Harry Stevens: Wild Naked Family

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Harry Stevens Wild Naked Family
  • Название:
    Wild Naked Family
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Harry Stevens

Wild Naked Family


Chapter 1

For once Millie Underwood was glad to do the laundry. Her mom hadn't even needed to nag her. In fact, Millie had actually volunteered. The reason? She was looking at a big part of it now, certain that the telltale evidence would've gotten her grounded forever if her mom had noticed.

"Mmmm, I sure made a mess out of these," Millie chuckled, inspecting the stained crotch.

They were her panties, the pair she'd worn last night on her date. And what a date! That dude had been so hard up for her pussy that he'd fucked her without even taking off her clothes. He'd just pulled up her skirt, yanked her panties aside and crammed his big cock up her cunt. Then come a load of the hottest, thickest jizz imaginable!

"What a date! One minute I was on my way to get some popcorn, and before I knew it… wow, I had a huge cock in my pussy!"

She'd been at the drive-in with her date, a wimp. He was more interested in watching the stupid movie than about getting into her pants. So, to relieve her frustration, Millie had gone to get something to eat. That's when she'd run into her cousin Jack in the snack bar. She hadn't seen him since he'd joined the Navy.

She hadn't been able to resist flirting with such a good-looking guy, regardless of whether he was technically family. Of course, she didn't know Jack would turn out to be such a pistol. One thing rapidly led to another.

"Don't like small talk," he'd told her when the electricity between them abruptly sparked. "We both know what we want."

Millie had hungrily agreed so Jack had just backed her up against a wall in a dark place. Next his strong hands were rearranging her clothes, skirt up and panties tugged aside. She unzipped his fly and guided his huge prick into the damp warmth of her welcoming pussy.

Then when it was over, Jack stuffed his dripping prick back in his pants, said something about looking her up in the next few days, and vanished into the night. Millie hadn't minded his swift exit, it just made him seem mysterious. So, with a cuntful of the stickiest jizz ever, she'd gone back to her date and sat there for the rest of a double-feature while her panties soaked up all that leaking cream.

Later, at home, she'd stashed her clothes. The panties were the worst, but her skirt had also been stained by stray cum. Plus, her blouse had buttons missing from Jack pawing her tits while he'd been fucking her.

Now Millie was covering up her traces by doing the laundry. The only problem was that her jizz-drenched panties had her impossibly turned on all over again.

"Well, after all, I am alone down here," she sighed, looking around the basement which served as a laundry room. "Nothing to stop me from taking a pussy-break."

Millie set the dirty clothes on top of the washing machine and slipped a hand inside her cut-off jeans. Her excited pussy spasmed to the touch, immediately moistening another pair of panties. Right away Millie was rhythmically finger-fucking herself, on the verge of climaxing.

But before Millie could enjoy her orgasm, she was suddenly thrown into a panic. Footsteps sounded on the stairway leading from the house into the basement and she bolted out of sight, moving so fast that she didn't manage to get her fingers out of her frustrated cunt until she was hiding in the darkness.

"Gary," she whispered, recognizing the intruder as her kid brother. "What's he doing down here?"

Millie soon found out. After calling out to see if anyone was there and receiving no answer, Gary went immediately to the washing machine. He sifted through the pile of laundry then grinned when he removed a particular item.

"Yeah! Can't find a sweeter pair than these," he whispered, holding them to his face and sniffing. "They're still wet!"

"My God, he's got my panties from last night," Millie choked under her ragged breath.

Then, stuffing the panties into his pocket, Gary turned and went back up the stairs. Millie found herself overwhelmed with curiosity. What, she thought, did he plan to do with them?

The next thing she knew she was following him up the stairs. They were the only ones at home, their dad was working and their mom was at the store. When Millie discovered that her brother was now in his bedroom with the door closed, she decided to stick her nose into Gary's very private business. Millie nudged the door silently ajar and peeked inside.

"Wow!" she gulped. "I don't believe it."

Her brother was on his bed. He was bare-assed now, lying there with his knees raised and his legs spread. Jutting from his crotch was as huge and hard a cock as Millie had ever seen.

"Jeez," she panted to herself, "never knew my own brother was hung like this!"

But it wasn't just the size of Gary's prick that captivated Millie. It was also what he was doing with it. He'd wrapped her soiled panties around his rigid hard-on and was in the process of jacking off with them.

"Wonder if he's thinking about me while he's beating his meat," Millie whispered. "Do I really turn him on that much?"

The answer was most definitely yes.

"Just wish I could get my stiff cock into more than just your panties, Sis," gusted Gary, having no idea that Millie could actually hear him. "God, how I want to fuck your tight pussy, Sis. It'd be a dream come true."

Millie couldn't help being enormously flattered. Even more, she couldn't avoid her instant arousal.

"Yeah," she sighed. "I wouldn't mind trying that beautiful cock on for size. Mmmm, and wouldn't that blow Gary's mind if I just went ahead and stepped out of his dream in the flesh?"

But, Millie cautioned herself. There was no way they could fuck being in the same family-was there? "Jack's family, too," Millie thought aloud, remembering the fuck with her own cousin she'd so enjoyed last night. "And if I went ahead and let him fuck me, what's to stop me from taking it a step further?"

The next thing she knew she was doing more than simply spying on her brother. The door creaked as she edged forward, thinking increasingly with her hot, throbbing cunt.

And then, all at once, she was standing there as big as life. At the same moment, her brother groaned and shot his wad into her panties. That's when he also saw her, turning beet-red and then pale as ash while his prick uncontrollably spurted a torrent of jizz.

"S-sis!" he automatically blurted.

"So this is why my panties have been missing," Millie answered, smirking broadly.

She went to the bed just as her brother's cock had slowed to a dribble and snatched the freshly soaked panties away from him. They were absolutely dripping, drenched with even more jizz than they had been the night before.

"And my favorite pair, too. Hope they're not ruined," Millie said. Then, after a steamy pause, she added, "Well, only one way to find out."

Millie unzipped and squirmed out of her cutoff jeans, then wriggled out of the panties she already wore. Her brother's eyes bulged when he saw her naked from the waist down. His eyes practically stood out on stems when she began slipping into the other pair of panties-the ones Gary had just soaked with his cum.

"Ooooh, wet," Millie giggled, tugging the sopping fabric up her hips so it clung to her crotch like a second skin. "But they still fit. Fit real good, in fact. Nice 'n' tight… Here, Gary, feel for yourself."

She went to the edge of the bed, reaching out for her brother's hand. His fingers trembled as she placed them between her thighs so he could touch her cunt through the panties that clung to her cunt so snugly they might as well not have been there.

"Mmmm, something tells me things're getting even wetter down there," Millie then moaned, forcing her brother to feel her up for several seconds.

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