Ian Stuart: Home-Made Loving

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Ian Stuart Home-Made Loving
  • Название:
    Home-Made Loving
  • Автор:
  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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She watched his face change and tighten, his eyes gleam and his lips purse and loosen as he caressed her tits, becoming more and more aroused. “No, Mom. You are wonderful, so wonderful.” He leaned close and kissed her cheek and then her lips. She opened her mouth under his and sucked in his active tongue, pulling it in and out of her lips, trading spit, laving his cheeks and gums and roof of his mouth with her slashing tongue. He began to tremble and breathe hard, and she knew that the hot, moist activity of her tongue in his mouth was bringing him near to his climax. She slowly ceased, bringing him down slowly from the plateau of passion she had raised him to.

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“But, Mom, it makes me feel so good to touch you. I almost come, just feeling the outside of it.” She twisted away from him. “I let you touch my breasts and kiss them. That was what you asked to do.

But every time I let you do one thing, you do another, or try to. You aren't being fair.” “All right, Mother.” He was so contrite and his huge prick, against his slim body, seemed so out of proportion that she felt sorry for him momentarily. And then she felt his lips on her nipple again and his hand caressing the other one, and she knew that her sympathy was wasted. He didn't want to be sympathized with-he wanted to fuck, there was no doubt about that. And so did she. But with her own son? Her desires were nearly erupting and she noticed as she relaxed under his sucking, caressing lips again, that his fuck-juice was actually streaming out of the gaping slit in the head of his cock. Without thinking, she reached over and took the shaft in her hand. He moaned in pleasure and twisted about more so she could reach him better, but never leaving off his sucking of her delicious tits. Her nipples were bright red from his lapping and sucking, and her tits had swollen in passion until they stood out from her chest like small melons. Her fingers wrapped themselves about his hot cock and she sighed. How good it felt! It had been over a year now since she had felt the huge, steel-hard, yet velvety softness of a man's rampant cock in her fist. She eased her hand up and played about the underpart of the rim and the cockhead with her thumb, in the sensitive part where the nerves are close to the surface. His balls rolled forward and nudged her fist and she rubbed them with her other hand, feeling their fullness and knowing a pride that her son was a man, well hung with balls and cock. Slowly she began to pump her hand up and down the long, thick shaft of his prick, feeling his belly shake with his excitement, and his lips suck harder and his tongue lap at the nipple. She could sense his excitement. His mother was jacking him off! And she was no less excited. For it felt so good, to have the fullness of a man's prick again in her fist. How many, many times she had dreamed of this during the past year. Mike had not minded her masturbating him. She liked to jerk men off. She would watch the expression of their faces, their grimaces, and feel the surging of their bodies under the manipulation of her hand. She had begun this early with her young Uncle Benny, and had loved doing it ever since.

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