Tim Peterson: Two wives want it

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Tim Peterson Two wives want it
  • Название:
    Two wives want it
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Tim Peterson

Two wives want it




Samantha Rainey whipped open her house dress and held it open for Vanessa Francis to see her new string bikini. It was yellow, consisting of triangular patches that were close to being overwhelmed by Samantha's hefty tits, and she had to have a dainty cunt indeed to keep it hidden behind what passed for panties.

Vanessa's jaw dropped and her eyes widened, and she fairly gasped, "Samantha, you shameless thing."

Samantha smiled brightly. "Impressed, huh?"

The two women were in Vanessa's living room. She had invited Samantha over for some sun, some wine and some conversation. It was something they had done before – leave it to Samantha to lift it out of the ordinary.

Vanessa watched as Samantha shrugged the dress from her square shoulders and posed to offer a rear and side view. Mother of two teenagers be damned, she was one fine-looking woman. She could have passed for a lush, ripe thirty, if not better.

Her wavy chestnut hair was pulled back and hanging in a bouncy pony-tail, showing a delicate, delectable neck. Shoulders back, her big-busted front was still out and up there, always causing heads to turn as she went by. There was a slight swell of tummy, but nothing that needed sucking in. Waist slender, hips voluptuously rounded, high ass jutting sassily out, she was something, all right.

"Absolutely shameless," Vanessa went on. "You wouldn't dare show up at the club in that. My God, your ass is already showing, and your tits will fall out as soon as you move."

Vanessa was blonde, roughly Samantha's age and shape. In a robe she was seated on a plush couch before the brunette. The two women were best friends, had been for years. Sometimes it seemed they were closer to each other than they were to their husbands.

Samantha wiggled her upper body to show that her tits were securely held in place by the skimpy covering. One slipped and a thick nipple peeked out. Samantha said, "Oops," in surprise and tucked the coned tit back into place, both women sharing a laugh.

"May I ask what possessed you to buy that?" Vanessa said then.

"I thought I'd try it out on Harry," Samantha answered. "Sec if I can't get his mind off business for a change. For a while, at least."

Vanessa arched an eyebrow. "Maybe you should have brought me one, too. My Leonard has been showing some strange priorities lately."

"I did," Samantha informed.


"I bought you one. My treat." Samantha turned to the large purse she had dropped in an easy chair, opened it and took out a small, rectangular box. She presented it to Vanessa.

The blonde woman regarded it skeptically for a moment before tentatively taking it. She opened it on her lap and took out a bikini top that matched Samantha's in size and shape. The color was blue.

"Do you honestly expect me to put this on?"

Vanessa murmured.

"Oh go ahead," Samantha encouraged. "It'll be a kick. I promise."

"What's gotten into you?" Vanessa wondered aloud, looking up at the statuesque woman before her.

"Second adolescence." Samantha answered. In high-heeled sandals she squatted before her blond friend and reached out to loosen Vanessa's robe. "Come on. We've been suburban matrons for much too long. Time to let down our hair, go a little nuts." She pushed the robe from Vanessa's shoulders.

Samantha's mood was infectious, and Vanessa found herself nodding and getting out of the robe. Samantha stood, and Vanessa stood with her and peeled the one-piece suit she had on to her waist. She turned her back and Samantha helped tie on the new halter-style top.

Like her friend, Vanessa was in fine shape. They worked out together, and maybe luck had a little to do with it too. Her tit-cones were sprightly and smooth-skinned, swelling out to both sides of the half-covering fabric.

Vanessa pushed her one-piece down and off and tied one of the hip strands as Samantha did the other, and she was bikini clad. Almost shyly she turned back to Samantha.

Samantha shook her head. "Stunning. I'm almost hot far you myself."

Vanessa took the joke for what it was and said, "This outfit is gonna get me arrested, I just know it."

"I know how you feel. Fun, isn't it?"

Vanessa had to smile in agreement. It was a kick, getting a little indecent in the middle of a summer afternoon. And Samantha always was fun to be around. Now even more so, apparently. Something really had come over the brunette.

They collected sun-tan lotion, sun-glasses, and started outside. Vanessa couldn't shake her shyness, until Samantha took her by the hand and led her on.

The house was on the side of a hill. Down past the pool was a stand of trees, and a high fence all around offered further privacy. Two lounging chairs waited side by side over-looking the pool.

Each taking a chaise, the females did their legs, then leaned back to spread lotion over the rest of their bodies.

"These suits leave a lot for you to cover, don't they," Samantha remarked. "You'll have us lying out here buck naked next," Vanessa said to that.

"What a pleasant thought."

"Second adolescence my ass," Vanessa said. "What has gotten into you?"

Samantha sighed. She looked down as she idly fingered lotion over the inner swells of her tits. "I guess I finally got tired of being bored all the time. I made up my mind to start having some fun."

"You've been bored?" Vanessa asked, not sounding too surprised.

"Shit yes. With the kids gone, Harry always at work… aren't you bored? You're in the same boat as me, after all."

"Yeah," Vanessa confessed. "I have had a lot of time on my hands, with no kids to look after."

"Besides," Samantha went on, "aren't we entitled to a bit of fun after all these years of mothering and wifeing?"

"Is this how we're gonna do it? Lying nearly naked by the pool?"

"It's a start."

"What else do you have in mind?"

Samantha continued idling her fingertips over the smooth and sensitive flesh of her tit-meat. A languorous smile played across her sensuous mouth. "I don't dare tell you."

"Tell me," Vanessa insisted, letting her head lie back.

Samantha drew a breath. "Lately…" she began, now showing a shy streak of her own.

"Yes?" Vanessa prodded, sensing something wicked about to surface.

"I've been having these fantasies about… young men, with long… hard… cocks."

Vanessa offered no response. The words had sparked images in her mind, and she found them captivating. It surprised her a little, really. She wasn't sure when she had last fantasized. She'd always thought of herself as such a proper wife and mother. Terribly old-fashioned, in some ways.

"I do things with them that I couldn't do with Harry," Samantha continued. "And they do things to me that he'd probably not even thought of."

"Like what?" Vanessa found herself adding.

"Oh, like… it… in the ass… sometimes both at the same time."

"God," Vanessa said, amazed by what she was hearing, that her best friend could be so boldly sensuous under the surface without her ever having noticed it before. Vanessa's eyes lowered to Samantha's hand and watched it as the fingers traced patterns over the brunette's tit-curves and upper chest. Then the hand drifted down and pressed itself flat on Samantha's tummy, and slid slowly downward toward the triangular patch of the low-slung bikini bottom.

The naughty outfits, Samantha's infectious sense of fun and frank talk, the day-after-day boredom of late, were all working on Vanessa, changing her attitudes and her thinking. On any other day she would have looked away from Samantha's hand, but today she found herself staring in fascination.

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