David Crane: Wife in the back seat

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David Crane Wife in the back seat
  • Название:
    Wife in the back seat
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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David Crane

Wife in the back seat



Bill Brady gave his wife a shiny red convertible on their first wedding anniversary.

When Betty Brady woke up that morning, she reached out for her husband's cock and balls, expecting to enjoy a lovely morning fuck on this special day.

But Bill was not in bed.

The sexy redhead frowned, wondering why he had gotten up so early and left her unfucked. She was feeling horny, as she usually did when she woke up, and she was disappointed that he wasn't in bed.

It made her angry.

How dare he leave her unfucked on their anniversary? It would serve him right if she were to go out and get picked up and laid.

She just might do that, too, since she wasn't the world's most faithful wife – although her husband hadn't found out about her affairs, yet.

But she decided to finger-fuck herself to begin with, just to take the immediate pressure off her steaming pussy. She didn't want to put her panties on while her cunt was so soaking wet.

She began by feeling up her tits, kneading the tit-globes and plucking at the swollen pink tips. She cupped the heavy tit-mounds in her hands and lifted them, tipping her face down and sucking on the sensitive nipples.

Then she started to frig her fuck-hole, stabbing her fingers in with one hand while she used the other to give her clit a massage.

The pleasant glow of an oncoming orgasm was just beginning to stir in her loins when she heard a car pull up in the driveway, and then the front door open.

She heard footsteps on the stairs. Betty stopped finger-fucking herself, not wanting to be caught on the job. She licked the cunt-juice from her fingers to get rid of the evidence – and because the stuff was tasty, as well.

Then she sat up and looked innocent.

Bill came into the bedroom, smiling.

"Look out the window, honey," he said.

The naked redhead jumped up and moved to the window and saw a shiny red convertible parked below. She turned and gave him a questioning glance.

Bill dangled a set of car keys. "It's all yours, baby," he said. "Oh! Darling!" she cried, overjoyed. Betty had been wanting a car of her own for ages. Actually, she wanted it so that she didn't have to take public transportation when she went to visit the various men with whom she was fucking behind Bill's back. But, naturally, she didn't tell her husband that.

Now she felt very loving and affectionate towards Bill for the lovely gift.

"I've got a present for you, too, darling," she said, batting her eyes and smiling.

"Yeah? What?" he asked.

"Ummmmm – something you love," she sighed.

Her fat nipples were sticking out and her cunt was spilling plenty of cunt-juice down her inner thighs, and Bill had a pretty good idea what his present was going to be.

He began to undress.

He dropped his pants and his big fucker loomed out, heavy headed and thick stalked and gnarled with throbbing veins. His balls were swollen at the cock-base, and his open piss-hole was dribbling out pre-cum.

Betty licked her lips.

Bill always adored a blowjob and Betty was more than happy to accommodate him in her mouth – especially today, when he had just given her a convertible.

Naked, he flopped down on the big bed and lay on his back, with his hard cock towering up.

Betty curled up beside his hip. Her heavy tits swayed saucily as she leaned down. She gazed longingly at his cock, then glanced at his face.

"Is this what you want, darling?" she purred.

She made an oval of her lips and let her nimble lapper flick out tantalizingly.

"Yeah, kid – suck my prick!" he gasped. Betty gazed hungrily at the meaty delicacy, then ducked down and lapped at the babbling cock-tip.

Pre-cum tingled on her taste buds, and she moaned.

Bill arched his back, driving his stiff prick up against her pursed lips.

"Milk my cock, baby," he moaned. Betty laved all around the swollen slab of naked purple cock-meat, tasting the seepage, whetting her appetite for his full jism-load.

Then she sucked his big cock-head into her mouth and began to nurse on it.

She blew down his cock-shaft, then inhaled on that flaring slab of succulent, slimy cock-knob.

"Yeah, yeah – suck me off!" he wailed. Gooey ropes of spunk uncurled into her tongue as his piss-hole spilled out, the initial dribbles. Her lips collared his fat cock just below the crown. His cock-shaft was sticking out like a pipeline connecting his full cum-bags to her hungry panting lips.

Betty preferred to suck on only the head of his prick, instead of swallowing on down the stalk. She loved it when his fuck-juice spurted onto her tongue, so that she could taste the sweet stuff before she drank it down.

The horny redhead was relishing her husband's delectable cock-meat, but she was hungry for his cum-load and eager for the moment when he climaxed.

She folded her fist around his vibrant cock-shaft and began to stroke up and down as she sucked, adding manual stimulation to the suction of her mouth.

The heel of her hand bumped his bloated balls, and then she frigged up and nudged her gulping lips.

"Cum, darling – hose me," she urged him, her words muffled on his bulging prick-knob.

"Here it comes, honey!" he croaked, as his balls began to surge savagely at the base of his prick.

"Ummmmm – ummmmm!" she rasped, hot for his cum.

"Swallow my spunk, baby!" he cried.

His climax hit and his thick prick jolted as the jism came spurting out.

Suddenly Betty's mouth was full of fuck-juice.

She gulped his cum down and he fed her more, his cock spraying her checks and tongue and throat in squirt after slimy squirt as he slowly drained off his balls.

Betty sucked him dry.

She kept sucking his prick until she was sure that she had milked out every sweet drop of cum. Then she pulled her mouth off his prick and turned her radiant face up, parting her lips to let him see the last of his milky cum coating her pink tongue. She swallowed with her mouth open.

Then she used her tongue to gather up the stray cum from his lower cock-shaft and his balls.

She drew back and spread out, expecting Bill to throw a good fuck into her now.

But to her dismay, he got up and started to put his clothing back on.

"Hey! I didn't get to cum yet, sweetheart," Betty reminded him.

"I gotta get to work now, honey. I want more than just a quickie on our anniversary," he replied. "You keep your cunt simmering until I get home, and then I'll throw a long, slow fuck into you. Okay?"

Then Bill left – and left Betty frustrated. She began to finger-fuck herself again, licking her fingers from time to time. But she was a lot hornier now than she had been earlier, turned on by having had a mouthful of cock-meat and a drink of hot cum.

A hand-job wasn't going to satisfy her today.

She decided to telephone one of her lovers and invite him over for a piece of ass.

Betty felt a little guilty about cheating on Bill on their anniversary, especially after he had given her a shiny red convertible.

But it was his own fault, after all, for face-fucking her and leaving her cunt neglected.

Justifying her infidelity that way, Betty went to the telephone.

But she couldn't make up her mind which of her boyfriends to summon for sex. She wasn't sure that a single fuck would satisfy her a hell of a lot more than the fingerfucking had been doing.

So, feeling quite deliciously naughty, Betty decided to ask two guys to come over, to make sure that she got plenty of prick today.

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