Jennifer Collier: Some Very Lovable Neighbors

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Jennifer Collier Some Very Lovable Neighbors
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    Some Very Lovable Neighbors
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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"I have a few ideas on that subject myself," Mason said. "But it sounds like a hell of a book, if you can pull it off. I don't mean that at all derogatorily, you understand."

Jack grinned wryly. "Well, I'm not sure I can pull it off."

"Oh? Why?"

"I can't seem to get started on the thing. The first couple of chapters are extremely important, and I can't get them flowing. I must have written seventy-five pages in the past three weeks, of which I've salvaged maybe four or five."

"What seems to be the problem?" Mason asked with genuine concern.

Jack told him – about the Department of Public Works, and the telephone ringing and the power lawn mowers whining. Mason clucked his tongue sympathetically. "Sounds like you need to get off in the wilds somewhere for a few weeks."

"That's just what I need," Jack answered. "Trouble is, Adie and I aren't exactly the richest people in Seattle at the present time. Most of the publishers advance is gone, and we have a home to maintain. I just can't afford to rent, much less buy, a mountain retreat for the length of time I'm going to need."

"Then what will you do, Jack?" Sue asked in her musically soft voice.

"Grin and bear it, I guess," he replied. "Maybe, one of these days soon, I'll be able to get into the book; if that happens, all the goddamned noise in the world won't affect my work."

"You will, dear," Adie told him.

Jack grinned his wry grin. "Wifely faith. Ah, what would we creative geniuses do without it?"

Mason laughed. "Behind every great man, there's a great woman," he said.

"And vice versa," Sue put in.

They all laughed, and the rapport between the two couples was fully established. They spent the next hour and a half discussing a various and sundry number of things, losing all track of time, each enjoying the company of the others. When midnight came, the party began to break up. Jack reluctantly looked at his watch, saying, "Hell, I didn't figure it to be this late. I've got to be up with the roosters tomorrow for another shot at the typewriter."

"I thought you were going to let it simmer for a couple of days, honey?" Adie said teasingly.

"Do you believe everything I say?"

"Of course."

Jack shook his head in feigned wonder. "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

"I've wondered about that myself."

Mason's hearty laugh punctuated their conversation. "Listen," he said, taking Jack's hand, "talking with the two of you had made a pleasant evening out of what started out to be a huge bore."

"Same here," Jack told him. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Bob. And," he added gallantly, "your most lovely wife."

"That goes for me, too," Mason said, his eyes moving over Adie again in that admiring way until she blushed lightly with pleasure. "What say we get together one of these days?"

"Sounds delightful," Adie said enthusiastically.

"Do you play bridge?"

"Yes, we do."

"Fine! We're a couple of tenacious players, Sue and I, but we don't play for blood. We'll make it a foursome one of these evenings soon, if you're amenable."

"That we are," Jack said.

"Are you listed in the book?"

"No," Adie responded. "What with all the calls we've been getting, we had our number changed to an unlisted one."

"If you'd rather not give it out-"

"Oh no, not at all," Adie said quickly, looking at Jack. He nodded. She gave the number to Sue, who wrote it down in a small, red leatherette notebook from her purse.

"Just don't call between seven and noon," Jack warned. "Adie just picks up the receiver and puts it back down. Cardinal rule: no talking of any kind between seven and noon."

Mason chuckled. "Right."

They got their coats and bid one another good night at the door. Tom Danton, more than a little drunk by this time, pumped Jack's hand enthusiastically, urging him to be sure to give "me and the missus" an autographed copy of his book when it was published. Jack said that he would, and Adie and he went quickly to where their car was parked in front. The Masons, with Bob driving the dark green Lincoln Continental, waved as they pulled away from the curve.

As Jack helped her into their two year old Ford, Adie said, "Aren't the Masons the nicest people?"

"Yes," Jack agreed. "They certainly are."


"I'm going to fuck Adie Rolfe," Bob Mason said, "And you, my dear, are going to help me do it."

Sue smiled, stretching languorously on the front seat of the Lincoln.

"Of course, darling," she answered. "After all, Jack Rolfe is a handsome and desirable man. I'm going to enjoy getting laid by him just as much as you're going to enjoy fucking the lovely Mrs. Rolfe."

"Goddamn, but you're the hottest woman I ever knew," Mason said with some pride. "You just love cock, don't you, baby?"

"Just like you love pussy, sweetheart."

Mason took one hand from the steering wheel and put it on her firm, soft thigh, just at the point where the blue shift rode high on her lap. He began to stroke the feathery surface lightly. She slid over next to him and, without preamble, laid the palm of her slim hand on the crotch of his sports slacks. His prick hardened instantly at her touch through the material, and Sue said, "Mmmmmmmm, daddy's ready, isn't he?" in a teasing voice.

"Daddy's always ready," Mason said. "Just like mommy."

Sue began to stroke his cock lightly with her palm while his hand moved higher along her thigh. She breathed into his ear hotly, saying, "How do you propose to get next to the nice Rolfe couple, lover? They don't exactly strike me as swingers, so the direct approach would seem to be out."

"True," Mason said. "But I've got a plan."

"What is it?"

"I'll tell you when we get home."

"Tell me now, lover," Sue said. Deftly, her fingers found the zipper of his fly and worked it down quickly. The throbbing length of his huge rod pushed the thin folds of his underpants out through the fly opening, straining for escape. But Sue kept it imprisoned inside, stroking the rigid tool with knowledgeable fingers; she knew how to torment a man in many ways: by touch, by word, by manipulation of her own body. Mason was breathing faster under her agile ministrations, and Sue shivered anticipatorily. Oh, she was going to give him a ride when they got home, all right – she really was! She could feel her cunt begin to seep warm, moist fluid, soaking the thin silk of her panty briefs, and she ground her smooth formed buttocks down against the pliant leather of the seat. "Tell me the plan, lover," she repeated.

"We're… ohhhh… almost home," Mason panted. And then, "Damn you!" as her hand rubbed more tantalizingly over his prick, using the material of his underpants to taunt and rub the blood-engorged glans into near-explosion. His own hand went higher along her thigh and his fingers found the dampness of her crotch. He wiggled a finger inside the leg band, dipping the tip into the secret juices of her warm, slightly throbbing vagina, causing a low, soft moan of sheer animalistic pleasure to escape her throat. "How do you like that, you little prick-teaser?" he hissed breathlessly.

"Ohhhh, lover!"

His forefinger found the quivering miniature phallus of her aroused clitoris, moved with provocative slowness back and forth across its sensitive surface until his wife was grinding her hips faster and faster down against the seat, her loins surging upward against his finger as if trying to beckon it to plunge deep inside her vaginal cavity. Mason whispered, "You'll wait until we get home, won't you, baby?"

"Aaaggghhhh, hhmmmmmmmm!" she groaned. "Yesssss, I'll waitttttt!"

Mason grinned triumphantly, and eased his finger away from her clitoris, took it out from beneath her panties and let his hand rest on her thigh. She allowed her fingers to remain on his still-hardened cock, but they weren't moving now; her eyes were closed and she leaned against him, letting the sensations his probing, questing finger had caused ripple through her deliciously.

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