Duncan Fox: Spankin mommy

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Duncan Fox Spankin mommy
  • Название:
    Spankin mommy
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Duncan Fox

Spankin mommy


Carla moaned softly. The aluminum cigar tube slid up into her cunt, pressing apart the soft folds of slippery pink flesh. Smaller, colder, and harder than a man's cock, it still felt fantastic. It felt wonderful to have her cunt filled again, even with such a crude imitation of the real thing. Lying on her back with her legs spread widely, straining the tendons on the insides of her thighs, Carla slid the tube deep into her oozing hole. It pressed the end of her cunt, stretching her. Then, slowly, tantalizingly, she fucked the tube in and out, in and out.

Her nerve fibers squirmed in response to the stimulation. She writhed sensuously on the big bed. Her head was up on a pillow so she could see her reflection in the mirror at the foot of the bed. She tried to ignore the lewd sight of the cigar tube going in and out of her twat, but couldn't. She couldn't take her eyes off her naked body. At forty, with a teenage son, she was as youthfully firm as she had been at his age. But her tits had a mature thrust no teenager ever have. Her nipples, dark and long and erect, were conical, textured buds that had nursed a baby, fed and nurtured a tiny, sucking mouth.

Carla brushed a lock of jet-black hair off her forehead. She continued to move the aluminum cylinder in and out of her ravenous cunt. The folds of her gash, glowing petals of rosy flesh, framed her cunt mouth. The substitute cock slid smoothly in and out, in and out of her dribbling hole. It had none of the ripples and resistance a real cock had.

God! How fantastic Chuck's cock had been. Just thinking about his big beautiful prick and how it had filled her made her cunt contract. It made her eyes sting, too.

"Damn, damn, damn," Carla moaned. "Why'd you have to go and get killed, damm!" she asked aloud. "Damn it all, Chuck?"

In the face of the echoing, lonely silence that was her only answer, she retreated to her masturbation. Parting her cuntlips carefully with two fingers, she tormented the pearl of her clitoris and writhed in the pallid simulation of fucking.

She found a picture of her son forming in her mind. He looked too much like his dead father. Charlie was tall, broad-shouldered, trim-hipped. His hair was the same lush brown shade, had the same sexy waviness. When he smiled, he looked so much like his father it made Carla's throat knot.

Made her pussy drool, too, which terrified her. Desperately, she ripped her mind away from her son to his father, to memories of how it had been between them.

Frantically, Carla groped for a memory strong enough to blot out the lust she felt for her son. She found it in something that had happened on their honeymoon. It was something she hadn't thought of in years. Now she clutched it – it was one recollection from her marriage that was powerful enough to overwhelm everything else. The incident had occurred because she had teased her husband of three days until his control had snapped completely.

Carla whirled giddily into the motel room, swirling her scarf like a banner. She was giggling. She was intoxicated, but not drunk, high on wine, and excitement, and love. Theatrically, she kicked her feet, sending her glittering sandals flying across the room. Chuck slipped the chain on the door after hanging out the "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Carla was aware of Chuck's angry frown. She was aware of his fury, and it tickled and pleased her. It was perfect proof of his love for her. He was jealous. He was absolutely cock-eyed jealous!

"Well, I hope you're pleased," Chuck said furiously.

"Oh, I am, I am!" Carla giggled, deliberately taunting him.

"You make an absolute fool of yourself tonight."

"Oh?" Her eyes were big with mock innocence.

"Behaving like a drunken fool with an overweight toy salesman from Toledo," Chuck snarled, oblivious of the fact she was teasing him.

"He's a cutie-pie," Carla giggled. "An absolute cutie-pie."

"He's a fat slob," Chuck snapped.

Chuck's jealousy was too rich and enjoyable to let die. His fury gave Carla an incredible feeling of power. Why, she could have him on his knees just with a snap of her fingers!

She discovered his breaking point when she ostentatiously tried to recall the fat salesman's room number, then started out the door to go see him.

With a bellow of fury, Chuck's hand clamped down on her slender waist. She shrieked as he lifted her into the air. She kicked futilely in Chuck's strong grasp, then landed on the king-sized bed with a thunderous Whumpf!

"Teach you to be unfaithful, bitch!" Chuck snarled.

"Chuu-uuck!" Carla yelled as he wrestled her across his lap. She kicked and fought, but he was six foot two and all muscle, while she was five foot two, and not very strong.

In seconds she was ludicrously draped face down over his legs. He held her there, one strong hand gripping her neck. He was ready to grind his fingers painfully into her flesh if she started to get away. Ignoring her kicking and struggling, he slipped her dress up, exposed her to the waist. Hooking his fingers in her panties, he dragged them down, bared her firm, round ass. The panties hobbled her legs, tangled around her slender calves as she fought and kicked.

The first stinging, open-handed smack on one buttcheek cut off her complaining and pleading sharply. The second made her jerk convulsively. "Owwwooo!" she wailed, bucking futilely.

Chuck paused. She hoped that this was all she'd get. Her hopes were crushed when he reached across her and grabbed her hairbrush from the bedside table.

"Nooo, please, Chuck, please!" Carla pleaded.

"Teach you!" Smack! "To try…" Smack! "To run out…" Smack! "On me!"

He punctuated his words with blistering slaps with the back of the hairbrush. For a few seconds, Carla was frozen and silenced by total shock. Then the searing pain in her ass overwhelmed her, and she let out a cry of pain.

"Oww!" she wailed as tears poured down her cheeks.

"And on our honeymoon," Chuck went on implacably. "Goddammit, that's just too much!" He continued to spank her with the flat side of the hairbrush. The ringing slaps echoed back off the walls as he blistered her butt.

Carla had never felt such excruciating pain in her life! She had never been spanked, ever. The polished hardwood hairbrush felt like it was raising welts an the white cheeks of her ass. A blowtorch would probably have hurt less.

Then, astonishingly, there was a perverted kind of pleasure building in Carla's guts. Her crotch was feeling warm and wet and excited, the way it always felt just before Chuck thrust his cock deep into her cunt.

Under her, she felt a swelling hard knot in Chuck's lap, and knew instantly what it was. The feel of his cock burgeoning up against her sent her excitement soaring still higher. Every stinging blow of the makeshift paddle made her pussy throb and pulse hotly, and made the prick thrusting against her stomach push upward more demandingly.

Crying, moaning, sobbing, wailing, Carla kicked and bucked. Suddenly her panties were gone, finally dislodged by her struggles. Her legs sudden freedom caught them both unawares. Her next wild kick threw her off Chuck's lap. She slammed to the floor with a crash, landing bruisingly on her back. With a wail of pain, she dug her heels into the rug and heaved her ass up off the floor, and clutched her scorched butt with both hands. Her skirt was still up around her waist. Her pussy was thrust forward as if she were inviting a fuck.

While she was still nursing her abused backside. Chuck ripped his pants down, exposing his monstrous hard-on. He dropped to his knees between Carla's spread legs, then fell forward and rammed his prick into her gaping slit. She accepted the thrust and felt a blinding rush of ecstasy from his brutal entry into her dripping hole. Her ass smashed down on the rough carpet, and the searing pain made her heave her hips up violently. His cock was driven still deeper into her snatch by the powerful thrust.

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