Ruby Rhapsody: Perverted Passions

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Ruby Rhapsody Perverted Passions
  • Название:
    Perverted Passions
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Ruby Rhapsody

Perverted Passions


Chapter 1

Every sensual muscle in her sleek body in motion, Katt MacNeil swung out of the Cessna and padded across the sand in the blazing noonday heat.

The tall, leggy blonde was used to ignoring the scorching desert sun a well as the admiring stares from a few local males. There were not many fair-haired women to be found among the sand dunes in the Indian Desert.

Eyes alert for her husband's tall, lean form, Katt strode to the fingerprint-smudged door, and went in out of the sun. But it was even hotter inside and smelled stale and rancid.

With relief she saw a trail of dust in the distance. A few seconds later, Sandor, her husband's driver, stopped the jeep in a cloud of dust and bounded out.

Feeling an incredible letdown because her husband hadn't met her, Katt shoved the door open and went out.

Loading her bags in the back of the jeep, Sandor looked up and saw her.

His grin was broad and welcoming in his dark face.

At least somebody was glad to see her, she thought irritably.

The handsome native bowed respectfully at the waist.

"Hello, Sandor. It's good to be back." He straightened.

Even though he understood very few words in English, Katt didn't know what made her say it. "I see you have a big hard-on for me again. I wish my husband did. In that case he would be here instead of you."

His head bobbed. "Yes, mem-sahib!"

No matter what she said to him, Sandor would still answer her with,

"Yes, mem-sahib," or "No, mem-sahib," depending on her tone of voice and her facial expressions. He was so willing. If he wasn't at Ted's beck and call all the time, she would teach him enough English so they could communicate easier.

There were no doors on the jeep. She got in and they roared away. Katt sighed again as dust flew out behind them. Not until she returned to civilization again would she bother with glamorous hairstyles. It would have been nice if Ted could have seen her before her hair got caked with dust.

Why hadn't he met her? Ted was far too intent on this project. He lived and breathed it. Trouble had been brewing in their marriage because of it. Sure, they worked on the same project, but they never spoke intimately, or had any time alone even for breakfast. The noon meal was always alfresco, taken separately, because Ted was never willing to break for lunch when she did. And dinner she ate alone because he never came home until she was in bed fast asleep.

Even though the Western monsoons would be starting in a month, and there would be blowing sands, Ted had promised her they would spend more time together when she returned from her sister's wedding in the States. He was not showing good faith in that promise. Not good faith at all. Damn him! Other men panted after her. Why did she have to marry Ted?

For no known reason, she'd fallen for Ted, her university professor, a man older, wiser, more experienced. When Ted was offered another grant to head an archaeological dig in Jakhanur, he had proposed. Katt had married him and came along, full of big ideas about working side by side on the prehistoric dig.

The lure of unearthing a Dravidian civilization in the desert that would boggle scientific minds must have played a part in her decision.

Perhaps it was the idea of being swept off to parts unknown by her lover? She was-had been-a diehard romantic. Not anymore. After two years of grim reality, Katt could not recall, with any clarity, exactly how she had felt about Ted in those days, or even why she had married him.

This past month in New Hampshire, she had relieved her sexual tensions-discreetly. Her eyes homed in on Sandor's big prick, so deliciously outlined by the thin cotton shorts.

Sandor, as all the local labourers, was loyal to Ted. But he had a hard-on for her. Could she trust him to keep his mouth shut? It was a question she had asked herself many times before. She needed a lover here. All those nights alone… What would happen if Sandor spoke of it and Ted did in some way find out?

Ted might divorce her… One thing for sure, it would certainly get his attention.

For traveling, Katt had worn white heels, a slender, pale mauve skirt and white silk blouse. Now, she wondered if she had been crazy. No matter what time of year, the temperature in the Thar were high. To allow the wind to dry, if not cool the sweat, she worked the skirt up around her thighs until the tops of her silk hose came into view. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Sandor looking at her legs.

Her sexual encounters of the last month had reawakened her appetites, rekindled her needs. One more blissful time before she reached camp?

Daring, Katt kicked off her shoes and twisted in the seat, putting her left foot on Sandor's muscular leg, which served to part her silkencased legs and expose her panty-covered crotch.

Sandor's eyes were ready to bounce out of his head. She grinned at him, but he didn't notice. His attention was torn between her crotch and keeping the jeep in the dirt road.

Through her panties, Katt massaged her pussy with one long finger until it was good and wet. She watched Sandor watch her play with herself, which she found highly arousing. Her clit grew stiffer and stiffer as she eyed his boner. Now she wondered if the fool was ever going to stop the jeep, pull over and make love to her.

She was being so nasty, tempting her husband's driver like this. Katt began to moan, and work her hips. She stared hungrily at the huge swelling between Sandor's legs. Spreading her knees wider apart, Katt pulled her panty crotch aside, so he could see her finger herself.

Sandor's breath whistled past that even row of perfect white teeth.

Although he slowed down, the man kept driving.

Here Katt was, laid out in front of him, all wet and ready and the aggravating stud with the big dick didn't jump her. Indians were surprisingly loyal. Did Sandor's loyalty to Ted run to such lengths?

His eyes flashed back and forth between her pussy and the road. She slid a finger deep into her pussy and plunged it in and out, making squishy sounds in her wetness. Katt masturbated her clit with her other hand. She was getting desperate.

"Stop the jeep! Pull over. Take your cock out and fuck me!"

Sandor grinned and bobbed his head up and down. "Yes, mem-sahib!"

At least he caught part of it, she thought as she watched him unzip his shorts. Out sprang his dick. He drove on with the enormous, turgid cock sticking bolt upright, throbbing wickedly. Man juice leaked from the mulberry-coloured knob and ran down the thick stalk.

"This is my last chance for a fuck before we reach camp. Pull the stupid jeep over and screw me, you fool!" she cried out, feeling totally horny. Katt waved her hand, indicating by gesture what she wanted him to do.

Sandor grinned. "Yes, mem-sahib!" This time, he whipped the jeep off the beaten track, but there was no cover, no outcroppings of thin scrub of any sort.

Katt looked around at the rolling sand hills. What the hell, there was no one about. Most likely there would be no one else through here for hours. She took her clothes off and placed them neatly in back. Then, she scooted her butt to the edge of the seat and pointed from his mouth to her snatch.

"Yes, mem-sahib!" Sandor stuck his head between her thighs and she felt his hot breath on her cunt just before his tongue hit her clit. He slid his hand under her buttocks and lifted her up, jamming her sopping cunt against his darkly handsome face. Avidly, he sucked her pussy.

Sandor was a thrilling cunt-sucker. His educated tongue darted swiftly and deftly into her hole, thrusting like a mini-cock. It teased her clit until she was ready to scream. The erotic sucking sound he made as he ate her pussy turned her on even more. He opened his jaws wide and gently licked at her mound. He made long, adoring laps up and down her pussy from clit to anus. He chewed and nibbled her pussy like Katt had never experienced before.

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