Heather Brown: The rape girls

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Heather Brown The rape girls
  • Название:
    The rape girls
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Heather Brown

The rape girls


Kimberly Marchand, her tits and ass swaying seductively, walked quickly down the street. Her car was parked a few hundred yards away and once she was in it and driving she would feel relatively safe. But, now she felt apprehensive.

That was the thing about being a nurse, Kimberly thought, the hours were terrible. Working the night shift at the hospital, as she had to do every three months, threw everything out of kilter for her, and, what's more, exposed her to walking alone in the middle of the night.

Her career as a registered nurse had promised so much in the beginning – the chance to help other people, working with famous doctors, some of whom she had hoped would be eligible for marriage. Now, as she was starting to push 30, Kimberly found herself getting tired of the whole thing.

The thing which depressed Kimberly most, however, was the doctors. When she had gone into nursing, she had always assumed that she might become romantically involved with a doctor or two. As it had turned out, Kimberly had become involved with a doctor – Dr. Jim Spencer, a surgeon, and marriage was a very important consideration in the relationship. Unfortunately, marriage entered into the situation because Jim already had a wife – and three children – and despite frequently promising Kimberly he was going to ask for a divorce, after two years of seeing her secretly he was still as married as ever.

Kimberly had just finished a scene with Jim before she had left the hospital. After surgery, Jim had hustled her into the privacy of the pharmacy and had started running his hands over her body through the thin fabric of her nurse's uniform, caressing her tits and kneading her nipples through the material. Jim had felt her up like this many times during working hours, and they had fucked more times than she could remember in various out-of-the-way places of the hospital. But tonight Kimberly wasn't having any.

As Jim pawed her tits, Kimberly felt repelled by his hands. She pushed Jim away and told him she was going home, leaving him open-mouthed as she stalked out of the pharmacy.

Kimberly felt a wave of relief pass through her as she sighted her car. She would go home and fix herself a stiff drink, she decided, and then get into a hot tub. "Maybe things will be better tomorrow," she said to herself as she leaned over to unlock the door to her car.

As she inserted the key into the door of her car, suddenly her breath was cut off by some powerful force slamming against her windpipe. She started to scream, but all that came out was a gurgle as she fought to breathe. Then she was painfully straightened up as her neck was yanked back and a knee shoved painfully into the small of her back, arching her spine painfully.

"Okay, baby," a voice growled. "Is this gonna be easy for both of us, or are you gonna tight me? Believe me, one way or the other, I'm gonna enjoy it."

Kimberly's assailant relaxed his grip around her neck enough so that she could reply. She started to say, "What's this all about," and then abruptly realized all too well what was going on.

"You're going to rape me, aren't you?" she asked incredulously. She had known the streets at night were dangerous and that any woman who walked alone on them ran the risk of being raped, but now that it was happening to her, she couldn't bring herself to accept it. "Please… please… don't," she pleaded.

"Please what?" he chuckled. "Please let you go, or please fuck you?"

"Please let me go, please let me go," she begged.

"Sure, baby," he said. "After, of course, I've rammed my cock into your mouth and come all over your face."

He spun her around, and as Kimberly turned to face him, he clipped her on the jaw with a right hand. The blow made her woozy enough so she couldn't fight back. He pushed her to the ground, the cement of the sidewalk scraping her elbows. Looming above her, he loosened his pants and let them drop, revealing an enormous shaft of a cock which emerged in a throbbing column from a clump of dark curly hair. He fondled his cock as he hovered over her, his prick seeming to grow even bigger, if possible, under his ministration.

Kimberly lay helpless on her back. She was so weak and terrified that the only defense she could think of was to draw her legs together. But it did no good. He separated her legs with a kick to her knees, splaying them apart and sending her dress up to her hips.

Kimberly moaned in agony and fear as she lay back with her legs parted. Her white nurse's stockings went up to her thighs which were bare and pulsating above the top of the hose. Her crotch was covered only by the thin fabric of her panties, and she could feel the mouth of her cunt straining against the flimsy covering. Although still conscious, she seemed to lose all voluntary control of her body, and her cunt became damp with hot, moist, sticky liquid, drenching her panties and running onto her inner thighs.

As she stared transfixed at the enormous cock pulsating threateningly above her, her nipples, as though they had minds of their own, became erect and chafed against her bra.

The assailant moved toward her. He leaned over and grabbed the hem of her nurse's uniform and roughly tore the garment. He began to work fast. Her tits swelled involuntarily inside the cups of her bra, pushing her erect nipples into the fabric. The attacker grabbed the bra by the elastic between her tits and tore it off. Kimberly's breasts fell free, the night air wafting over her throbbing nipples. His hands roughly squeezed her tits, and then he lowered his head and began wetly lapping them with his tongue.

Despite the ordeal, Kimberly found her sensual reactions coming into play. As her assailant lapped at her tits, she could feel shivers pulse through her body. Now he was down rolling on the ground with her. She felt flames of passion in her breasts and a clenching tightness in her pussy which was accompanied by a flow of sticky warm juice that secreted from the inner depths of her cunt. And then, as his wet lips and tongue bathed her red-hot nipples, Kimberly's attacker slid down between her legs and she could feel his cock rubbing and jabbing against her pussy through the saturated crotch of her panties.

As he continued working on her tits, Kimberly felt his fingers moving urgently beneath the flimsy panty crotch, his knuckles scraping against the drooling lips of her cunt, working their way through the matted, moist pubic hair and pushing against the naked swollen lips of her throbbing pussy. Involuntarily she squeezed her thighs, capturing his probing hand in the inferno of her cunt.

Abruptly his strong fingers encircled the gooey cloth of her panties and ripped them off her writhing body. Now Kimberly's gaping, oozing cunt was exposed.

The assailant lifted his head from her tits and looked down at her, and then at his own twitching cock. He held his hard prick in his hand and guided it between her legs, ramming it into her cunt until she felt his pubic hair rubbing against her pelvis.

Kimberly wanted to scream, but she couldn't. She wanted to shove her attacker off, but her arms were entangled in the nurse's uniform. She tried to inch away from the huge cock fucking inside her cunt, but her efforts only seemed to drive his prick deeper inside her, so deep now that the balls of her assailant were pressed hard against her asshole, her legs now sticking straight up in the air as he fucked her unmercifully.

Suddenly Kimberly felt a sensation that was more than just the hammering cock fucking in her cunt. It was a feeling that started in her pussy, before spreading to other parts of her body. It was the same feeling she had when she was twelve years old when she had first noticed that she was becoming a woman. She had locked herself in her bedroom and had spread her legs and looked at the lips of her cunt in the mirror; the feeling that had occurred when she rubbed the slick lips of her cunt and then the little nubbin at the top of her pussy, which she later learned was called the clitoris. It was the same feeling she'd experienced with Jim on top of her, reveling in one of their clandestine fucks.

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