David Crane: Do it after school

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David Crane Do it after school
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    Do it after school
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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She decided to open the attic window and let the cool afternoon breeze cool her off. Leaving the dildo stuck halfway up her pussy, she got up and went over to the window and, opening it, looked out.

Fate had taken a hand.

Just as Wanda gazed out, Johnny noticed the tree house and realized how handy it could be.

Wanda recognized him as the Howard boy who lived down the block and thought no more of it – for a moment.

Then she saw the gigantic cock-bulge that was contorting the front of his jeans.

Holy shit, she thought.

Wanda had always had the hots for young boys, and she was a peeper by her nature. Her dark eyes flashed as she gazed at the blond youngster, and her pussy began to steam on the rubber prick, in response.

Then Johnny approached the big tree.

She wondered where the cute boy was going, but didn't care, happy to feast her eyes on his swollen crotch.

He climbed up the makeshift ladder awkwardly and entered the tree house.

And Wanda found that, looking down from the elevation of her attic, she could see the interior of the tree house with perfect clarity.

She almost fainted when Johnny stretched out on the mattress, opened his fly and reached in to haul out his cock and balls in one fat handful.

He began to play with his prick.

Wanda, naturally, began to ram her rubber cock in and out of her cunt-hole, angling it so that all of the firm stalk rubbed against her clit.

The potent youngster shot off on a very few strokes, his creamy cum-load looping up above the walls.

Wanda juiced off at the same time. With hardly a pause, Johnny jacked off again, turning onto his side this time and spraying his spunk onto the sexy pictures tacked to the walls.

Wanda joined him in cumming again.

What a treat this was for a frustrated housewife who loved young boys and adored playing the peeper and had a pussyful of rubber prick, to boot!

Johnny got onto his knees for his third cumming, hosing his jism all over the tree house.

Wanda was so hot that she thought her dildo might melt in her fuck-hole. She actually looked down to see if steam was wafting from her pussy.

Johnny shot off once more, fucking his fist furiously, spilling out damned near as much cock-cream as he had on the previous cummings.

Wanda wondered if the kid's balls were bottomless.

Her cunt was hot as hell, and she melted again, too.

Johnny rested for a while following his fourth cumming, then tucked his cock and balls away and, a very contented boy now, climbed back down from the tree house a lot more easily than he had gone up.

He went on home to act innocent in front of his ever-alert mother.

And Wanda, despite her repeated orgasms, was left feeling as horny as ever. She began to dildo-fuck herself yet again, staring into the spunk-festooned tree house.

But then the naughty woman had an idea that thrilled her and made her feel deliciously depraved and wickedly wanton.

She left the attic and quickly pulled a hone dress on, not bothering with underwear. Taking the rubber sex-toy with her, she went out of her back door and crossed onto the common ground.

She looked around furtively, then climbed up to the tree house.

The fragrance of cock-cream made her head spin. Although the tree house was open to the fresh air, the familiar aroma still permeated the place.

Wanda removed her dress.

Naked, her body hot in the cool breeze, she began to rub her hairy cunt and her big tits against the cum-splattered wall. Her nipples shot out like rockets as she juiced them with jizz, and her cunt was spilling out almost as much cream as had shot from Johnny's prick.

She cupped her fat tits in both hands and squirmed, drenching them with the kid's cum. Then she lifted the tit-globes and dropped her raven head and began to suck the jizz up from her tits.

Even tasted second-hand, the flavor of a young boy's fuck-juice drove her wild.

Sticking her tongue out, Wanda began to lick the cum up greedily, shifting from wall to wall and bending down to lap some from the floorboards.

She scooped up a mouthful of cum and let it trickle around in her mouth, savoring the taste and the texture, then she swallowed it and tongued up more.

She gave her lapper a rest while she frigged her frantic fuck-hole for a while, then she got her head down and sucked up more jizz from the mattress.

She couldn't believe how much cum there was.

Of course, she didn't know that, along with Johnny's recent supply, she was drinking a lot of cum that Bill Evans had deposited in the past, the long-congealed stuff liquefying again in her hot mouth.

Eventually, she had licked it all up, and left the wood and the mattress and even the pictures glistening with her saliva – and lots of pussy-nectar, too.

She left the tree house finally and returned home, where she hid the dildo away and waited impatiently for Hank to get home from work.

Hank Sands was surprised when, with a passion rare even for his horny wife, she met him at the front door and fucked him in the hallway.

And that was only for starters. Wanda fucked her husband before dinner, during dinner, and for dessert. She was insatiable that evening.

Hank, in blissful ignorance of the cause, could only assume that this was how his wife reacted when he neglected to give her her customary morning fuck.

He figured he might leave her horny again, if this was the reception he got later.

And through all the marital mating, Wanda was thinking about that afternoon and remembering how Johnny Howard had jacked off so often and how, afterwards, she had tasted his sweet boy-cum.

And how she hoped that the handsome youngster visited the tree house again.

She got her wish.

Johnny stopped at the tree house almost every day from then on.

And Wanda, without fail, was waiting at her attic window, with her cunt already stuffed full of rubber prick. And every day, too, as soon as Johnny had gone home, Wanda had climbed the tree and bathed in his cum, sucking it up like a sponge.

He never realized that the tree house had been mopped clean of his cum, because Wanda left an equal amount of her own cum which, congealed, was easily able to pass for spilled cock-cream.

This went on for several weeks.

Johnny jacked off every day and Wanda subsequently licked his cum up, enjoying the arrangement a lot more than the unsuspecting boy. It was only a series of hand-jobs for Johnny, who had no idea of where his fuck-juice was winding up.

But then, one memorable day, there was an unexpected change in the routine.

And a most welcome one. Johnny brought a guest to the tree house.


Johnny had enjoyed fantasies about damned near every girl in school while he flicked his fist and pretended it was a mouth or a cunt. He had thought lurid thoughts about skinny girls with flat chests, because he figured they would fuck like sinuous snakes. And he had lusted for fat girls because they had big tits. And he had jacked off while entertaining lustful images of the buxom librarian and the lean lady who taught French and the girls' gym instructor, who was rumored to be deviate.

But most of all, by far, Johnny thought about Sheena Stratton while playing with his prick.

Sheena was the prettiest and sexiest and most nubile girl at school, a strawberry blonde with big blue eyes and a cocksucker's mouth.

She had round, bouncy tits capped by nipples that always seemed to be stiff, poking out in twin peaks in the tight sweaters she usually wore.

Her waist was tiny, her hips supple and her ass was high and hard and provocative. Her shapely legs were long, and her skirts were always short.

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