Nick Eastwood: Ball in the family

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Nick Eastwood Ball in the family
  • Название:
    Ball in the family
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Nick Eastwood

Ball in the family


Gloria Wilson slid into bed with her latest lover, still thinking about the day's business receipts. It had been a very successful week at the modeling agency she owned and managed, and she couldn't help imagining the nice effect that was going to have on her bank account.

"Hello, are you, there?" Mel asked.

"Mmmm?" Gloria said.

Mel, a burly, hairy-chest man in his fifties, propped himself on an elbow and gave Gloria a rueful grin. "I had the impression we were here to fuck," he said, "but all I see in your beautiful green eyes are dollar signs."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mel," Gloria sighed. "It's hard for me to leave my business at the office."

"Tell me about it," Mel said. "Well, maybe I can get your mind on something else."

He drew down the covers and eyed Gloria's fantastic naked body. He was one of the few people who knew her real age – forty-eight – but even to him she didn't look a day over thirty, not even with all of her clothes off. She was a tall leggy woman with long thick reddish-brown hair and the kind of figure that makes men stop and stare in the streets. Mel got horny every time he looked at her.

He cupped Gloria's big, heavy, hot tits. They were the size of small watermelons, yet perfectly firm and thrusting. He molded and squeezed the silky throbbing flesh, running his thumbs back and forth over her large cone-shaped red nipples. It excited the hell out of him to play with her huge tits, but it didn't seem to do much for Gloria. She just lay there and let him do it, her mind obviously still at the office.

Okay, he knew something that was sure to get her attention. He glanced down at her glossy bush of auburn curls. The thick triangle covered the whole lower half of her belly. Personally Mel liked big bushes, and Gloria's dense springy muff really turned him on. He moved down till he could press his face into the warm softness. He found them squeaky-clean as usual and smelling of some faint flowery cologne.

He pushed her legs open – wide open, so he could get a good view of her cunt. Everything about her was beautiful, even her naked gash. Mel hungrily eyed the gleaming scarlet flesh and its thick fringe of auburn curls. He crawled between her legs and lay there belly-down, his hot breath fanning her pussy. Still no response from Gloria, who was mentally counting her cash assets. But Mel was about to do something she couldn't ignore.

He folded open the thickly furred lips of her cunt and isolated the pea-sized lump of her clit. The little bud was bright red and slightly moist. Saliva rushed to Mel's mouth as he eyed the faintly pulsating button. He stuck out his tongue and applied the wet pointed tip to her clit. He began to flick her joy button roughly. Finally Gloria responded with a lurch and a gasp.

"Ooooooo, Mel, yessssss," she sighed.

Mel pinned and went on licking her cunt. Gloria wasn't an easy woman to have for a lover. She only allowed him to fuck her on Friday and Saturday nights, and it was hard as hell to get her mind off work and onto sex. But once he'd done it, the results were well worth it. Gloria could be a tiger in bed, the best piece of ass he'd ever had.

"Mmmm, yes, that's so good," she said hoarsely? "Nobody eats pussy better than you do, Mel."

Gloria wasn't bullshitting him. She adored having her pussy licked, and Mel was an expert at it. That was one reason he'd lasted longer than most of her lovers. Gloria didn't believe in getting too involved with one man, but in Mel's case she had to make an exception. She didn't think she could survive without his delicious head jobs.

All thoughts of the office faded from her mind as Mel's slick hot tongue lashed back and forth over her hungry little clit. Gloria relaxed deeply and opened her legs even wider for him. Hot jolts of pleasure blasted through her pussy as his tongue-lashing stimulated her clit into its own little hard-on. The fat button swelled up taut and throbbing it became super-sensitive.

Gloria felt her cunt starting to creams it was just a little hot trickle at first, but she knew it would soon be a flood as Mel's expert pussy licking got to her. Her slit was puffing up with arousal, growing moist and scalding tot. Soon she felt achingly horny, and all she could think about was getting off. Mel knew her well, too – the hornier she got, and the faster and harder he licked her clit.

"Ohhh," Gloria moaned, "you're eating me so good, Mel. Suck me now, baby, make me come."

Mel's lips instantly closed around her swollen throbbing cunt, and he began to suck the hot button noisily, making a lewd slurping sound. Gloria gasped with pleasure and soaked his bobbing chin with a big scorching blast of pussy cream. She threw her head back and gurgled with pleasure, her thickly lashed green eyes rolling lustily.

"Ohhhhh, yessssss," she panted, "suck me good, baby, suck." Gloria didn't know it, but she had a rude surprise coming. Mel was crazy about her, but he was tired of being used as her personal sex machine. Every weekend was the same. He'd suck her crazy, making her come so many times that by the time they fucked she was glutted and lazy. This time was going to be different. He'd still suck her, because he got off on it, but he wouldn't let her come.

"Aaaaahhhhh, so good," Gloria moaned. "Just a little more. I'm going to come any second now."

She was panting loudly, hovering on the very brink of orgasm, and Mel was sucking her expertly, his firm lips kneading and tugging her stiff hungry cunt. Suddenly Mel jerked his mouth off her clit and raised his face from her steaming pussy. He had an odd expression, a kind of wicked grin.

"Ohhh. Mel, why did you stop?" Gloria panted that she was just about to come.

"I know," Mel said. "I want you to be hot for fucking."

Gloria reddened. If Mel wanted to tease her like this, there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn't very well eat her own pussy. But she didn't like being controlled by a man. She liked to call the shots during sex. Mel had always been so cooperative before, but now he was rebelling. Too bad, she'd enjoyed fucking him. But it looked as if she'd have to dismiss him, like all the others who wanted to dominate her.

But not tonight. She was wildly aroused now, and she needed his cock. "All right, darling," she purred, "just so I get off sometime tonight."

"Oh, you will baby," Mel growled, "you sure as hell will."

He thrust his flushed face into her pussy again, and this time she felt his stiff wet tongue rimming and teasing the mouth of her cunt. Damn him anyhow, he knew that didn't do a thing for her except get her unbearably horny. It made her crave something big and hard in her cunt. Gloria whined with need and jerked her hips in a helpless motion, creaming all over Mel's face. She clawed the bed in lusty frustration.

"Mel, damn you, shove it in me!" she moaned.

"Stick your tongue up my clit." She heard a muffled laugh, and then Mel went on lazily rimming and teasing the drooling mouth of her cunt. She could have murdered him. He knew perfectly well that she only permitted herself to have sex on weekends and that by Friday night she was achingly horny. He was teasing her on purpose, just to show that he controlled her. If she didn't need him so badly, she would have ordered him to leave.

"Mel, for God's sake," Gloria whimpered "that's enough. Eat my cunt!"

At last, to her great relief, Mel crammed his thick wet tongue hard into her famished little fuck hole, shoving the slick meat almost to her womb.

"Ahhhhh!" Gloria screamed. "That's it, baby, fuck me with that big tongue. Ohhhhhh, Mel, yessssss!"

She was going wild with lust now, writhing so violently that Mel had to shave his hands under her grinding little ass and hold her in place as he tongue-fucked her. He rammed his big stiff tongue furiously up and down in the scalding pulp of her pussy hole, using his tongue like a pistoning cock. Gloria moaned and squealed with pleasure and drenched his face with her thick musky pussy cream.

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