woman went around bragging about. She liked to be admired and teased, tormented by Ted's hovering cock with its huge inflated head lurching from his fist and glistening at its tip with a wet droplet of promising cum. She liked the way his dangling balls jiggled with every hand motion, bobbling like a pair of eggs in their hairy sack and filled with the goodness she ached to have.

And she especially liked the look of lust that spread over her husband's handsome face as he watched each movement, turning her on even more.

"I… I hope this – uhhh! – this is satisfying you!" she gasped with malicious pleasure, thoroughly enjoying her cunt-massage. "You, can just stand there and… ahhhh… watch all you want – uhhh – because I'm going to have fun without you! Ahhh! Annnh!"

She gave a little cry, surging up as the first delicious spasms of climax ripped from her greased cherry-like clit.

That was all the torture Sharon could stand. Suddenly the fingers holding her pussy open shifted, and two of them went deep up her tight slushy pussy.


She bucked on the bed, plunging her fingers in and out furiously as the first tides of orgasm swept through her pussy in fresh floods of hot oozing cream. Dimly she knew that Ted was taking the whole scene in with a grin – he liked seeing his innocent young wife so horny she couldn't help finger-fucking herself right in front of him.

But at the same time, she had to admit that Ted knew things about her she'd never suspected. Who would've thought that she could masturbate the way she was doing now, openly soothing her hungry young cunt with her fingers while he looked on?

And Sharon was enjoying it, no doubt about that. Her firm, taut ass lurched off the bed, frantically stuffing her fingers in her cunt as explosions of release came.


"Jesus!" Ted barked, grinning from ear to ear with a lustful expression as she flailed on the bed in oblivious rapture, pumping her fingers in and out with furious abandon and smashing the heel of her hand against her rigid oversized clit. "Do it, babe! Fuck that little pussy of yours nice and hard, loosen it up real good for me, and maybe I'll fill it with something even nicer. Yeah, yeah!"

Vaguely she knew that he was enjoying her show almost as much as she was, and that fact only made her come all, the harder. She hunched up in a blatant fury, legs spread wide and ass undulating off the bed as her fingers plunged in and out with a cock-like pistoning intensity, splitting her tight pussylips open and sinking deeper than ever as she soared to climax.

"Do it, baby." Ted's voice was a hoarse grunt as he watched gleefully, pumping on his rigid cock faster as he watched his wife finger-fuck herself into a haze of pure sensation. "Come for me, babe. Come real hard, just like it's my pecker pounding into that tight, sweet cunt of yours. Let's see you really go at it, show me just what you can do. And maybe then I'll give you a taste of the real thing…"

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