J. Watson: Raped teacher

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J. Watson Raped teacher
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J. T. Watson

Raped teacher


Erica Thomas dropped her keys and cursed loud enough for her neighbors to hear. She didn't usually curse, but this was just one of those days when nothing seems to go right. First, she had been late for class that morning. Then, she had trouble with some students and then the stupid faculty meeting that afternoon. Why did they have to have faculty meetings on Friday afternoons?

She finally got her key in the lock and opened her door. Her tiny apartment smelled musty. She was going to get down and really give it a cleaning one day in the near future. It just seemed like she was always so tired.

She put her books down and flopped down on her couch.

She knew it was not really the faculty meeting or the hard work lately that was bothering her.

What was really bothering her was a student named Tim Douglas.

Tim was one of the worst boys in school, and today she had found out just how bad he could be.

She had come upon Tim and Susan Clark at the back of the building just after school had ended. Tim had Susan backed up against the wall and Erica could see his hand groping underneath her short skirt. Erica was speechless. She knew she should step in and stop them, but somehow all she could do was watch.

Tim was kissing Susan. His lips were on her throat. Susan was moaning.

"Oh, Tim," she said. "Oh Tim, baby! I need you! I need you so!"

Erica turned red as she saw Susan reach for Tim's crotch. Susan had practiced fingers and she quickly had Tim's zipper pulled down.

Erica stepped forward. "Stop that this instant!"

Tim and Susan jumped apart at the sound of Erica's voice. Tim slowly zipped up his trousers. He looked a little sheepish, but he didn't look ashamed.

"What were you doing?"

"Hell," Tim said in a disgusted tone. "You know what we were doing."

Erica turned her most discouraging look on Susan. She could see the young girl visibly flinch under her stare.

"You should be ashamed," Erica said.

"Fuck you," Tim replied.

Erica couldn't believe she'd heard him right. "What!"

"Fuck you," he said savagely. "You were standing there watching us. You're just an old-maid schoolteacher with hot panties. You need some cock."

Erica was amazed and shocked. She had never been talked to so roughly by a student. She knew that other teachers had, but she had always been able to handle the students. Now she wasn't sure how she was going to handle Tim.

"I'm taking you to the office," Erica said weakly.

"Sure," Tim shrugged. "Do your fucking worst. You're still an old-maid schoolteacher."

She had been fuming as she led him to the school office. Mister Saunderson had been very sympathetic when he heard what Tim had to say. Tim's parents were called in. Tim was forced to make an apology, but he made it with a half smile on his face. Susan was taken home crying.

"You realize, Erica," Mister Saunderson said, "that we have to keep this quiet. It could damage Susan's reputation if it got out."

As if Erica was going to talk about it!

Now, as she lay on the couch, she tried to discover just what had upset her so much. It wasn't like she hadn't heard the words before. She had heard those words and lots worse. What, then, had upset her?

She had to admit the truth to herself Tim had called her an old maid and that had hurt. Those words had struck her where she was the most sensitive. She didn't consider herself an old maid. After all, she was only thirty years old and men still considered her attractive.

She was at a good marital age. The problem was that she was scared of men. Petrified. Thirty years old and still a virgin. Only one person had ever looked at her full breasts, besides her doctor, and that had been a boy in high school. He had put his hand on her tits and she had allowed him to take liberties until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Now, she would very seldom even kiss a man and men would only date her a few times before they went on to greener pastures.

What is wrong with me? Erica asked herself. She wanted to be loved. She was excited thinking about men, but she would start getting frightened when a man got too close. She just couldn't understand herself.

Erica picked up her copy of the TV Guide and thumbed through it, looking for something interesting.

She sighed. It looked like another boring evening at home. Nothing on television and no prospects for the entire weekend. She went to her cabinet and fixed herself a drink. It seemed like she was drinking more and more lately. Alcohol was the only thing that would allow her to really relax.

She finished her drink quickly and made herself another. She was already having a slight buzz in her head.

The doorbell rang.

"Damn," Erica said. "Who could that be?"

She brushed her skirt down and tucked her white blouse back in. She took a quick look in the mirror. Her dark black hair was tangled as it usually was.

She opened the door. Any other time she would have kept the chain on the door and only cracked it. But tonight she was feeling impatient and wanted to get rid of her uninvited guest quickly.

The first person she saw was Tim Douglas.

"What do you want?" she asked, and then she noticed the four boys behind him. All of them were seniors and all were wearing the same stupid grins.

"You turned me in," Tim accused, "and you got Susan into trouble. I don't care about me, but you had no business getting Susan into trouble."

"Get out of here!" Erica demanded.

"No," Tim my said. "Not until we talk."

"Then I'm going to call the police," Erica said. "I won't have you here."

She started for the phone, but Tim was quicker. He pushed past her and stood in front of the phone so that she couldn't reach it. Suddenly she was afraid. There was a look in Tim's eyes that she didn't like.

She turned for the door, but the other four boys were blocking her way. One boy turned and shut the door and put the chain back into place.

"Let me out!" Erica commanded.

"Not until we finish what we came here to do," Tim said.

She realized she still had her drink in her hand. She threw it into Tim's face and started screaming. Her scream was cut short by a boy slipping in behind her and pressing his hand over her mouth. Tim hit her in the stomach.

All her breath emptied out with a whoosh. Her knees felt weak. She dropped her glass to the carpeted floor. The boy behind her released her and she almost fell.

"Now shut up!" Tim said. "Shut up or I'll hit you again, and next time it'll really hurt."

She knew he meant what he said. Tim played football and he was very strong. Erica looked for mercy in the faces of the other boys. She knew them all. All of them had a class under her. Danny Jeffries, Bill Hake, Joe Tyler and Carl Fenstein. Carl and Danny played football with Tim, but the other two boys were good students.

"Joe," she said. "Bill. Why are you letting him do this? I've never hurt you."

There was no mercy in their eyes.

"Such a tough teacher," Bill said. "Always pushing us around and fussing at us. Well, now we're here to teach you a few things that school doesn't teach."

"Maybe it should," Carl laughed. "That way we wouldn't have to learn on the streets."

"What do you mean?" Erica asked.

Tim grinned. "Have you ever been fucked, Miss Thomas?"

A cold chill went up Erica's back. She'd been afraid but never petrified. She'd always thought that she could handle any student as far as physical violence was concerned. Now she wasn't so sure. She had felt the strong anus that held her steady and the brutal hand over her mouth. These weren't just little children. These boys were strong.

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