Dan Reagan: Three Sucking Daughters

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Dan Reagan Three Sucking Daughters
  • Название:
    Three Sucking Daughters
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Dan Reagan

Three Sucking Daughters


Chapter 1

"Mom would sure shit if she knew we were playing with our pussies," Eva Ward giggled.

Sally Ward, their mother, felt a shock run down her body to her clit.

She had left the house, saying she was going to the store, but she had forgotten her grocery list.

Sally had no idea that her sexy young daughters had started playing stinky finger. The three girls were so very young, Eva thirteen, Fay eleven, and little Jan only nine. Eva was the only one that even had hair on her pussy.

The door was not quite closed, and Sally crept up to the crack and peered through. Her worst suspicions were realized. Another shock raced down to her cunt. Her husband Dan had not been giving her much prick lately, and she was horny, too. Her clit stiffened.

Her pretty daughters sat in a circle on Eva's bed, slim young thighs opened wide. Their thin nighties displayed their bodies provocatively.

Their cute pointy tits were out of their nightie tops, and each girl had her left hand on her tits. Their right hands were fastened to their cunts.

For being sisters the girls did not look much alike. Only their facial features were similar. Sally was dark headed and Dan was blond, and the daughters had hair color that varied. Eva's tresses were almost as dark as Sally's. Fay had in-between hair, partly blonde, and Jan was the real blonde.

"This is fun, doing our pussy thing together," Fay said.

"Yes, I want to see you girls cum," Jan giggled.

"Cumming is where it's at," Fay chirped, her hand moving faster on her uptilted pussy. "Mom'll be gone a long time, so we can cum a lot of times."

Sally shuddered, her cunt juice wetting the crotch of her panties.

Sally and Dan were strict with their growing daughters. They couldn't go out at night, and they couldn't date.

Where did they learn to talk like whores? Sally wondered. Her girls were smart-all three drew good grades, they didn't goof off with the books. They swam in the family pool, had girl friends over, went to afternoon movies. They had seemed like normal teenagers.

And here they were, sprawled out on Eva's bed, watching each other play with cunts and tits. Awful. Sally had to stop it somehow. She would not interrupt them, though.

Sally knew that when it was over she would have to jerk her own cunt till she had relief. Dan hadn't fucked her in two weeks. Sally was healthy, red-blooded, and very attractive. She had fine, thrusting tits, long legs, a rounded ass and a face that most women in town really envied. Sally did not look old enough to have three girls old enough to start cunt play.

But here they were, giggling and enjoying their pretty young bodies.

Sally could see Eva's cunt the best.

Eva's dainty cunt was all moist, the cunt lips swollen out, her little pink clit sticking up at the top of her pussy crevice. Now and then Eva gave her clit a careful fondling. Sally couldn't see the younger girl's cunts, but apparently they were doing what Eva was doing. Eva, being the oldest, was the natural leader of the trio, she was bolder and talked more.

"Let's have our cum, Eva," Jan giggled. "My little cock really aches."

"Mine does too," Fay said.

"Yes, my cunt is ready," Eva giggled. "Let's try to make it all together, huh? But don't jab your fingers in too deep don't want to tear your cherries."

"Oh, no," Jan tittered. "I want mine busted with a big hot prick. And you know what? I wish Dad would tear it."

Sally felt a wave of dizziness. Good God. These young foxes wanted their own father to fuck them. It was obscene. Where did they get such terrible ideas?

"He's real sexy, and he won't talk to anybody," Eva said. "He's had his wires clipped, can't knock us up. He can pour his spunk right up in our cunts."

"I've seen Dad looking at us," Jan said. "He wants to fuck us, all right." All three girls giggled.

"He ought to fuck Mom more, though," Eva said. "I haven't heard them getting any ass for a long time."

"Guys get tired of the same cunt." Fay giggled. "Mom is good looking."

"I bet she plays with her cunt," Jan said. "We should tell Dad he ought to fuck her at least twice a week."

"They used to fuck a lot, when we were younger," Eva said. "Sometimes I thought the bed was gonna break down."

"That was fun, hearing them," Fay giggled.

"It made my clit stand up," Jan laughed. "I wonder how big Dad's prick is, when it's hard."

"It sure looks big in his pants and shorts," Eva said.

We all notice that," Fay giggled. "You know, Mom has about six or seven cums before he goes off."

"He sure knows how to fuck, that's for sure," Jan said.

Sally gripped the door casing, her cunt streaming juice into her panties. Those young, pretty sluts knew everything that went on in the house.

Yes, Dan knew how to fuck. He was an expert in the sack. He made good money in his insurance business downtown.

Sally had enjoyed some cunt-rubbing in her earlier teen years, but nothing since then. She loved cock, lots of pumping, spurting prick.

Dan's prick. Now and then a sexy girl did appeal to her.

But to think that she could actually touch her daughters and slip a finger up their cunts, kiss them and fondle their budding tits-that was forbidden. And Dan had better not touch their pretty daughters, either.

This was Friday, Dan would want a few drinks before dinner, and hopefully a few tit and ass feels. And later on, a good, robust fuck.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" Jan exclaimed, her right hand moving faster on her uptilted cunt.

"Me, too," Fay giggled.

Sally stared at Eva's turned on cunt, watching Eva tease a finger around her stiff, pink clit. Eva's face was flushed, her tits sharp and stiff. The nipples looked very long and sexy.

"Come, Jan," Eva breathed, jiggling her palm on her cunt. "You cum too, Fay. Here comes my funnnn!"

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh!" Eva whined, her hand a blur on her wet cunt. "My cunt's cumming. Uhhhhh-ohhhh-fuuuuck!"

Sally almost gasped. Her right hand shot down to her crotch, she gripped her cunt mound. She wore dressy pants and a flowery blouse, very thin bikini panties. Cunt juice was already soaking through onto her pants. She couldn't go shopping this way.

Whimpers of delight came from her daughters as they hunched and jiggled the bed with their whipping fingers.

Those dirty little cunts, Sally thought, rubbing her own covered cunt.

I wonder how often they do this.

The three girls finished their cum fun and giggled, looking from one wet pussy to another.

"Damn good," Jan giggled. "Now let's have another cum apiece."

"Sounds nice," Fay said. "When're we gonna quit this kid stuff and fuck?"

Jan looked at Eva. "We'd have to take turns," Jan giggled.

"Well, the girl left over could always play with her cunt, like we're doing now," Fay said.

"Okay," Eva laughed. "Which two of us fuck?" Sally couldn't take much more of this. Her cunt ached, her tits itched, and her legs felt wobbly.

"I'll fuck you, Jan," Eva giggled. "Fay, you can play with your cunt and watch."

"Hell, it was my idea." Fay protested.

"We'll fuck plenty after today," Eva giggled. "Stretch you ass out, Jan. I'm gonna fuck you good."

"Oh, yes," Jan giggled, lifting her nightie over her head. She rested on her back, pretty long thighs open wide, her puffy cunt arched upward.

Sally wanted to tear herself away from the partly opened door, but she couldn't. She had to watch Eva fuck Jan. Sally's belly churned with lust, her cunt oozed more juice. She stroked at her fingers, blades of excitement shooting through her crotch.

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