Jason Cannon: The farmer_s daughter

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Jason Cannon The farmer_s daughter
  • Название:
    The farmer_s daughter
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Jason Cannon

The farmer_s daughter


For the third time in as many minutes she cursed her father for neither fixing the hot water heater nor the wheel on the small wagon. If she had to haul firewood up to the wash house, so the water could be heated for the chores, then the least her father could do was fix the wagon so she could haul it.

Perspiration ran in rivulets off her face, across her neck, and disappeared into the deep cleft between her tits. The tits themselves were barely contained by last summer's halter. Pa had told her that things had changed this year. There just wouldn't be enough money for new clothes. Consequently the silver-dollar-sized areolas around her nipples peeked out above the material if she moved to any position other than standing exactly straight up.

Kneeling beside the wagon, pushing with all her might to get the pesky wheel back on the flimsy axle, one side of the garment gave up and her right tit leapt free. Rather than lose the advantage she had gained on the wheel, she paid no attention to it.

"You need some help there, Alma Mae?"

She looked up. The blond-haired, handsome face stared directly down at her, the pixie grin belying the well over six-foot-two frame it topped. "What are you smilin' at, Rafer Clooney?"

"Oh, nothin'. It's just that I ain't seen you much since last summer, what with you in school an' me workin' an' all. I was just noticin' how much you growed up."

She followed his stare down to her naked, swaying tit. Her face turned crimson as she let the wagon fall and stood. She tugged at the halter and pushed at her tit until most of the fleshy globe was again secure inside the material.

She should have been wearing a bra, she thought, but they too had gotten too small for her and they hurt.

He stood, smiling like an idiot as he let his eyes take in what he saw as the suddenly matured perfection of her young body. Long brown legs seemed to go up forever until they met her tight, cut-off jeans. There they molded into wide, flaring hips and firm asscheeks. Her waist was so thin he could have gotten his huge hands all the way around it. The tits were a different story. One of his hands could never encompass the round fullness of just one of them.

He was right, she thought. That winter everything had happened to her body. She had blossomed, both mentally and physically. Her younger brother, Able, had discovered it, even before she had noticed it. She had the sneaking suspicion, from the looks he gave her, that Pa had discovered it too.

From the time she was eleven, living on a farm as she had all her life, she had known about sex as if she were an adult. But that winter, right after her thirteenth birthday, she had realized that physically she had come of age.

"You sure have."

His voice jerked her back to the present. "I've what?"

"Growed up… and out," he said, his smile becoming a leer.

He was looking directly at her crotch. She lightened her muscles and realized why. The cut-offs were also too small for her. They had crept up and the lips of her cunt had opened so the material had slipped inside her crack. Without looking she knew her cuntal mound was clearly outlined in the jeans.

"Yeah, I need some help," she said, grasping the bottoms of the jeans and pulling them down.

He smiled. "All right. I'll hold the wagon up and you push the wheel on."

She knelt with the wheel in her hands as he did easily, with just the strength in his heavily muscled arms, what she had been forced to use a long pole in order to accomplish.

As she worked with the wheel she couldn't help but notice and admire the corded rippling beneath the tawny skin on his arms. He worked his father's fields, across the creek, from daylight till dark during the season. The sun and hard work had given him a broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped athlete's body.

As she shoved the wheel over the axle and used a small nail for a cotter pin, she sensed his eyes, above her, staring down her front at the dark valley between her tits.

When she was finished they stood up at the same time. She found herself so close to him that the hardened nipples of her tits touched his chest. They both jumped awkwardly as the tension of passion passed between them. And, as their eyes met, they both wished they hadn't.

But, for the moment, the slender thread between them was broken.

"Where you goin' with that wood?"

"Wash house."

He laughed. "Water heater broke down again, huh? I'll tote it up there for ya."

He didn't wait for her to agree or disagree. He grabbed the tongue of the wagon and started puffing, heading for the rocky, pot-hole infested path that led up to the house.

She was almost glad that he had taken the initiative even though she was sure she would have to fight him off once they got up to the wash house.

She remembered the times they had played together the previous summer. She hadn't fought him off then. But then she couldn't have gotten pregnant even if he had been able to get his big cock inside her cunt.

Two or three times a week, that summer, Rafer would come over, after chores and supper, to play catch with her brother, Able, who was a year younger than Alma Mae.

One night Able had gone into town on his bicycle to buy tobacco for Pa. Rafer said he might just as well wait around until Able came back. He followed Alma Mae around for company while she curried her one prize possession, her mare, Lady Belle.

"You're gettin' to be pretty as all get out, Alma Mae," he had said.

"Go on!" she replied, her face turning red under his stare. But, secretly, she had liked what he said. At only twelve, Alma Mae would truly have loved to take Rafer away from Sue Ann Halle. She hated Sue Ann, who was so uppity just because she had big tits already and hair around her cunt.

"No, I mean it," he said, placing his hands on her hips. "How about you lettin' me kiss you once an' I'll show ya?"

"No, we daren't," she said, feeling the warmth of his hands move up across her back. "Pa's liable to come out."

"You know he won't. Hell, you couldn't pull him away from that television set of his this time of night, no way."

"Well… all right. Just one."

He kissed her, his tongue slowly insinuating itself between her lips, and then her teeth, until it met hers.

At first she fought it but slowly things started happening to her mind and body, as his tongue bathed the whole inside of her mouth and sucked on her tongue. She returned the ardor of his kiss with hers and melted her body against his.

Just outside the stall an old car seat rested against the barn wall. Before she realized it he had guided her to it. She felt him falling backward. He still clutched her tightly and suddenly she found herself on his lap. One of his big hands shifted to a position under her knees and between her legs as he kissed her on the cheek and neck and rolled her across his body.

"I said just once, Rafer." She knew there wasn't much conviction in her voice, but she struggled halfway out of his arms anyway.

When he laughed and pulled her back down his hand was higher, between her thighs. She squeezed her legs tightly together, not letting his hand come clear up to her cunt.

"I suppose you do this with Sue Ann Halle," she said.

"Sum, all the time," he replied. "Hell, Alma Mae, me and Sue Ann do a lot more than this."

"Like what?" Her curiosity was heightened.

"Want me to show you?"

"Tell me."

"We fuck."

Alma knew what he meant, but she wasn't sure she believed him. She had been to Sue Ann's house a lot and she was sure that if Sue Ann had really been fucking already she would have bragged about it to her.

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