Richard Long: Along came a swapper

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Richard Long Along came a swapper
  • Название:
    Along came a swapper
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Richard B Long

Along came a swapper

(AB – 1524)


Max Benson nearly ran from the front door of the main laboratory complex, to the parking lot. He would have run, and shouted too, except that successful research scientists at Walton Instruments did not behave in such an indecorous fashion. The news he had received, just before leaving for the day certainly confirmed that he was just that – a successful research scientist.

Max fumbled with his car keys in his eagerness to be off, but managed to get his Mustang started. He sang a little ditty as he drove. Jackie, he knew, would be ecstatic. His wife of eleven months followed his career with intense interest, applauding every step he took. The last eleven months, he realized, had been one long honeymoon and had proved beyond doubt that he'd chosen wisely, that their long engagement had paid off fabulously.

Jackie had waited patiently while he plowed through the last two years of his tough electrical engineering curriculum, giving in to his quixotic decision to remain single until he was gainfully employed. She in turn had exacted a price of her own, one that delayed until their wedding night the fullest exploration of their love. Since that incredible night, however, she had enthusiastically given herself to the most passionate pursuits they could dream up. Max's prick sprang to sudden life as he thought of his ever-passionate wife, of her muscular thighs, her hungry loins, her hard, conical breasts.

He roared into the parking lot of the Marlchester Arms, the luxurious apartment house where they'd taken a sumptuous place. Jackie must have heard him coming, for she was standing at the door when he let himself in.

"Great news, darling!" he cried, hugging her in happy delirium.

"Let's have it, by all means," she panted after she'd pulled her mouth from his.

"I'm going into Hensley's research lab! They liked the work I did on infra-red sensors, and Hensley wants me to come in with him!"

"Marvelous! Sounds to me like Walton Instruments knows a first-class scientist when they see one." Jackie murmured, retaining her hold on Max's waist and shoving her pubic bone snugly against his loins. "In fact, I think this calls for a celebration."

"Sure it does. Where shall we start?"

"Why, darling, where all our celebrations start," she purred. "In our passion chamber, of course! In fact, I think that right now would be a good time for a Special!"

Max's eyes flashed eagerly at the reference to one of the many routines they'd developed in their eleven months of fevered lovemaking.

"Really? That strikes me as a marvelous response," he told her, leading her to their bedroom.

Since the Bensons had waited so long before getting married, they hadn't had to skimp on furniture, as do so many newlyweds. Max's healthy starting salary at Walton Instruments had allowed them to pick an apartment with lots of room, as well as a collection of choice furniture. Max had insisted on the king-sized bed, and Jackie had convinced him – with no great effort – to lay out a sizeable sum for mirrors and to hang them about the bedroom in strategic spots. "I can't help it," she'd told him. "I just think it'll be fun to lie there and watch us!"

Max had never regretted the investment. He'd discovered that he too liked seeing himself make love with his wife, and that the sight of their naked bodies, passionately entwined, stirred Jackie to even more frantic and heated responses. All in all, the Bensons were very well adjusted in the sex department.

"I've got some news too," Jackie told him as she slipped off her blouse. "But it can wait till after this, darling."

Max didn't try to change her mind; he was too engrossed in the still-magical mystery of her unveiling body. Their courtship and engagement had been curiously chaste, considering their passionate natures, but the fact was that they'd both been shy and awkward before marrying. Only in the privacy of their bedroom had they been able to uncover the fierce hungers and erotic imaginativeness that made their every coupling so memorable.

Jackie's childhood had been so repressive, for example, that she didn't even know it "wasn't nice" to stage little strip shows for her husband; she had discovered that he liked watching her undress, and saw no reason why she shouldn't make a performance out of it if he liked it. Her mother would have been properly horrified, of course, but her mother wasn't there. Thus Jackie eased the cups of her bra off her firmly swelling breasts, teasing him along by showing a nipple and then covering it up.

Max devoured her with his eyes as he skinned out of his own clothes, stripping down to his briefs. He left those on, knowing that Jackie found it especially exciting to watch his stiff cock swell the front of the knitted cotton until it seemed about to burst the thin barrier.

She tired of her game and sent the bra flying, thrusting her ruddy nipples into the air before her with a carefree gesture.

She stepped out of her skirt and loafers quickly and began rolling her thin, skimpy panties down her hips until they resembled a G-string. The dark, curling fringe of hair that peeked over the rolled nylon added another fillip of excitement to Max's viewing.

Jackie walked over to him and began easing his shorts down, her eyes glittering. "I never cease to wonder," she breathed softly, "that I lived for twenty-three years and never knew that men had such wonderful, beautiful things as this in their trousers! Oh, Max, I just never get tired of looking at your sweet prick!"

Since neither of them knew the proper clinical terms for the delicious things their marriage had revealed to them, they innocently used the terminology Max had picked up in college dormitories.

"Hurry up and lie down," Max panted, "so I can pull those panties off. I feel the same way about your pussy! Then we can get on with the Special."

"Yes, darling. I can hardly wait."

Jackie pulled his shorts down and leaned back as he stepped out of them. Her eyes caressed his rigid prick with living care, roving up and down its massive length. Had she had a less innocent childhood, she would have known that her husband was an unusually well-endowed man; that his eight burly inches of prick were far more than many women even found in a lifetime of searching.

She lay back and lifted her rump so Max could pull the knotted panties down along her trim thighs, over her shapely knees and then off completely. She knew that he liked to gaze on her womanly well, so she drew her knees up and well apart, until her whole pussy lay open for his inspection.

"How does it look today, Doctor Benson?" she asked.

"Mmm. Looks rather undernourished to me," he said, adopting a professional tone. "Yes, that's an extremely hungry pussy, I believe."

"Heavens! What do you prescribe?"

"I have an injection, reserved for very special customers, that might be just what you need," he murmured. "Perhaps we should try that, and see if there's improvement in its condition."

"Whatever you say," she sighed. "I'm completely at your disposal!"

Max crawled up between her thighs, laughing at the private joke.

Jackie welcomed him with a hot, wet kiss, then reached down to guide his prick into place. "Are you really ready?" she asked. "Will you shoot as soon as you get it in?"

"Of course I will," he assured her. "You know what to do."

Jackie made sure the head of his prick lay squarely between the juicy, heated lips of her pussy, pointed into the yearning mouth of her cunt, and then set her feet flat on the bed, her heels almost touching her firm hips. She seized his flanks with her hands, took a deep breath, and nodded expectantly.

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