Donald Palermo: A piece of niece

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Donald Palermo A piece of niece
  • Название:
    A piece of niece
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Donald Palermo

A piece of niece



Judith knew she'd get her ass in a sling if she got caught, but she couldn't resist making that trip to the attic of the old stone farmhouse that had been her home since the day she was born, just over eighteen years before.

As she crept cautiously up the back stairs, careful to avoid making even the smallest sound, Judith felt certain she was on the verge of making some thrilling discovery in the attic.

Her suspicions had been born earlier that day, when Uncle Pete came to visit. Uncle Pete was her father's younger brother. Unlike her father, who scratched out a bare living cutting timber, laboring at the sawmill, or doing other grubby jobs as he could find them, Uncle Pete was a sharp dresser, a good-looking man in his early thirties and he was also a traveler, having just returned from more than a year in South America.

Judith liked her Uncle Pete. She admired him and envied him his life away from the squalor of the farm, the hard work, dirt and poor food. But there was more than that.

There had been something in the looks Uncle Pete and her mother had exchanged when he arrived at the farm. It could have had something to do with sex, she sensed, but that was a foreign area to her. Sex was never mentioned in her family. She knew it had something to do with her and with the making of babies, but that was all she knew on the subject and, as far as her parents were concerned, that was all she was going to learn.

Judith felt her breath catch in her throat as she felt the smooth boards of the attic floor under her bare feet. Her heart pounded so loudly that she was afraid it could be heard all over the attic, yet she couldn't stop then, couldn't turn around and go back down the stairs without finding out what was going on with her mother and uncle. Judith almost gasped aloud when she heard her mother's voice. It sounded so close.

"God, Pete," she said, her voice sounding strangely raw, rough, yet with a warmth Judith had never heard in it before, "you sure do know how to kiss. When you get your tongue in my mouth and lick around like that while you kiss me and feel me up, I can feel it right down in my cunt."

"That's the way kisses should be, Ruthie Baby," he told her as Judith crept closer until she was able to look through the piled rubble of generations and see her mother and uncle as they sat on the old brass bed. "When I kissed a woman on the mouth, I want her to feel it in her tits and her cunt and everywhere. Did that kiss make your hot cunt tinge and feel juicy? Tell me, Ruth, and then we'll share some more sexy kisses."

"Oh, yes, Pete, you know damn well it did. God, even the way you talk makes me get all hot and bothered. Come on; give me another kiss like that. Oh, Pete, I thought I was never gonna see you again. Kiss me and make me horny all over."

They moved into another embrace and their mouths met, open and mashing wetly together. Judith didn't understand all the words, but what she felt sweeping through her body, through her entire being, told her that what the two were doing had to be the most exciting thing in the world.

As the kiss continued, the hem of her mother's skirt was dragged high up her thighs. One of Uncle Pete's big hands was even higher up, out of sight under the skirt as it did something between the big, smooth, white thighs of her mother, something that made her squirm and groan like she was dying, Judith thought.

Still the sexy kiss went on, and then the couple fell back on the bed. As they did, Judith saw her mother's big legs fly apart and she almost gasped again as she saw that Uncle Pete was rubbing right on the crotch of her mother's white panties. Instinctively, Judith's hand went into her own crotch and rubbed and caused excitement to flare, as it had never done for her. If rubbing her own pussy felt so good, she reasoned, it sure had to be something to let a man do it, especially a nice man like her Uncle Pete.

And then Uncle Pete's other hand was moving, opening the buttons at the top of her mother's faded cotton dress. As the buttons opened, Judith saw that her mother wore no bra and told herself that she shouldn't look, that it was wrong, that she should turn her eyes away. But there was no way she could.

"Jesus, what a beautiful pair of tits," Pete said, panting as he pulled the dress wide open and stared as he licked his lips like a man preparing to eat a tasty meal. "It's been so long since I've seen them. Sit up and give me a real show. Let me see those big boobs swinging in front of my eyes and then I'll suck on them the way you like. I haven't forgotten how you like to have those big tits sucked and rubbed. Come on."

Panting, her eyes flashing as her daughter had never seen them flash, Ruth sat up, pulling the top of her dress down to her waist as she did. Bodies were hidden things in Judith's home. She had never seen her mother's tits, and as she stared, she felt her body trembling with excitement and with a strange desire she couldn't begin to understand.

Judith understood why her uncle had called them a beautiful pair of tits. They were so big that she was unable to believe what she was seeing. Judith knew of breasts to the extent that she knew her own young tits were firm and smooth and jutted boldly, but she was so young, just eighteen, and all of her body was so firm.

Her mother, on the other hand was middle-aged, as she saw it, thirty-three. Besides, she couldn't grasp the fact that tits so big could jut out as firmly as a girl's.

Each tit was as big as a melon, she thought. Her heart kept pounding as she watched her uncle fondling, squeezing the lush tits, panting just like a dog. The nipples were big, like thumbs, she thought, but not as pink as Judith's nipples. Instead, there was a darker hue to them, a brownish pink, and they kept growing and getting harder-looking as Pete squeezed and rubbed, and then he was licking one while he tweaked the other with a finger and thumb.

"Suck, Baby, suck," the woman panted, reaching to hold Pete's head from behind as she held a big tit out to him. "Come on and suck Mummy's nice big tits."

Judith couldn't understand why a grown man would want to suck a woman's tits like a baby, but she saw Pete's mouth open wide, and then her mother was pushing a big boob into it. She watched him sucking; saw how his jaws seemed to strain in an effort to get more and more of the lush tit into his mouth. And Judith heard, too, heard the mingled groans and labored breathing which told her how much they were both enjoying the exciting tit-sucking.

"Oh, God! Stop, Pete, stop!" the woman panted after he had sucked her second nipple for a long time. "My tits feel raw."

"Are you sure you don't want a little more sucking?" he asked as both his hands rubbed the shining-wet nipples.

"Later, Pete, later – after you give me what I need. You know what I need. I can see it making your pants bulge. Let me see it, Pete. Show it to me and then ram it up my snatch."

"I like the way you talk, Ruth. It makes my cock throb."

"I never talked like this before you showed me. You know that. I never knew the words."

"Keep talking, Ruthie Baby," he said as he got off the bed and stood, smiling down at Ruth, whose big tits rose and fell with her labored breathing. "Say all the words and I'll show you my big prick and then I'll stick it up your hot cunt and fuck your ass off. Talk, Baby," he told her as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Oh, yes, Pete," Ruth said, a whine in her tone, one of her hands going into her crotch to rub her cunt through her panties as he had done, "let me see that beautiful big cock, those big hairy balls. Show me what you're going to fuck me with. Let me see how it's going to stretch my cunt when you screw me and stuff my cunt full of stiff prick."

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