Jennifer Collier: Some Very Lovable Neighbors

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Jennifer Collier Some Very Lovable Neighbors
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    Some Very Lovable Neighbors
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"Do you think he'll accept the offer of the cabin?"

"Hell, why shouldn't he? He can't afford not to accept, can he?"

"Lover," Sue said admiringly, "I do believe you're a genius. But suppose Adie wants to go along with him?"

"I doubt that," Mason said. "When he said he wanted to be alone, I think he meant just that. Completely alone, without even his wife. I'll call him tomorrow and put the idea to him, and we'll see if I'm right."

"And if he does accept, then I take over?"

"You take over," Mason said. "I'll tell him you'll meet him up there, show him where everything is and so on. Then you're on your own." He grinned. "I have no doubt what'll happen then."

"And you'll be doing what?"

"Dropping over to see Mrs. Rolfe," he answered. "I'll suggest that she and I take a ride up to the cabin, so that she can see what it's like.

I'll say it'll be a surprise, that we'll all have dinner together.

We'll drive up there-"

"-and just happen to catch sight of Jack Rolfe and me doin' what comes naturally," Sue finished.

"Right. Of course, you'll have to make sure the two of you keep at it for a long time. No telling how long it'll be before I get his wife up there."

"No problem, lover," she chuckled. "You know me."

"Hell yes, I do," Mason said. "You just love cock, Mommy, like I said before."

"And you love pussy," Sue told him. She began to push his head down along her body, moving her hips on the bed, letting her own fires rekindle hotly. "Now let's see you prove that I'm right, lover!"

Mason proved it without the slightest doubt.

Chapter 2

"Weren't the Masons nice?" Adie said again as she and Jack walked into the bedroom of their home. "I was certainly glad to meet them."

"Saved the night, that's for sure," Jack said. He sat down on the bed and removed his shoes, rubbing his feet. "If it hadn't been for them, I would literally have climbed the walls."

"Move honey," Adie said lightly. Jack stood up as she removed the spread and folded it at the foot of the bed then opened the covers.

"Well, never again," she vowed as Jack settled himself back again. "I guess writers are recluses at heart anyway."

"No reason to put up with people you don't like."

"I hope to see the Masons again though. Maybe for bridge like they suggested." She backed toward her husband. "Unzip me, will you baby?"

Jack reached up and unzipped his wife's dress and then watched lovingly as she shrugged her shoulders and the garment slowly slid down the beautiful curve of her torso. He reached down the length of her long shapely legs and playfully brought his hand up inside her half slip, pushing the hem up abruptly before she had time to resist.

"Ooohhh!" Adie gurgled, jumping forward from her husband's electric fingertips. She was ultra sensitive along the softness of her inner thighs, her skin white and marble smooth and delicate. She tingled from his touch and stepped out of the pool of the fallen dress. "Oh stop it, stop it, baby!"

Jack grinned from his sitting position, and although he couldn't see her expression, he knew from their four years of marital relationships that she was wincing with pleasure, her teeth bared with the first signs of sexual arousal. He continued to stroke his wife's legs, moving his hand up to tantalize the pubic mound so provocative under the silk crotchband of her panties. She wiggled her hips as if in protest, but didn't step away.

"Ooohhhh, ohhh, Jack! Oh Jack! I love you Jack!" Adie turned suddenly and flung herself at her husband, pinning him to the bed. She kissed him hard, cutting off the laugh he was teasingly giving her, and then they embraced passionately.

How lucky I am, Adie thought to herself, her brain swimming with her arousal. Landing Jack for a husband was a coup d'etat of the first order. She must have been courted by at least ten other men, but Jack had been constantly surrounded by other women, yet somehow she had won him away from all the other girls. He was going to be a success, she had implicit faith in that with his name lauded in the literary circles along with Hemingway, Lawrence, Roth. He was confident of his writing skill, and his columns for the Sentinel had been nationally recognized as the work of a talented writer: a really gifted man.

And she was important to him. He had told her so many times, and she made herself reaffirm the promise to herself that she would do all in her power to help him and become a partner in his success. This key element to their marriage made her love him all the more. Of course he had, by nature of his profession, to be alone most of the time, and this was sometimes difficult for her to accept. There he was, cooped up in his study, so close to her all day and yet so far away. He was so wrapped up in his novel that it seemed that they weren't as close as when he went to work at the newspaper every day. In the evenings he was so tired and frustrated that they hadn't made love as many times as before and this worried her. Not that she liked it so very much – oh, she did, but not as often as a man does – but because Jack didn't seem to respond as much as he used to.

A slight spark of worry crossed Adie's mind as she hugged and kissed her husband. Was the magic going out of their marriage? Had they grown old hat to each other? Had the excitement of their sex life lost its luster and Jack become bored with her? He didn't seem to be now, not with his heated lips pressed so tightly to hers or his quiet moanings from deep within his throat as his arousal became stronger, or the hard lump of his rising penis as it stretched against her leg. She was being foolish, she concluded. He loved her more than ever. She darted her tongue deep within his mouth, feeling the roof and his tongue with her tongue tip.

And I love him…

Jack turned his head away and smiled up at his wife. She returned his smile coyly, the fire in her eyes telling him that he was wanted and wanted badly. His hands slid along her sides and then cupped the tight alabaster mounds of her buttocks; a thrilled murmur escaped from Adie's lips. He moved his fingers higher, connecting with the tight elastic band of her panties, running his hands along the bare satiny skin. She squirmed beneath his ministrations, pushing her hot loins up into his hardening penis. She rotated her hips, nibbling his ear and neck with her mouth, and her hands gripped his shirt tightly with desire.

Then suddenly she stood up and pirouetted. She arched her back and unsnapped her bra. The white cups fell from her breasts like petals from ivory rosebuds, and she stood for a moment with the ruby-kissed tips pointing at her panting husband. Then she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and half slip and removed them in one easy, graceful motion, throwing them on the dresser beside her. She caressed her full rounded hips with her palms, lightly, wantonly, still smiling at her husband. Without a word she lay down beside him, stretching out along the king-sized bed, spreading her limbs.

Damn! Jack thought, turning to stare at her beauty. There's no other woman like her, he had to admit, and she looks just as beautiful now as yesterday or last week or last year. She was a seductive woman, no denying that, and his breath sucked in from the sudden excitement of the abandoned pose she had taken.

He raised himself on one elbow and gazed with fascination at the wellrounded perfectly formed curves next to him. She lay back against the pillow, her arms begging for him, her legs moving up and down, her toes digging into the spread, lashes shadowing her cheeks as she closed her eyes.

"Baby." she whispered softly. "Hurry… please, baby, now…" She squirmed her buttocks down into the mattress, enjoying the licentious effect her actions were having on Jack, enjoying the teasing exhibition of her body and the secret satisfaction of the power she held over him.

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