Donna Allen: Spying on mom

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Donna Allen Spying on mom
  • Название:
    Spying on mom
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Donna Allen

Spying on mom

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"You look hypnotized," Pat said.

She smiled at him. He was damn cute. He was also very young. She had picked him up in a fast-food joint near the office. She'd had her eye on him for weeks and now here she was with him in a motel room, her tits uncovered to his hot eyes, his cock out of his pants, big and swollen and his prick-tip dripping. This was just what she was in the mood for after a hard day selling real estate. A randy young stud with an athletic body and an eager cock.

She had been right about him. He had a big prick. It was always a guess, of course. You couldn't tell just by looking at a man what he had down there. She'd been fooled too many times. But it was nice when she guessed right.

She licked a cock to be thick around. That was more important than how long it was. She licked a thick cock and big nuts. She hadn't seen his nuts yet. If he had balls to match that prick, she'd have nothing to complain about. She never complained about decent equipment. The equipment was more important than the face or the brain. Screw the face and the brain, what she wanted and needed was a working cock!

And that's what he's got, she thought. She held her tits in her hands. Her blouse was off and her bra was off and she held her tits on her palms and bounced them a bit. She had nice tits, heavy enough to be low-slung. There was a time, years ago, when she'd bounced them around as a dancer in a club.

All that was over, now. She had a successful career as a real-estate broker. She also had a ten-year-old divorce and a teenaged son about the same age as this young man.

It's four o'clock in the afternoon and I'm as horny as an alley cat, she thought..

Was she overdoing it? She didn't think so. The illusions she'd had as a girl had been replaced by a keen sense of reality. That was why she had made a success selling real estate. She knew there were only two things important in the world: money and sex. She wanted both. She wanted all she could have..

She smiled at the guy again. His name was Wade. Kneeling down in front of him, she leaned forward and pressed her tits against his upright cock. His prick felt warm in the valley between her tits.


"Oh yeah!" he said.

"You've been looking at my tits ever since we met. Now you've got them around your cock."

"That's right."

She didn't want to ask him how often he had a woman old enough to be his mother come on to him. She didn't care. There were thousands of women out there who wouldn't mind taking her place. They wouldn't mind having a hot young cock on fire between their tits.

She pulled away. "Let's get the rest of your clothes off, okay?"

"Sure, Patricia."

"Call me Pat." "Okay, Pat."

"Let's have a look at you."

She could tell he was nervous. His fingers were fumbling as she helped him undress. But he had nothing to be shy about. He had a delicious body, big shoulders, all the muscles, everything she liked. And the equipment. Big cock and big balls. There was enough fuckmeat there to make a girl quiver. What a hunger she had for young men! What a shameless hedonist she was!

I love it! she thought. She could feel the anticipation tying knots in her belly.

"What do you do?" she said. "You must do something athletic. With a body like this."

He shrugged. "I played some football in high school."

"Did you finish school?"

"I dropped out."

"You ought to go back."

He looked at her as if she was crazy. "What do you want to talk about that for?"

"Yes, you're right."

She moved close to him and kissed his lips. She ran her fingertips along the underside of his cock and then dropped her hand to cup his balls in her palm.

"I like your body," she said. "I like what you've got down here."

After that, she dropped to her knees. She wanted a taste of him. That juicy pink fuckknob. They were all different. When she'd been a girl, she'd been obsessed with cocks. All that sucking she did in high school. She'd been careful not to be too promiscuous. Her father would have killed her if he'd known what was going on. She had to get married early. She had to in order to save her sanity. So what if it didn't last? She had come through it all right, hadn't she? She had a grown son. She had her own business. She had this well-hung guy to ball for the next few hours. She had nothing to be sorry for.

She started licking his cock. Up and down with the flat of her tongue, sniffing and licking, and then at times moving underneath to lick his ball-bag. A man she once knew had told her she was a very oral woman. He was right. She enjoyed using her mouth. She enjoyed the feel of a cock between her lips. What she was doing now was postponing the pleasure of it. It also gave her a chance to smell him. She loved the sweaty smell in a man's crotch.

God, his balls were lovely! Like two walnuts in a pink leather pouch. And above the bag, his thick cock straining to hit his belly. She gave a last fuck from his balls up along the underside of his cockshaft to the tip of his prick. He shuddered. That was nice. She liked to make them shudder.

Holding his nuts in her palm, she closed her fingers around the upper part of his ball-bag and pulled his ball sac. Then she ran her lips over his cockhead and took it in. His fat juicy fuck knob in her mouth. He groaned. She swirled her tongue around and wound his cockhead. She rubbed her tongue-tip back and forth over his piss-hole.

He'll remember me, she thought. She wouldn't see him again. She never saw them after the first time. But like the others, he'd remember her-that gorgeous blonde who picked him up and gave him a time in a motel room.

She sucked on his prick. Of course, he liked it, but she always thought she was the one who enjoyed it more. Any woman who didn't like a cock in her mouth was either crazy or a liar. Even some lesbians liked it. She knew one did. Josie West, the girl she'd worked with years ago. They still talked on the telephone on occasion.

Josie always claimed the only thing a man was good for was a bank account and a cock to suck.

She took more of the guy's prick in her mouth, down to about half the length of his cockshaft. She knew he wanted more, but she stopped there and pulled back and let his fuckknob drop out.

"Nice," she said. "Do you like it?"

The guy groaned. "You know it!"

She looked up at him and smiled. It turned her on to see the pleasure in his eyes. He was hot for her. Of course, in the state he was in, he would take almost any woman, but she was the one who had him. And she'd get hers, too. She always made sure of that. You had to prod them when they were as young as this, but she would make sure to get hers.

She knew some people thought she was a determined woman. Maybe she was. She was determined to do more with her life than dream. She wanted too much.

What she wanted now was a mouthful of jism. Holding his cockhead between her lips, she stroked his fat cock with her fingers. It didn't take long. He was caught by surprise. He was already on the edge because of his excitement, and in a moment she had him spurting his load in her mouth.

He groaned as he came. "Jesus, what did you do that for?"

"To calm you down. And because I like it. Sit down and rest while I get my clothes off."

She finished undressing. Now the rush was over and she could begin to enjoy the sex the way she liked to enjoy it. She hated rushing things. They were always so hungry for it. That was the only real disadvantage they had. An older man knew enough to take his time. A teenaged guy was like a young bull in a china shop.

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