Rex Taylor: Turned on family

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Rex Taylor Turned on family
  • Название:
    Turned on family
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Rex Taylor

Turned on family



"Good night," Robin called, but Jamie didn't answer. Just the swishing of her skirt, the pattering of her shoes on the staircase. Robin shrugged. What a creepy little bitch!

She went to the window, staring out at the rain that fell in torrents. Everything was a bitch lately. Like right now. A rain like this one made her expect to see an ark floating down the Hocking River.

It was a rotten Friday all around. A fucking bastard from the word go. She hadn't counted on babysitting tonight, but what else was there? Everyone in town had to know by now that she and Dennis had broken up, but not one guy had invited her out. Normally she and Bonnie would go cruising in the van on a dateless Friday, but not this evening. Bonnie had a houseful of relatives from West Virginia and she had to stay home. Well at least she'd be earning some money tonight instead of sitting in her room playing with her cunt.

Mrs. Willis had called her after supper to offer the job. It was a wedding anniversary or something she and her husband were going out, would be gone all night and they needed a sitter to take care of Jamie. They'd just gotten a last minute cancellation from the other sitter and it was worth twenty dollars to them if Robin took the job.

Robin shook her head and saw it reflected in the window. She'd supposed Jamie Willis was just a little girl, like all the other kids she babysat with. Why shouldn't she think that? Who would hire a babysitter for a girl pushing fourteen? Mrs. Willis, that's who. And Jamie was definitely pissed off. She'd been surly, uncommunicative, and a real pain in the ass.

It must be hell, Robin thought, to be so blatantly pubescent and still be treated like a little kid. She turned around, staring at the group portrait of the Willises that hung above the fireplace. Her eyes drifted across the Willis children as they stared solemnly from the picture. Jamie's bow shaped mouth was set in a poutish defiance, her pert young tits were thrust saucily forward and she had her hands fisted in her lap. Beside her stood her brother Sean, a cute boy. He was dark-haired and dark-eyed, like all the rest of the family, and there was an almost feminine softness to his features.

Robin turned away from the photo and yawned, realizing how tired she was. There was no reason to put off going to bed any longer. She locked the door, turned out the lights, and went up the stairs.

The loud blare of a stereo assaulted her ears as she passed Jamie's bedroom door. She considered asking the girl to turn it down a bit, but decided against it. The Stones were on now, and they were one of her favorite groups. She could go to sleep even if they were rattling down the house around her.

Mrs. Willis had instructed her to sleep in Sean's room. The boy would be gone all night, like his parents, and everything would be cool. Robin went down the hall trying doors until she found the boy's bedroom, and she went in. The closing of the door behind her cut drastically into the volume of Jamie's music, and that was all for the good.

Robin looked around, seeing the natural furnishings of a boy's room. She pulled a chair away from its matching desk and began to deposit her clothes there as she undressed. First went the short, tummy baring top, then her jeans, so frayed and faded they represented the height of fashion. That left Robin beside the bed in nothing but a pair of tiny cotton panties, the only kind of underwear she bothered with nowadays. She'd gone braless all last summer, daring it in spite of her mother's disapproving looks, and now her tits ached whenever she tried to make them adjust to a holster once again. Besides, Dennis always said he loved to see the way her book jiggled when she walked down the street with him.

She missed Dennis. Especially now, when she was so lonesome and so Goddamned horny. They'd gotten together last summer, though she'd known him for years. But he'd finally noticed that Robin Mackenzie wasn't a little girl any more, that she'd turned into a grown-up young lady almost before his eyes. Last summer they'd been inseparable, before he went to the university at Columbus, and one balmy August night she had lain down on a blanket in the cool woods skirting Shawnee Lake and he had lain down beside her.

It had been something else. For one thing, Dennis was so knocked out to find that a gorgeous girl, ready to start senior year, was still cherry as a pie. He'd been so gentle with her… and so nice. She could still feel the soft caresses of his fingers, warming her body, soothing away her fears. And the careful insertion of his cock into her virgin pussy, the easy penetration that had popped her cherry before she knew it, slipping inside her hole to plumb the unexplored depths of her cunt. Her pussy had been tender and very nervous, but the deep thrusting of his cock had quelled her dread and, long before Robin expected it, his cock had burst into liquid flame inside her body, flooding her snatch with his jism, and her twat had likewise exploded as she wrapped her legs around him and hugged him with all her joy.

Having him was great. He was a beautiful guy, with Robert Redford looks and a sharp, intelligent mind, and he'd been her first and, so far, only man, but now he wasn't hers any more and she certainly wasn't his. Robin had found out he was seeing a couple of girls at Ohio State, and she accused him of screwing around on her. By the time they finished hashing it out, neither of them was speaking to the other and she hadn't seen him since, not for two weeks now. Obviously it was all over.

Just as obviously she shouldn't be brooding about it, the way she was now. She should go out and find someone else. Guys knew she was available. Bonnie helped spread the word, but still there were no offers yet. Except, Robin grimaced to think of it.

Tonight, on her way over to the Willises. She was walking, as she liked to do. It kept her figure trim and neat. And there had been those three creeps at the Tasty Freeze on Richland Avenue. God, she should have been on the other side of the street! The idea of being picked up by Timmy Duff and the Schroeder boys was disgusting as shit. Most towns had at least one creep of that sort in residence but lucky Reckardsville, it had the three of them!

Well, Robin had told them. "Why don't you let us give you a lift?" green toothed Punch Schroeder had suggested with a leer built into his voice, his comrades vulturing expectantly in the car. He'd always been a horseturd but he was much worse since his Army stint.

"Why don't you die, you creep?" she had snapped in reply. "If I wanted to mess around with animals, I'd find a friendly dog. None of you even makes a close second." And with that she was gone, flitting past them on her clattering heels, nose in the air. Just being spoken to by those bastards made her feel the need of an urgent bath.

Robin twisted beneath the sheet, hands stroking her tummy. She really missed Dennis tonight. He used to drive down from Columbus right after Friday classes so he could take her to the movies, but so far they'd not spoiled their record by actually watching a film. They'd be out there tonight, fucking so passionately their car windows dripped with sweat, except for [missing text]. Angrily she thrust her hands into her panties, letting the fingers scrape across her fuzzy cunt mound, pulling them free almost instantly. He was probably up there in Columbus now, zipping up his pants after fucking one of those Ohio State girls, wondering if poor, deserted Robin were down here in Reckardsville finger fucking herself. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction even if it meant denying herself, too.

The impulse to diddle her twat drifted away from her. She really was tired. She could go to sleep without fingering her cunt first. If she closed her eyes, started to breathe as evenly as possible, just so [missing text].

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