John Friday: Mom suck big ones

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John Friday Mom suck big ones
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    Mom suck big ones
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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John Friday

Mom suck big ones


"Hey, Mom… turn over. I want to fuck you again."

"Oh, Danny! I was hoping you would. I just can't get enough of your big cock!"

"Yeah, but first I want to suck your beautiful tits. God, how I love those creamy big jugs! Yuuumm!"

Angela Whitmire shivered, sprawled on her back in her son's narrow bed. Danny bent over her, stroking anxiously with his wet tongue, teasing her thick dark nipples.

"Aaahhh," she sighed, loving the pulse of lewd pleasure that made her temples throb and her pussy simmer.

"Your luscious tits must be forty-fours at least," Danny said, leering brightly as his handsome young face moved from one to the other.

"Yes, and it takes a double D-cup bra to contain them," Angela said proudly, rasping sounds of excitement when she felt the pull of her son's sucking lips.

Danny was a strapping six-foot teenager with black wavy hair and piercing dark eyes. He feasted on his mother's lush tits, an orgy of oral delight. They were the biggest, creamiest tits, an orgy of oral delight. They were the biggest, creamiest tits he'd ever felt, and the only ones he'd ever sucked.

Angela shivered and moaned, losing herself in the rapture of incestuous sex once again. Her young son was a tireless lover with a magnificent nine-inch prick she adored.

"Danny?" she asked softly as he sucked and slurped at her bountiful tit. "Can I please fondle your cock? I love to feel it getting hard in my hand."

"Yeah, but go easy. I want to fuck you long and hard this tine. Don't get my prick too twitchy in the palm of your hand."

"I won't. I want it in my pussy a long time too. In deep, where only you have been able to reach."

Angela stroked his cock fondly but gently, thinking back to the first time she touched his prick three days ago.

The bathroom door was ajar, so Angela had walked in without thinking to knock.

Danny was standing over the sink, jacking off – a spur of the moment thing. He'd gone in just to wash his hands, but while they were slick with soap he got a big throbbing boner as he did eight or ten times a day.

Angela was at first shocked by what she saw, then dazzled by the size of Danny's cock. It was a good inch longer than her husband's, and a lot bigger around.

She said rashly: "Do you want me to do that?"

And Danny had agreed reluctantly, too stunned by discovery and shamefaced to think of words to refuse. Angela soaped her hands and jacked his cock expertly, teasing his powerful shaft with wavering finger-strokes while fondling his huge balls with the other hand.

She brought his cock quickly to a gushing climax, then rinsed his cock with warm water and sucked him off. Danny was too dazed and delighted to think about what they were doing. He just fucked his hot virgin prick down his mother's throat and came again in lusty grunts and ramming thrusts.

They were in his bed and he was fucking her cunt for the third time two hours later when Danny's father came home unexpectedly.

Frank Whitmire didn't realize it was his wife that Danny was fucking… at first. He beamed a proud, fatherly grin and said: "Give her hell, boy! Fuck her brains out!"

Then Angela gasped: "Frank!"

Then he knew. He called her foul names, packed a suitcase and stormed out of the house, swearing that he would file for divorce.

Frank didn't want to shame or punish a horny young man just because his mother turned out to be a slut, but he did have divorce papers served on her the next day.

Angela consoled herself by fucking with Danny all day. Why not? She had nothing left to lose.

Frank came by late in the afternoon to pick up the rest of his things. She begged and pleaded for forgiveness. Frank snarled: "Fuck off, you incestuous slut!"

Danny cowered in his bedroom behind a closed door, too ashamed to face his father.

And when Frank had gone, it took Angela almost an hour to tease Danny's big cock back to fuck strength. The longest time ever, that's how upset her son was.

But both of them put that behind them and soon reveled in the intimate delights of incest.

Angela found herself loving Danny more than ever before. She worshipped his cock an waited on him hand and foot to save all his strength for fucking her. Angela didn't fully understand what had moved her to such rash depravity, but she was thirty-nine – in the sexual prime of female life – and more horny than ever before. Rather than think about why she felt such rampant desire, Angela thought only about satisfying it. And the solace of her son's big cock was exactly what she needed.

Danny raised his head from the luscious big tit he'd been sucking. "Okay, Mother, I'm plenty hard and hot enough to fuck you now. Spread those soft, creamy thighs of yours."

"Yes, my darling. Oh, I can hardly wait to feel your big hot prick in me again. Holding and stroking it has made my pussy so wet and anxious!"

"Yeah, I can smell it. Ripe and rich fuck scent. You are one fuck-loving bitch, you know that?"

Danny moved into position between her spread legs.

Angela was average in height for a woman, but generously proportioned – big rounded tits, a ripe ass and softly padded pussy mound spread wide with a dark tangle of dense and silky curls.

Danny smiled down at her, working the bulbous head of his mighty cock up and down in her narrow cunt. His mother cooed expectantly, her liquid brown eyes fluttering in anticipation. It didn't matter that her craving for Danny's cock had ruined her marriage. She had to have his cock again.

"Fuck me!" she pleaded urgently. "Stick your big, thick cock in all the way to the root! Nobody fucks better than you, Danny."

"I want to rub my cockhead on your big juicy clit first. I know how fucking crazy-hot that gets you."

"I'm fucking crazy – hot already! I want you in me! Do it, Danny. Fuck your mother. Fuck me good!"

At first he'd been as anxious as she was, but after three days of almost nonstop sex with her, Danny was starting to enjoy taking his time. He liked hearing her beg for his cock. A real thrill after young girls who had to be coaxed and teased, and then still wouldn't put out. Danny had been a sorely frustrated virgin until his mother turned on to him. Now he was making up for lost time, fucking her lush ripe body at least ten times a day, lying back to let her suck his cock hard again between rounds.

"Please, Danny! I want your cock in me. Just rubbing it around on my clit is making my cunt go crazy inside. It's so hot and wet and wringing tight for you."

"Yeah? Let's see?" He slanted his aching hard prick down and pushed just the blood engorged tip of it into her sultry cunt hole.

"More!" she moaned. "Uh, God… give me all nine inches! Ram it in me to the root?"

"You want it in? Suck on it with your cunt. Pull and squeeze real hard and I'll give you a little bit more."

"Ungh, Danny. Don't torture me! Your cock is my whole life now. It's all I have. All I'll ever want!"

"Show me," he said, grinning lewdly, enjoying his position of power over the woman who had, until recently, controlled his whole life. "Make your pussy suck harder and beg for my prick!"

Angela grunted and strained, pumping and writhing every muscle in her cunt to entice him. She desperately needed to be fucked. Having been fucked so often in the last few days had more intensified her wanton desire than sated it.

"Fuck me, please. I'm doing everything I can to excite your beautiful cock. Give me more of it to work with. Let my clinging pussy wring the whole long shaft."

"All right," he agreed, ramming into her pussy with a thrust that made her eyes bulge in delighted anguish.

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