Brian Laver: Mother_s young lover

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Brian Laver Mother_s young lover
  • Название:
    Mother_s young lover
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Brian Laver

Mother_s young lover


"It looks good to me," Susan said. "I guess it will work."

"It sure will," Clark said as he rolled up the drawings. "It's really only the results of Ted's ideas."

Susan averted her eyes at the mention of her husband's name. Ted had been killed a few years before while working on a project with Clark.

"And you know what else I think will work?" Clark asked. "Us."

Susan got up from the couch, took a sip of her martini, and walked to the window. As she looked at the view of Central Park, she felt a pang of desire in her cunt.

"Don't act like the stricken widow with me," Clark continued, "if Ted hadn't died, you would have been divorced by now and we would probably be married just like we had planned."

"Yes, you're no doubt right," Susan said. "But I can't help thinking that…"

"I know. You think Ted wouldn't have fallen from the dam if he hadn't found out about us. But that's not true. Ted could take anything. Even the news of our affair. He was the toughest guy I ever met. No, he wouldn't throw his life away. He enjoyed building dams and bridges too much for that."

Susan felt Clark's presence behind her. Then she felt one of his strong hands on her arm. When she turned to face him, she found him pressing his face to hers. She wasn't surprised. As soon as she heard his voice on the phone that afternoon, she knew they would wind up spending the night together.

His mouth covered hers. His tongue met hers. The taste of his saliva sent Susan into a fit of passion like she hadn't experienced in over a year.

When she felt Clark's hand take one of her big tits into a tight grip, she knew she was totally in his power. Her twat was running with hot juice. She could actually feel his prick growing as it pressed against her belly.

Clark slipped his mouth from hers and breathed into her ear.

"I've been dreaming about you ever since I decided to come back to New York," he said.

"Let's go to bed."

"You know I can't refuse you. I never could," Susan said.

As they walked into the bedroom, Clark watched her ass switching back and forth in her tight skirt. He had always loved that firm high ass. And now he was going to get another chance to fondle it.

Standing beside the bed, they kissed again. Then, holding each other tightly, they let themselves topple over onto the bed. When they stopped bouncing, Clark took a tit into his hand again. But he only held it for a few seconds before he abandoned it to unbutton her blouse.

"Oh, Clark, I can't believe you're really here. I thought I'd never see you again."

"I'm here, all right," he said as he slipped his hand into her opened blouse.

Susan never wore a bra, so his hand was suddenly full of her bare tit. Its swollen warmth made Clark gasp. The glory of fucking this lusty chick was becoming real again. For two years now, she had only been a memory.

Opening the blouse wider, Clark uncovered both her round, ample jugs. After looking down at them for a moment, appreciating their huge whiteness and the dark brown nipples at the tip of each one, he lowered his face to the warm valley between them.

The feminine odor of Susan's body filled his head. As he kissed and licked her breastbone, the tits on either side of his face brushed over his cheeks and ears. Then he kissed his way up the mountains of softness until he reached the summit. There, he took a stiff nipple into his mouth.

"Oh, how I love to have my tits sucked, Clark," Susan whispered. "And you're as good as ever. M-m-m-m."

Clark was holding the tip of her tit in his mouth, running his tongue around the big gum drop of a nipple. Then he squeezed it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

It wasn't easy to stop sucking those tits, but he had to get undressed.

"Take your clothes off," he said as he lifted his face.

Susan slipped the blouse from her slender shoulders as Clark unbuttoned his shirt. When she stood, she could see how Clark watched her, waiting for her cunt to appear. Susan unfastened the button at the side of her waist and let the skirt fall around her ankles.

Clark's eyes went to the dark triangle that showed through her pink, nylon panties. Susan let him see through the nylon while she slowly stepped out of her shoes. Clark stood and pulled his pants down, but his eyes remained on her crotch.

Susan liked to tease Clark and she was glad to see how interested he was in her. But she was as eager as he was to get her pussy bared and available to his touch.

Slipping her fingers into the elastic waistband of the tiny panties, she began pulling them down.

"You're even more beautiful than I remembered," Clark said.

Although she was wearing her soft, brown hair longer than she used to, Clark knew that the hair on her cunt would be as dense and curly as ever. He was right. As Susan pulled her panties down her shapely legs, his eyes burrowed into that pubic jungle.

Clark had his pants off now too. His fat prick stood proudly from his crotch and jerked to the rhythm of his pounding heart. When they came together again to embrace, the hot tip of the cock seared Susan's belly as it folded against her.

Clark was almost a whole head taller than Susan, so his prick pressed on her belly and she had to turn her face up to meet Clark's mouth. He bent his knees slightly, grabbed the woman more tightly, then lifted her off the floor. Two steps brought them to the bed again, where Clark dropped both of them.

Although not a night went by when Susan didn't think of being in Clark's arms, she found that she had forgotten just how wonderful it was. With his tongue in her mouth, his hand on her tit, and his prick on her tummy, Susan was shaking with passion.

When he had drunk his fill at her mouth, Clark moved down Susan's body to suck her tits again. Now, with his passion at a greater level, Clark sucked harder and more greedily.

"Oh, oh, baby," Susan sighed. "Suck me. Harder. Yeahhh!"

Clark stuffed his mouth to capacity with the living softness of her tits. First one, then the other came under attack of his hungry mouth.

As he sucked, his hand went exploring. It moved around her narrow waist to the small of her back. He followed her spine down to where the crack of her ass began. Lowering his hand farther filled it with the full ripeness of one asscheek.

Susan's ass was wide and round. It made quite a handful. Clark buried his fingers in it and felt it mold to the shape of his palm. He couldn't imagine anything softer or smoother.

Releasing his grip on the ass, he began running his fingers up and down the crack. With each trip along that crevice, his fingers dug deeper. He knew where the crack would lead him if he followed it down between her legs.

Clark played with the bottoms of her asscheeks. He could feel the hot humidity in that region. Her simmering cunt was sending out a mist of fragrant steam.

Sliding his hand down her thigh, Clark pulled it over his hip. That opened her crotch to the probing of his wandering fingers. Approaching her cunt from the rear, he immediately arrived at the flowing tunnel.

The whole area was wet with slippery fluid. Clark's fingers skated around in her cunt, narrowing in on its source. When he touched the entrance to her body, Susan twitched with lust.

"Uh-h-h," she groaned. "Oh, Clark. Oh, baby, stick a finger in."

Obeying, Clark pressed his middle finger up that slippery cave. The juice made it slide effortlessly. Although her cunt was tight, Clark could move his finger around in there, stirring her passion to the boiling point.

"You have the most wonderful pussy, baby," Clark said. "Tight and sweet."

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