Robert Vickers: Peeping aunt

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Robert Vickers Peeping aunt
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    Peeping aunt
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Robert Vickers

Peeping aunt


The grass was wet under her bare feet, almost as wet as her crotch was getting. The woman's hand shook slightly as she edged closer to the half-open window. From inside the darkened room came the sounds of two people fucking.

The sounds were unmistakable. Lynn Edmunds should know those sounds, the impassioned grunts, the soft sighs, the slurping sound of a cock dulling into an excited cunt. She should know thorn well. But not first-hand. Not really.

All she did was listen.

She listened and watched and enjoyed vicariously. Not for her was the powerful embrace and the sweat-drenched bodies locked together in love. The thought of actually having a man stick that into her soft, gently flowing twat repulsed her.

But watching…

That was a thrill, a big thrill, and one she could really get off on. Like she was doing now outside her nephew's window.

The deep grunts were those of the sixteen-year-old boy. She could tell because she'd listened outside his window so many times. Most of the high school girls considered Carey a real stud. And the current love-partner in his bed seemed a notch above what he usually sneaked home under his parents' watchful eyes.

Lynn had seen them come in the back door shortly after midnight. Carey had tried to be quiet, but his aunt knew all his tricks, knew exactly when to watch and wait.

She had to admit Joanne was a beautiful girl. If the floppy sweater was any clue, the brunette was probably one of the school's cheerleaders. Lynn could appreciate feminine beauty she had developed quite an eye for it.

If she wanted to imagine herself in the woman's place, in bed, having that male thing slipped firmly between her legs, she had to.

Joanne looked about fifteen, with soft brown eyes that had glowed with expectation pf a good night's tumble locked in the arms of her boy friend. Trim legs, indecently unclad, had flashed whitely as she crossed the kitchen, never dreaming anyone was watching. And from the way the sweater swayed and bounced, Lynn guessed the girl wasn't wearing a bra.

She thought that was positively shameless, but it obviously made her nephew even hotter to screw his lowly girlfriend.

She could remember those words perfectly: "I wish I could eat you up right here, darling. Right here in the kitchen!" And he'd slipped his hands under her sweater. The girl's face had gotten a look of positively disgusting enjoyment an it as she snuggled closer and slid her own hands down Carey's back and over his tightly muscled ass. She'd actually pulled him closer as she whispered, just loud enough for the spying aunt to hear, "I don't want your tongue in me; I want your cock!"

Lynn shuddered as she heard the foul language from the mouth of such an innocent-looking girl. Joanne couldn't have possibly known what she was saying, what she was goading the lusty teenager to.

Standing outside her nephew's window, Lynn realized that Joanne knew precisely what she'd been asking for. There was no denying the fact the pretty brunette cheerleader had done this before. She was no virgin. She couldn't have been and done the things she did.

The woman slipped closer to the window, her bare feet making no sound. Her hand reached out and pushed open the window a little more, the better for her to peer into the boy's room.

A tiny squeak sounded like a gunshot to the watching woman. The window sash needed to be oiled. But the small noise went unnoticed by the two passionately embracing on the bed, the sheets around their lithe young bodies in a wild disarray. They were too engrossed in each other to notice slight sounds.

Lynn's breath came in a heavy pant she was sure matched those of the teenaged girl on the bed. On the bed and under her nephew's body. Although the light wasn't very good, she could see well enough. If anything, the dimness made the naked flesh stand out in brighter contrast than if the lights had been on.

She heard the boy say, "God, I love you. I never had anyone whose cunt was as tight as yours. Feels like a hand in a soft leather glove. And the glove is gripping at me."

A titter, then a whispered feminine voice, "And your cock is filling me up so much! I can feel you jerking around in me. Are you that excited? Do I turn you on that much?"

"Vou little bitch!" he hissed. "You know you do. You're the foxiest girl in the entire Goddamn school. There's not a stud around who wouldn't give a million bucks to spend the night with you."

"Is that all I'm worth? A million dollars?" she teased.

"That and more. And, ummm, Christ, that cunt of yours never quits! You're going to squeeze me flat if you keep using your pussy like that on my prick."

"Flatten it? Never! Your cock is too big. I've never felt a guy's prick more than yours. Hmmmm, nice, so niice!" she moaned.

"Want it again? Faster this time?"

"Yes, yes! Fuck me, I need it, ohhh Jesus, let me have every lovely inch of that huge prick! All the way up my cunt!"

The watching woman felt tremors go through her body. The words were so filthy, so perverted! And from the mouths of two teenagers. She could hardly believe it. And they were actually doing what they were talking about.

She could see the slow, deliberate movement of her nephew's hips back. From the dark brown vee of the girl's bush emerged a shining cock. The fuck fluids totally drenched it. Glistening in the pale light, she was sure it was on fire, but with a cold, phosphorescent fire. Maybe it had millions of lightning bugs in it that's what it looked like.

But it couldn't. She sucked in her breath as she saw the slow movement back between the cheerleader's upraised, snowy-white thighs. He was ramming his cock back into the warmth of her pussy.

Her sweet flowing pussy, her warm, hot, blazing pussy, capable of clutching so hard at his cock.

The grunt from the girl as he fucked all the way up her quim came to the woman's ears. Her own nephew was actually fucking the girl. Fucking her, his hips moving slow back and forth like some machine. A sex machine working up the young girl's fervor until she wouldn't be able to hold back her orgasm any longer.

It was a feeling just like that building up in the woman's loins. Her twat was beginning to trickle out its own flood of cunt juice. Instinctively, a hand reached between her legs, stroked over her blonde pussy mound and down to the sex lips.

Parting her robe, the woman began diddling herself. Her fingers felt cool and small as she probed gently back and forth into her cunt. The slippery flesh under her hands wasn't satisfied, certainly not in the same way the girl's cunt was being satisfied by her nephew's hard-driving, prick.

The words coming from the room were slurred with lust now, but the woman could still make them out.

"Carey, oh God, Carey! Harder! Fuck me harder! I want to feel your cock drilling hard into my guts!"

The boy didn't answer. He was speeding up the tempo of his fucking. The lewd sucking noise that sounded every time he plugged the sexy chearleader with his cock was drawing her attention. The way her sex lips parted for his big cock, the way her pussy walls gripped at his buried length, the way her hands clawed and, clutched at his upper arms, all those were what she concentrated on.

The woman watched her nephew really start to stroke. The thin sheen of sweat covering his body made him appear to be oiled. A titan. And every time his cock slipped almost all the way out of the girl's cunt promised the watching woman more than she was receiving.

Her fingers in her own cunt seemed small, inadequate. She thrust three fingers into her needy manhole. It didn't work. She kept thinking of that fifteen-year-old brunette whore on the bed, her legs spread wide so she could get her cunt well fucked. She was getting the pussy pleaser. She was the one enjoying the man's cock. The hard driving cock that felt as if it would split her all the way to the chin.

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