Vince Marcos: The office girls

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Vince Marcos The office girls
  • Название:
    The office girls
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Vince Marcos

The office girls



Although working in a pleasantly air-conditioned building, George Colby was getting increasingly warm every time he caught a glimpse of sexy Sharon North running down the hall or sitting in front of her typewriter, or talking to the other girls. Goddamn, but he was a lucky dude to get to work at the Playpen Magazine Building, remodeling several floors and getting an eyeful of pussy eight hours a day. There were so many fucking cunts walking around, just waiting to get laid and hoping somebody would notice and give them the needed cure. Hell, just about all the construction jobs he had, there was enough snatch to go around with other guys, he himself taking a good crop of cunt. Yeah – like that one job he had at that real-estate building. Jesus Christ, that one red-headed broad, the one with the big tits, she smiled at him a lot and dropped her eyes down to the impressive bulge pressing out of his blue jeans, and licked her lips. The next minute, they were in the supply room with him sitting on top of some boxes and that foxy chick bent down on her knees, ripping at his fly and pulling out his blood engorged cock, stuffing it hungrily into her mouth. The inside of her mouth was so nice, and her style of manipulating his meat helped him to cum pretty fast. Shit, it was a quickie, but it served the purpose and relieved some of his horniness for the rest of that day.

But that Sharon North – she was built pretty good. He liked the way her fluffy red hair was tossed from side to side when she moved. He'd like to see it rolling around underneath him when he shoved his prick into her box while he fucked her, watching her groaning at him, pressing those luscious lips together, and batting those bright green eyes and pressing those plump boobs up against his hairy chest. He could just picture her buck-used naked, pushing her lightly tanned thighs up towards his, rubbing her furry little crotch on his stiff cock, and screaming out as he stuffed it into her cunt. He could grab hold of her tiny waist and fleshy ass with his big muscular hands and keep her still while he plunged his rock-hard rod into her moist muff, which would just be waiting for him to pump some jism into it. Then those long legs would wrap themselves around him, her fret touching his ass, almost BEGGING him to fuck her harder. And he would, ramming that slab of beef so deep into her cunt that her eyes would pop out of their sockets – not all the way, though. She would kiss him along his neck, sucking gently, then fiercely, her hands running down his hairy arms and scratching his back lightly, moving them towards his balls. She was probably the type that liked to play with guys' balls while she was getting banged. Her fingers would brush against the hair on his nuts, softly, tenderly, holding the bag in her hands and squeezing, but not hard. And while this was going on, his whang would feel her clit getting bigger and larger, and she would be groaning louder and her pussy-juice dripping down and making his prick real slippery so that it would be easy to keep it in her hole. Yeah, he could make her feel real good. And even though he had a thin cock, it was nine and a half inches long. So she, would have herself a nice fuck. Usually, when he fucked, he put his cock in slow, almost teasingly, and withdrew it as quickly as possible. It would go in again, then out… nice and easy. Most of the chicks he screwed went out of their minds with this kind of warm-up, since it gave their clits a slick oiling. When they were juicy wet, he would charge right in there, and fuck her brains out with swift jerking motions until he was at the brink of orgasming her to death, then he'd slow down and prolong his orgasm, while she'd cum and cum and cum. One time, he got a chick to shoot her rockets off thirteen times in a row before he shot his load. Shit, she was so crazy for his fucking that she bought him presents all the time, and cooked him good meals and was his obedient slave. He loved all the attention he got, but he got tired of it after a while and took off for greener pastures. And some better ass.

Sharon glanced up at him for a minute, smiled a flashy smile, and went back to her typing. Her little hands were darting across those keys faster than he had ever seen a secretary type before. He wondered what other things she could do with her hands. He dug a good hand-job once in a while. Of course, he preferred a blow-job to one, but there were times when the hand was quicker than the tongue.

She was probably aware that he was staring at her tits. Could be she liked being watched. Hell, he'd love to have those enormous melons of hers rubbing between his legs while she gave his dong a great sucking, love to feel her nipples hardening against the inside of his hairy legs.

George went about, measuring the length of the doorway where a new one was to replace the one already standing. It seemed as though he had done construction work all his life, as had his father and grandfather. It angered him, knowing that he would never make anything better of his life, yet there was little he could do about his fate. Obviously, he was destined to do menial labor. And the thing of it was, cunts like Sharon North took in more cash per month than he did, even with the light typing and dictation she had to do. Damn, but it pissed him off. It wasn't fair, Goddamn, it just wasn't.

Look at that dumb twat, smiling at him. It made him so damn mad that he wanted to fuck her real hard, until her ass hurt and she couldn't cross her legs. Thought she was high-class stuff, executive material. Not a chance, baby. His time was coming up with her, soon enough, and it would be a time that she would never forget.

He took one last look at her and left.

Sharon North brushed back her long red hair and took a peek at her wristwatch. Shit! Only quarter after three! And she had to stay until five today because Cindy hadn't come in and that left most of the work up to Sharon to do. She suspected Cindy did it on purpose, Wednesdays being the busiest, especially with the up-coming holiday issues to type copy; her boss being off on a stockholder's meeting also assured her having to answer the phones all by herself. Well, like it or not, she was going to take a fifteen-minute break and run down to the ladies' room for a few earfuls of gossip that Wendy might be saving for her.

She noticed that that construction worker had disappeared again. Thank God. She was getting nervous from his staring at her. What was it with him? Probably a pervert, the building was full of them. Whenever you work for a company that puts out a magazine jammed with pictures of naked women, and occasionally men, in obscene positions, you could count on perverts galore. It made her wonder how she was still able to keep hold of her virginity so that she could lose it to her husband on her wedding night.

That construction worker wasn't bad-looking at all. She liked the color of his hair – chestnut-brown. He was so muscular and hairy. And tall. That thick mustache made him look ultra-virile. The beard was okay, but covered most of his face. Thank God it wasn't long and stringy. She wondered if he slept with a lot of girls. It wouldn't have shocked her if he did. But he was built so well, and was so rugged, that she wouldn't have minded talking to him, had he come over to her.

In the ladies room, Sharon found Dolly Ebert smoothing some powder on her soft face. Usually, Sharon avoided Dolly because she talked dirty about men and sex and things that disgusted her.

"Sharon, I thought you were still out at lunch," Dolly grinned when she spotted her.

"No, I came back early. Lots of work to do."

"That's too bad. You really should loosen up more, darling. You look so worried all the time. Look at me. My boy friend eats me out before I get here, and I feel marvelous all day."

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