Toni Scott: Searching For Satisfaction

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Toni Scott Searching For Satisfaction
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    Searching For Satisfaction
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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She didn't want him to stop talking nor to stop rubbing her back. It was a new experience, one that made her feel needed, excited and definitely passionate. So much so, she realized, that the moisture from her unused pussy was seeping out onto the bedding. She certainly couldn't roll over now. George would see the wetness.

"Karen, you're beautiful. You're so young and exciting. Jerry has to have something wrong psychologically not to be able to keep it up around you."

"I don't know whether it's him or me, but something is wrong, I just know it."

They talked a while longer about Jerry's problem as George continued to caress her bare back.

"You like having your back rubbed, don't you?"

"Yes. It's… it's comforting." She couldn't tell him exactly what it was doing to her, what it was causing her to do. He was causing her to have all kinds of erotic feelings. She was experiencing sensations that she had never experienced before. The fact was she had never had a man touch her in any way. Oh, Jerry had tried in his awkward attempts on their wedding night, but that was different. They were both confused and bewildered about the sex act.

Now George Lind moved around and lay on the bed beside Karen. "Come over here into my arms," he said softly.

Karen rolled over on his arm. Now she was lying flat on her back, her head resting on his arm. He moved his other hand over to her flat stomach. "I think you are a wonderful person, Karen. I already love you as I would my own daughter."

He moved his hand on her stomach lovingly and she squirmed under the passionate sensation it was causing in her loins.

Her legs jumped abruptly as if a nerve was causing it. "Your legs must be tired, the way they're jerking," George commented.

"They are jumpy," she agreed.

"Let me rub them for you." He reached with the hand that had been on her stomach. Although, when it moved downward, it didn't stop on top of her pubic mound, she felt it touch the forbidden spot on its way lower.

She had to hold herself in check to keep from throwing her pelvis up toward his hand.

His hand touched her bare leg just above the knee, he squeezed her muscles there, then started rubbing his hand up and down the softness of her leg, slowly moving upward each time, until she could feel her dress being pushed up as his hand increased the path it was taking.

When he came to within an inch of her tingling pussy, he stopped. Now he merely concentrated his movements on her thighs, between her legs, up and down. Over and over he repeated the cycle. She kept hoping he would bring his hand up to the heated love box, tingling now from excitement.

"Isn't it wrong for us to be doing this?" she asked.

"Doing what, my dear?" he asked lightly, giving her a question for her question.

"You know, this… this caressing, this…"

"Do you like it?"

"Uh yes, I guess I do."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes, it certainly does, I guess."

"Then why do you call it wrong?"

"I… uh, well… I've always been taught that it's wrong for two people who are not married to become so familiar."

"You and I are going to become very familiar with one another's body.

It's the only way. The more familiar we are with each other, the sooner we'll be able to help Jerry."

"Yes," she nodded her head, "I suppose so."

George continued rubbing and caressing. Karen, without realizing what she was doing, moved her legs apart wider just in case George did want to move his hand up to the wet spot that was aching to be touched.

But George either didn't notice her movement of readiness, or he chose to ignore it. He merely continued his manipulations of the muscles and tender flesh of her thighs.

Finally she could stand it no longer, "Aren't you going to touch me at all?"

He raised up on his elbow and kissed her on the cheek, "You really want me to, don't you?"

"Yes," she said, brazenly. She was aghast at what she had just admitted.

"I tell you what. I will touch you, but only so you'll become familiar with me. I'm not going to go any further than this, but I will touch you."

He moved away from her, getting to his knees and straddling one of her legs. He took both hands and slowly slid them up her thighs, so she could feel every inch of their journey up her soft thighs. When he reached her panties, he moved on up until his hands were at the top edge of the thin briefs. "Now raise up so I can slide them down."

Karen did so immediately without second thought, then he was sliding them down, off the fullness of her rear. When they had cleared she realized he was gazing intently at her bare pussy. No one, not even Jerry, had ever seen it for as long as she could remember. No one had touched it, not even her mother.

George stared at the moist slit, then very tenderly he took his finger and placed it at the top of the two lips, just where they separated enough to house her tiny clitoris. He moved his finger slowly downward until it was on the sensitive bud. At the moment of contact Karen jumped as though a voltage of electricity had suddenly surged through her.

"Oh!" she yelled out.

"You are sensitive there," he said. "You look wonderful. Your pubic hair is ablaze with colors. I've never seen a more beautiful sight. I'm telling you," now his voice held a mesmerizing effect on her. "I've never seen anything so beautiful." Now he moved one hand down under her, cupping her voluptuous buttock. "Your body is warm and soft and alive. I think, my sweet Karen, that you are all woman."

Like a creeping animal, George's other hand crept into Karen's blonde pubic hair. She spread her thighs more, opening herself for his exploration. George slid his finger down, finding the same slit there that he had touched before. Carefully now he cupped her sex mound, feeling the hot sweetness of it, the tissues warm and soft under his fingers, the curving arch of her pubic bone fitting into his palm.

George pressed his whole hand down on Karen's cunt, and felt the girl respond by pushing her hips upward. Her pussy was hot and sticky, and George said to her, "Karen, it's so alive with love. The juices are flowing so soft and warm. You were just made for loving."

He worked his hand around so that he could slide one finger between the tight lips, her pussy parted easy, and his finger wormed its way inside her wet passageway.

Karen was so aroused that she started arching her pelvis upward trying to pull more of his finger inside her.

Her ecstasy now, her lewd anticipation, was as great as it ever had been before. She cared for nothing, nothing in the whole world but the fulfillment of her obscene desire to be possessed and violated by this man who was causing her so much lewd excitement.

Her mind whirled in her confusion as the forbidden sparks of joy darted through her body. Even now, finding it hard to believe it was really happening, she realized that to fight her building passion would be futile. Surely that was what her father-in-law was trying to get her to do. Then, too, she thought he had meant it when he said if it feels good, then it is good.

Eagerly, she bent her legs more, widening the gap at her crotch, causing the tip of George's finger to slide along the slippery folds of the inner lips and pause at the entrance.

She gasped in quick breaths of air, as if working up the courage for him to go ahead and let his finger fill her body.

The effect was devastating to her desire. The blunt finger slid tightly past the opening of her cunt and caused moisture to trickle out around it and run down her thighs, as if it had punctured a ripe fruit.

Then the sucking motion began, and she could feel the finger jerking and pushing as her pussy eagerly swallowed the small offering it had received, and was begging for more.

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