Andy Gorman: The housewife went wild

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Andy Gorman The housewife went wild
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    The housewife went wild
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Andy Gorman

The housewife went wild



Toni Weston looked mighty pleased with herself as she climbed out of her perfumed bath and began to dry herself. Her husband Dave had called half an hour before to tell her that he was taking a business client out to dinner and that he would be late getting home because they had a lot to discuss later.

Toni knew all about Dave's evening business engagements. She had worked for him before they were married and they had fucked a lot during the year she had been on the company's payroll. He had told her the day before that he had appointed a new eighteen-year-old secretary and that she had one of the most beautiful figures he had ever seen, so it wasn't hard for Toni to figure out the sort of business Dave had in mind.

The reason she looked so pleased as she dried herself after her bath was that Fred and his wife Sonny were coming over for the evening. They were great fun, and Toni and Dave had had lots of sweaty sessions with them, but tonight Toni would have them to herself.

Toni threw the towel aside and looked at herself in the mirror. Her legs were long and slender, her thighs lovely and shapely. She stroked her thighs, then gave a slight moan as her fingers touched her cunt-lips.

She ran her hands over her smooth, flat stomach and brought them up under her jutting tits. She had a tit in each hand, and she let her thumbs stroke her sensitive pink nipples. She gave a voluptuous moan and ground her thighs together to massage her aching cunt. She tossed her head to send her blonde hair cascading down her back. Her blue eyes sparkled and she pursed her lips.

"Oooooh, am I feeling sexy tonight!" she murmured to herself.

She took a red lipstick and gently stroked her nipples to heighten their color, then opened her legs and just touched along the edges of her cunt-lips with it. She fluffed up the soft, curly hair on her pussy before putting on a brief G-string. The little triangle of silk just covered her cunt-slit, and the hairs of her cunt peeked out from around it like a fringe. She put on a backless dress. The dress was slit almost to her navel and showed the shape of her tits and the deep valley of her cleavage to perfection. It fell to just above her knees.

She combed her hair and put a little makeup on her face, concentrating mainly on her eyes and her sexy lips. Then she slipped into some shoes.

"Here's to a happy evening," she murmured. She went downstairs and checked that there were drinks in the refrigerated cocktail cabinet and put out bowls of nuts and chips.

When the visitors arrived, Fred looked Toni up and down and gave a low whistle.

"Toni, you look good enough to eat!"

Sonny smiled. "She sure does and here's one girl who will be doing some feasting!"

Fred put an arm around Toni's waist and put his other hand up her dress and felt her crotch. "How is it?"

"Well, how does it feel?" Toni asked. "Like my cock does – just rarin' to go!" Fred dropped to his knees and lifted Toni's dress. He looked at the G-string for a moment before pressing his face against it. The delicate aroma of cunt-smell reached his nose. He sniffed deeply.

"Sonny, come and smell this beautiful flower," he said.

"I love that cunt smell," Sonny whispered as she dropped to her knees and pressed her lips to Toni's thighs.

Toni shuffled her legs apart and giggled as she saw the heads of her two friends bobbing under her dress.

She stood for a minute or two while Sonny and Fred kissed around the tops of her thighs and her cunt mound before they turned their heads under her dress and kissed each, other.

"Come along," Toni said, stepping back from the two kneeling bodies. "Just be patient, I'm going to get some drinks."

"I'll come and help you," Sonny said, getting to her feet. "You'll have to watch Fred tonight."

"He took his cock out and wanted to give me one down near Redondo Beach. I told him that you'd want all that hot cum you could get. But hey, where's Dave, isn't he home yet?"

"No, he'll be late. He said he has a business appointment."

Fred spoke up in surprise. "I saw him in his office this afternoon and he didn't say anything about a business appointment."

Toni chuckled.

"But did you see his new secretary?" Toni asked.

"Did I what," Fred said, licking his lips. "Her name's Amanda and she's got great tits!"

"Which explains," Toni said, "why Dave isn't home!"

"Why didn't he bring her home?" Sonny asked.

"Because, my dear," Toni said, handing Sonny a drink and taking a seat beside her, "I guess Dave has to initiate her gently. I understand she's only eighteen, and if she suddenly found Fred pulling off her panties, or you down sucking her cunt, well… be a surprise to her, to say the least!"

"From what I saw of her, having her panties taken off and her cunt sucked would be no surprise," Fred said.

"There are other things she might find a bit unconventional," Toni said. "Like how Dave likes to watch other men fucking me."

Sonny giggled.

"And how our husbands bring other men home to fuck us," Sonny said.

Fred, who was sitting on the other side of Toni, suddenly put his drink on a table, threw an arm around her and kissed her. His free hand rubbed the inside of her thigh. She didn't object and parted her legs.

Sonny put her lips to Toni's nipple and stroked it with her tongue, then she took in a mouthful of tit and sucked it greedily. Fred had pushed aside Toni's little G-string and his fingers were swirling about in her hot, syrupy cunt-juices.

Toni lay with her head against the back of the couch and moaned as glorious, exciting feelings coursed through her.

"Oh my God, you two are the greatest seducers a girl could meet! I could just lie here and be fucked and sucked all night!"

"Well, I want to fuck this tight little pussy of yours Toni, but I can't get at it," Fred said.

Sonny stood up, held her hands out to Toni and helped her to her feet, but before she began to undress her, she threw her arms around Toni and kissed her. The two girls pound their mouths together until Fred pulled them apart.

"I can't get at Toni's cunt while you two are locked together," he said.

Sonny caught the hem of Toni's dress and peeled it over her head and Toni stood with just her little G-string to cover her body.

He picked up the damp little triangle, stuffed it into his mouth and sucked hard.

"How do they taste?" Sonny asked. "Just as lovely as Toni's beautiful cunt!" he gasped.

Toni turned to Sonny and lifted up the front of her dress, but Sonny just laughed as she saw the surprised expression on Toni's face.

Sonny didn't have any panties on. The sight of a triangle of dark cunt-hair and the promise of Sonny's cunt-slit which she could just see, made Toni squeal with delight.

"That's what I wanted to see," she said, dropping her hand to Sonny's cunt and letting her fingers poke into Sonny's pussy after combing through her mass of cunt-hair.

Fred moved around behind Sonny and helped her off with her dress, then he threw off his shirt and unbuckled his trousers as the two girls stood and fingered each other's cunt. As he dropped his trousers, his prick sprang to attention, causing Toni to squeal again.

"It's ready for action as usual," Toni said, taking Fred's rigid cock in her free hand. Then she giggled. "Aren't we a liberated threesome. Me standing here with one hand on Sonny's cunt and the other on Sonny's husband's cock."

"And both of us here to enjoy your juicy cunt," Sonny said. "Come along, darling, I want to taste it to see if it's as good eating as Fred said it is."

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