Lew Woods: Family secrets

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Lew Woods Family secrets
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    Family secrets
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about, Carter," she coaxed in her motherly tone.

"You came here to be fucked," Carter said. "Isn't that right?"

She had been wanting him to make the first commitment. She had been waiting for him to say it, and now he had done it. Her defenses fell immediately. Her pent-up desires were released in a sudden fury like a bucking bronco shot from its corral at a rodeo.

"Oh, yes, Carter," she said lustily. "I want you to fuck me. I want your cock inside me. Oh, please don't think bad of me, Carter. I tried to hold it back, but it was no use. I can't help myself. Ever since the day I saw you and Cathy, I've been wanting you to fuck me so bad. If you liked Cathy, you'll love me. Let me show you what I can do." She rushed across the room and flung herself into Carter's arms.

"I don't think bad of you, Mom," Carter assured as he pulled his mother-in-law against him firmly and grasped the cheeks of her ass in his hands.

"You told me to cut the act a while ago, Carter," Beverly said. "Now why don't you cut out the Goddamn 'Mom' bit? Just call me Bev." Mrs. Henderson felt freer than she had in years. She gyrated her pelvis against Carter's hardening cock.

"Whatever you say," Carter agreed. "Let's go to the bedroom."

"Oh, yes!" Beverly agreed.

Carter showed Beverly to the bedroom. He followed behind, examining the precise up-and-down movement of her buttocks which was accented by her graceful high-heeled walk.

When they reached the bedroom, Beverly turned and faced her son-in-law. "Put on some music, Carter, would you?" she asked.

"Sure, what kind?"

"Hard rock," Beverly said.

Carter searched through his stack of records until he came to his old album by the Iron Butterfly. Seventeen minutes of solid hard rock, he thought. He placed the album on the turntable which sat on a stand between two chests of drawers.

Beverly began moving her body exotically in time with the music. Carter sat on the bed and watched his mother-in-law perform for him. Only a few days before he would have never thought that she could be so uninhibited and so Goddamn sexy. He had never seen a woman so horny. Beads of perspiration began to form on her brow as she continued working out. She twisted her ass around and around and hunched suggestively toward Carter.

"Dance with me, Carter," she implored as she rubbed her cunt against his leg.

Carter rose and joined in the ritualistic ceremony. "That's the way," Beverly encouraged. "Sock it to me!"

Beverly turned away from Carter and fell onto all fours as she continued hunching along with the music. Carter leaned over her and hunched along with her. They performed a simulated fuck, animal-fashion, in time with the beat of the music. Beverly emitted a series of "oo's" and "uh's" which sounded like part of a primitive jungle dance. With the crescendo of the music the two climaxed their frenzied act.

They stood up, and when the music stopped, Beverly pointed to the bed. "Sit back down, honey," she said. "I'm going to strip for you." Sweat now beaded up all over her body, and her long black hair was matted in perspiration. She stepped free of her shoes and hiked her left leg up onto the bed. With deliberate motion she peeled her stocking from her leg. Then she repeated the procedure with the other leg.

Unable to control himself any longer, Carter stood up and grasped Beverly's low-cut dress where the cleavage of her tits met. With one strong movement of his arm he ripped the dress from her highly primed body. Beverly smiled as she took off her brassiere, revealing two dunes of smooth flesh the size of grapefruit. The brown parts of her tits were the size of silver dollars, and her nipples were hard. She slid her panties down her legs over her bulging calves. She stood proudly in front of Carter, displaying her well-proportioned body for his scrutinization and admiration.

And admire it he did. He had never seen a woman her age with such a supple, firm body. Her tits were erect, her waist trim, her hips solid and her legs sinewy. She was all woman.

Carter began undressing, and Beverly helped him. "I'm sorry about your dress," he said. "That must have been about a hundred-dollar dress."

"Don't worry about that damn thing," Beverly stated. "I'll just put on one of Melinda's when we finish."

Beverly slid Carter's undershorts down over his cock, and it stood out erect. Beverly stepped back from her son-in-law and examined his virile body. "My God, you're a stud," she praised.

"I have a hunch you can take everything I can give you," Carter said.

"Let's find out," Beverly smiled.

She walked over to. Carter and melted in his arms. They kissed long and hard. Their tongues fought passionately deep inside each other's mouths. Finally their lips parted, and Beverly clung to Carter's erect body.

Carter stood like a pillar, and Beverly slowly eased herself down his muscular body, running her fingers through the thick hair on his chest as she slid down. She rested on her knees with her face at his waist.

Gently she placed both of her smooth hands around Carter's hard cock. She began slowly massaging the huge dick. Gradually she increased her speed until she was jerking him off determinedly.

"Suck it," Carter commanded. "Suck my cock, Bev!"

"Oh, yes!"

Carter's mother-in-law, still holding the enormous staff in her hands, softly placed her lips over the head of Carter's cock. Delicately she teased it with her tongue. Gradually she worked her way down on it, devouring more and more of his dick. With one final plunge, she swallowed the whole of his long prick into her deep throat. Then she worked her way back up, bobbing her head up and down on Carter's cock as she came up. She gnawed gently on the head of his dick with her teeth before releasing it.

Carter pulled Mrs. Henderson to her feet, and then he forced her onto the bed. He eased himself onto her body, which was still moist with sweat from her grinding jungle-fever dance. The two lovers hugged each other passionately, and then they began exploring each other's bodies with their hands. He fondled her tits, and she caressed his balls.

Beverly let go of Carter's bag and placed her hands on his head. Carter felt a steady pressure gently urging him downward. "Go down, Carter," she whispered in a husky voice. "Go down."

Gradually Carter edged down his mother-in-law's sultry body, smothering it with kisses all the way to her toes. Then he began working his way back up, licking every inch of her sensual body. As he neared her ripe cunt, he teased her with his tongue, licking close to it inside her widespread thighs and then backing off. He knew what she craved with all her soul, but he withheld it to make her want it more.

"Please, Carter, please!" she screamed. "Don't make me wait any longer!"

She grasped Carter's head and forced it strongly into her juicy cunt. Carter parted the tangled cunt hairs with his tongue and plunged his tongue deep inside her. He tasted the juices that were flowing in an enormous flood.

"Oh, my God!" Beverly squealed as he explored the inside of her cunt with his tongue. "Oh, my God, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, keep doing it, Carter! Keep doing it! Oh, Carter, I love you! Oh, my God! Hank would never do this to me! Oh, Carter, I love you! Oh, yes, yes, yes!"

Beverly's body quaked with repeated climaxes as her son-in-law continued eating her pussy. Carter found her clit with his tongue and rolled it around between his teeth. Gently he bit it and licked it with his tongue. When he came up, he was ready to fuck.

He found her wide-open cunt easily with his throbbing rod and rammed it in hard. "You've got a sweet pussy, Mom," he said as he began ramming her with repeated jolts. He plunged with all his might into her warm liquid pussy, which grew larger to accommodate his forceful thrusts.

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