Lew Woods: Family secrets

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Lew Woods Family secrets
  • Название:
    Family secrets
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Lew Woods

Family secrets

(AB – 5057)


The last time Carter Greene and his wife visited his wife's family, Carter had noticed his wife's teenage sister and a girl friend of hers admiring his body. He saw them stare wishfully at the bulge in the crotch of his tight blue jeans. Later the girls had gone to his sister-in-law's bedroom, and Carter had overheard them whispering about him as he walked slowly by the bedroom door to the bathroom.

"Did you see that handsome face and that dark tan?" Carter heard Cathy, his sister-in-law, ask.

"And that muscular body and that huge bulge where his cock was," giggled her friend.

"Oh, I wish there was some way I could get him to fuck me," Cathy swooned. "I'm 18 and still a virgin. All the guys I go with want to do it, but they just don't turn me on. Most of them don't know what they're doing anyway."

So a few days later when Carter's wife, Melinda, asked Carter to return a hair dryer she had borrowed from her mother, he was not at all reluctant to run the errand. It was late afternoon. His mother-in-law and father-in-law would still be at work, and Cathy would already be out of school and home alone.

Carter knocked on the door, and Cathy answered it. "Oh, come on in," she invited.

Cathy was barefoot and sexy. Her round ass filled the blue jean cutoffs she wore, and her solid, young tits undulated above her halter top with each breath. "Here's Mom's dryer that Melinda borrowed," Carter said.

"Just set it anywhere, Carter," Cathy instructed. He turned away from Cathy to set the dryer down, and when he stood back up and turned around, he caught her staring at him again. Deliberately he reached down and unsnapped his britches as he held Cathy's delighted eyes spellbound with a bold stare. "Is this what you wanted to see?" he asked knowingly. He grasped his already hard cock and flipped it out in full view.

"Yes, but that's not all I want," Cathy panted. "Let me feel it."

Carter hit his dick a couple of strokes, and it grew firmer. Then he offered it to Cathy. She caressed his cock gently with her hands, and it throbbed as the blood continued to rush into it and swell it enormously.

Carter reached between the mounds of Cathy's breasts and grasped her halter top in his strong hand. He ripped it from her body with one quick jerk, and her smooth tits stood out firm and erect. Carter stared at them.

"You like what you see?" Cathy teased as she continued to stroke Carter's cock.

"You're damned right I do," Carter confirmed.

"What you see is only part of what you get," Cathy stated. She stepped back, unsnapped her cutoffs, pulled them delicately down her sleek, tanned legs, and then stepped free of them. She stood up stark naked; she had had no underpants on. Carter examined her unspoiled, supple body. He glued his eyes on the triangle of kinky, blonde hair just above her virgin cunt.

"Fuck me, Carter," Cathy tantalized.

"You won't have to beg, baby," Carter said.

"And when I get through, you'll know you've been fucked, too. You won't have to worry about being a virgin any more."

"What do you mean?" Cathy asked.

"Oh, I overheard you and your girl friend talking the other day."

"I'm glad," Cathy smiled.

"I'll bust your cherry for you, honey," Carter said. "You won't have to worry about letting one of those little punks you go out with do it."

"I guess I've sort of been saving myself for you, Carter," Cathy stated. "I always did want the first time to be with a real man. Someone that knows what he's doing."

"Well, enough talk," Carter said. "Let's get down to it. Help me get my clothes off," Carter took his shoes off, and then while he was taking his shirt off, Cathy gently pulled his pants down all the way to the floor. As she stood back up, she slid her hand up Carter's inner thigh and caressed his balls. She stood erect, and they grasped each other and pressed their naked bodies firmly together. Carter kissed Cathy hard on her full, voluptuous lips. Then he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

Carter placed his young sister-in-law in bed on her back and lay down beside her. Expertly he began exploring her svelte body with his hands. He fondled her tits gently until her nipples were short, hard spikes protruding from her large mounds of soft flesh. Then he slid his hand down her slender belly and began gliding his fingers through the curls and kinks of her bristly cunt hair.

In return Cathy reached for Carter's scrotum and grasped it lightly. She squeezed his balls delicately, and she could feel his dick throb with excitement.

"Oh, Carter, fuck me now," Cathy pleaded. "Please! I want your cock so bad!"

"Take it easy, baby," Carter stated. "We're going to do this up right."

"How am I doing for the first time?" she smiled.

"Just relax," Carter assured. "You're doing fine."

Carter guided his fingers on down between Cathy's crack and into her twat. Already her cunt juices were flowing smooth and easy. He began working his finger in and out, thrusting ever deeper into her warm, wet cunt with each inward motion.

"Oh, Carter!" she gasped. She took hold of her brother-in-law's prick and began jacking him off determinedly. Faster and harder Carter fingerfucked Cathy until his fist beat against the lips of Cathy's cunt like a jackhammer, and Cathy's hand on Carter's cock kept perfect pace.

"Hold it," Carter commanded as he pulled his finger out of Cathy's cunt. "I'm about to shoot my load."

He grabbed Cathy's hand and pulled it away from his cock, from which clear juice had begun to ooze. Cathy lay on her back and spread her legs invitingly. Carter rolled onto her, and she squirmed excitedly under his muscular weight. She began hunching him urgently.

"Now, Carter, now!" she screamed. "Do it to me! Screw me!"

She expected any moment to feel the lovely pain of Carter's long, huge cock plunging violently into her cherry cunt. Instead, Carter went down on her and began spreading apart the lips of her cunt. Carefully, tantalizingly, he ran his tongue up her crack and began toying with her clit. Then he placed his mouth over it, and he bit it gently. Cathy screamed and moaned as she writhed in ecstasy. Carter pressed his lips over her clit and sucked it farther up into his mouth. Finally he let go of Cathy's clit and plunged his face deep into her hole. He ate her pussy vigorously.

Cathy was panting hungrily as Carter came up and straddled her body near her face, inviting her to suck his cock. She grasped his hard shaft eagerly and guided it toward her mouth. She closed her soft lips over the head of his ivory rod and massaged it with her tongue. Ravenously she lapped up the warm fluid that had again started to seep from Carter's prick. She began working her head up and down on his tall pole until finally she plunged her mouth down as far as it would go. She held the entire length of Carter's huge organ in the warmth of her mouth and throat. She came back up only when she began to gag.

Carter reversed positions on Cathy's upper torso. He was now sitting on her chest facing away from her head. He lay on her and burrowed his head between her soft upper thighs. Again he plunged his face deep into her pussy, and at the same time he felt Cathy eating his cock again. Carter grasped the cheeks of Cathy's ass in his hands, rendering upward pressure as his tongue dived downward. Cathy held Carter's midsection and forced his dick deeper and deeper into her throat. She clung to him desperately as waves of orgasm shot through her body.

Carter and Cathy's mutual and simultaneous oral sex act was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and closing.

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