Ian Stuart: Home-Made Loving

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Ian Stuart Home-Made Loving
  • Название:
    Home-Made Loving
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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She moaned and clutched at his shoulders and then fell into a long, grinding, pleasure-colored climax. “Oh… Timmy… I'm… Fm…

Coommmmingg!” she screamed faintly. Her body heaved against his hand, which was continuing to dip into her hot, slick cunt and shove in and out in a fucking motion, feeling to her almost like a huge cock pushing and pulling in and out of her. “Oh, Tim… coming again… OOOoooeee, it feels good!” She squirmed and pushed against his hand until all of the little pulses were spent and she relaxed limp and almost fainting on the platform of the float.


After resting on the float for several minutes, Tim rose and, smiling at his mother, slipped into the water.

“Thanks, Mom.” He grinned. “Like it says in the ad, I needed that. And you know what?” His face became serious. She rolled over and looked at him, covering her breasts with a forearm, suddenly shy with him, now that the episode was completed. Why had she done it? she wondered. She was not an incestuous person. She had never thought of having sexual intercourse with her son before this morning. At least not consciously. “What do I know?” She reached out and tweaked his nose. He ducked, slid under the water and came up sputtering. “You need more than just a finger job, Mom. I can tell. You need-” He hesitated to say the word to his mom, but then boldly continued, “You need to have a big cock slipped in and out of you until you come. Then you wouldn't be so nervous and restless.”

“Oh, Timmy. Of course you are right. But we mustn't get ourselves all worked up again. We must not do anything like that again.” He grinned at her and then, turning in the water, he thrashed away to the shore and climbed to the beach where he had been working before she had come down to the lake with him. She sighed and watched him, desire growing hugely between her legs again. God, how right he was. She needed to be fucked by a huge cock, ramming in and out of her, making her come again and again. Finally she rose and, diving into the lake, swam to the shore and went into the house to shower and begin the noon meal for them. It was a long tune until her sexual appetites quieted and she could go about her household chores without wanting to scream out for a man. Two days went by without either of them mentioning the episode on the lake float. Tim and she lay on the patio during the first evening and watched a portable television, laughing together over the antics of a popular comic character. She noticed that he was more relaxed about her and that when they were near each other he always had a half hard-on bulging his shorts. She suspected that he had ceased wearing underwear shorts so his erection might be more noticeable. That first evening he went to the shower before bedtime and walked boldly into her bedroom and stood leaning against the doorframe, completely nude. She heard him and turned, gasping at the sight of him. His huge young cock, jerked-off and played with during the day, was now wanting again. He stood, hip-shot, one shoulder against the door, and his cock hung, half-erect, out from his body, already seven inches or so, and thick, moving a little as blood stirred and filled its veins. It was so beautiful she wanted to kneel before it and suck the dark pink knob into her mouth and siphon his spurting cum deep into her stomach.

“Mom,” he had said, “are we going to stay here all summer?”

She had flushed and was not paying too much attention to him, her eyes on the slowly growing cock, flaring, skinning back at the knob, the big balls swinging gently between his white thighs. “Huh?

What did you say, Tim?” Then she continued before he could tell her, “Please get some clothes on, someone… might come in.” “Okay, Mom. But are we going to stay here all summer?” He walked into the kitchen, his big cock swinging and bobbing before him. She stood watching him, a fire beginning to burn between her legs again.

“Yes, son. All summer, until it is time to get you in school again. I think it will be best for both of us to work out our problems here, rather than in the city among so many people.” “Oh, boy!

Then, we can have sex together… like we did on the float? And,” he pleaded, his hand now grasping his cock and slowly skinning the foreskin back over the swelling, purple-pinkish head, “maybe some other kind of sex, too?” She sat down abruptly in a chair and he came and stood before her, his cock fully erect now, the knob reaching up to his belly button. Her hand drifted out and her fingers curled around the stem. Slowly she began to masturbate him. Then, her eyes vacant and longing, she bent forward, forming her mouth into a beautiful O, and placing it directly over the slit that was leaking clear, slick lubricant. She kissed it tenderly, and then raised up, and the fluid, clinging to her red lips, looped out from his cock to her mouth, in a long, shining string. She shuddered and then wiped her mouth. “Tim, we must talk about this,” she told him, “talk about it in depth. I will cab you for the talk when I am ready. Now.”

She rose briskly and slapped his cock playfully, making it quiver and swing. “You go get your shower and get ready for bed.” He grimaced and then left, slowly allowing his cock to soften and lose its hardness. Later, in bed, he turned on his light, and taking a box of sex pictures from his side-table drawer, he read and looked at the pictures until he was hard again and then slowly jacked-off, letting the cum spurt up high on his body and cover his hand as it slowed in its flowing from his prick. The following day she spent on the mainland in a small town close by, shopping for groceries and other needed items. It was not much consolation to her to have men ogle her as she walked by, her neat ass tic-tocing in her tight slacks. Looks didn't make one twitch and scream with the joy of climax. But she did appreciate that she could still draw their attention. She returned in the middle of the afternoon and found Tim building his raft again, the first efforts having come to disaster when he tried to launch it. He waved to her and turned back to his work. She put the purchases away and, in her swimsuit, went down to the lake and swam for a half-hour, wondering all the time why they did not swim in the nude, since there was no one around to see them. The thought was pleasing and she decided that from now on they would try it.

Supper was rather late, after the darkness was nearly complete.

Tim talked about a TV show he had seen that afternoon, and a fish in a nearby brook which he was sure he could catch. Seeing that he was calm, and that his mind was not on sex at this time, she decided that it would be a good evening to talk to him about their sexual problem.

He went to his room about ten o'clock to listen to his records, and she bathed and, putting on a nightgown and a heavy robe over it that could not be seen through, she went to his door, pecked on the frame and opened it. “Anyone home?” she called and smiled at him. His music was blasting out and he sensed her presence rather than seeing her. Turning, he saw her then, and turned the music down. He was dressed in only the pants of a shortie pajama suit. “I thought this would be a nice time for us to have our talk,” she said and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Sure, Mom. I wondered when we'd have it.” He turned his music very low, and coming over, sat down, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. He sprawled on the bed and she saw the bulge, then, of his huge cock, pressing against the front of his pajama pants, and could see the ridge of the knob through the thin material. In fact, the pulsing of the blood through the veins of the large, thick rod could be discerned. He was slowly getting an erection just with her being close to him. “Timmy, I should not have… used my hand on you the other day. This is not the kind of relationship that a parent should have toward a growing son.”

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