Brad Roberts: Jenny_s favorite color

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Brad Roberts Jenny_s favorite color
  • Название:
    Jenny_s favorite color
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Brad Roberts

Jenny_s favorite color


A single lamp burned in the small but well-furnished apartment living room. Janice Lane was whimpering softly as she writhed in a passionate sixty-nine embrace under the woman above her. The sharp contrast of Janice's lush five foot four, 35-22-36, twenty-one year old body and blonde hair, locked beneath the thirty-five year old Negress was strong in the soft light, and it thrilled her husband as he watched them working on each other.

For a long time it was enough for him to watch them and jack himself off, but finally Don gave in to his desire and moved across to them, clutching a bottle of Vaseline in his hand.

His eyes went directly to the resilient hillocks of the Negress' ass as he stuck his finger in the jar and then began to cover his knob with the lubricant.

When he was finished, he moved forward, climbing up onto the couch behind her; then he reached for the brown cheeks of her buttocks with his left hand. He parted them; then he put his Vaseline-covered finger against the tight, puckered entrance and shoved it in.

A moistly muffled moan of wild delight filled the room as the prostitute felt the hot, oily finger slip into her ass. The sound served to heighten Don's excitement; and he moved forward, guiding his knob with his right hand.

He let the smooth, throbbing head press against the small entrance and began to rotate it slowly with his hand, teasing and testing the tightness. He was momentarily disappointed at the realization that his was far from the first cock to grace the whore's anus, but he pushed the thought aside as he shoved forward slowly.

He let out a soft groan as his knob slipped through the entrance and thrust into the wondrous, hot, embracing chasm of her bowels. His hands went to her hips as he coaxed her until she began to rotate her round, shimmering buttocks, letting the powerful thrust of his massive prick work the big, burning head further into her deliciously hot chasm.

Another monthly ritual had begun…

For both Janice and Don this was the sublime, and he knew it. His cock tingled as he watched hem sucking at each other, heard the sound of their moist lapping, smelled the hot, flowing cunt juice and sweet, passion-induced sweat.


Ben Canton's eyes followed his wife as she moved across the living room and dropped down onto the chair across from him. He studied her lush 39-24-37 build gracing her lithe five-foot-nine body and grinned.

"Well, we could always put an ad in one of the underground papers; you know – handsome, well-endowed Negro couple wishes to ball it with young white couple…"

Sue returned his smile.

"Sure, and send out snapshots of your big, beautiful black body stark naked, clutching your cock in your right hand and eating me, or something like that."

Ben laughed and raised his glass to his lips.

"Crazy, isn't it? It takes us a good two years of marriage before we can even admit to ourselves that we'd like to give it a try just for a few kicks; and now that we've decided, we don't know how to go about it."

Sue nodded. "It's silly, really; making up your mind is supposed to be the hardest part. We can hardly advertise for what we want."

Don grinned. "Hardly. I can see the headlines now: 'Prominent lawyer blackmailed for swap club connections'."

Sue grimaced at the thought.

"It was hard enough to make them forget you were black and accept you. It's too bad we didn't know another couple well enough to suggest something, somebody we could trust."

Don nodded. "Yes, I've been kicking that one around. Maybe something will come along."


Jenny Westover finished stripping off her clothes and sat down on the couch. She waited impatiently for her husband to set up the screen at the other end of the living room, her eyes devouring his muscular, five foot ten, one hundred and eighty pound frame. She had been waiting for him to get home, restless ever since he'd phoned and told her the film they had been waiting for had arrived at their post office box.

Ian finished with the screen and brushed a tuft of thick blond hair away from his forehead as he hurried back to the couch and flipped on the projector. Jenny turned the lights out as he dropped down onto the couch beside her.

His eyes went to her lush form briefly and he felt himself growing hot just looking at her.

Jenny was well built. She stood five six and carried a full set of curves, her 36-24-36 measurements complimenting her beautifully proportioned features, framed by a lush growth of flaming red hair.

The screen flooded with color and within a few short frames there was an orgy going full steam in front of their eyes. Jenny moaned passionately and slipped down onto the floor, pulling Ian down onto the thick carpeting beside her.

She whimpered at his touch and felt herself reacting to the feel of his huge organ swelling against her belly.

She closed her eyes as the animal magnetism of his body sent a series of shudders through her body. She loved the feel of his muscular flesh, and she passionately accepted the searing heat of desire that began to spread in all directions from her twisting loins.

Ian shifted slightly, lifting his hands from around her; and as she dropped back down to the thick carpet, spread-eagling herself, he knelt between her open thighs. The feel of the luxuriously thick carpeting against Jenny's flesh added to the sensation that was ripping through her body, and she raised her buttocks up off the floor so she could rub her open, overflowing pussy against Ian's throbbing shaft.

The feel of her molten juices covering his cock sent a groan through him, and he moved his hips until the shimmering knob was between her open lips. He began to shove gently, letting his cock slowly move into her, inch after thick, throbbing inch sounding her depths.

They let out a mutual moan as they watched the action on the screen. Jenny's head flew back as he began to penetrate her, and she let out a long, lust-filled sigh.

"Do it hard… for Christ sake hurt me… hard… hard…"

Ian's hips lashed forward, and he felt the tremendous force of his pulsing cock drive into her. He moved his hands up along her silky body until he had captured one of her stiff nipples; then he began to roll it gently.

Jenny's teeth found the flesh of his shoulder and sank into it. Ian winced as the pain coursed through him; then he let his fingers close tightly on her nipple. Jenny let out a cry of mixed pain and pleasure, and her teeth dug into him again. The feel of it only heightened Ian's bliss, and he began to drive his mighty organ into her viciously.


It had been a long time since Don had had his cock into anything, and he had a month's frustration to take out on the whore's ass. He closed his eyes and began to breathe hoarsely as he stroked farther and farther into her with every thrust of his hips. Deeper and deeper the massive shaft plunged until he could feel the weight of his heavy, tingling nuts slapping damply against the firm, lush flesh of her ass.

The whore's body quivered with the first shudder of ecstasy. The instant it swept through her, Janice felt it and erupted through her own climax, wildly stabbing her tongue deep into the black prostitute's yawning cunt.

The feel of them both going in unison, the sound of their combined cries of delight, shoved Don over the top. His thick knob jerked, and he drove forward until it was fully embedded in the hot depths of the whore's ass. The gushing lava of his release spurted forth, coating the walls of her rectum; and he groaned with exquisite delight.

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