Mel Marshall: Two-way sisters

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Mel Marshall Two-way sisters
  • Название:
    Two-way sisters
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Two-way sisters

Mel Marshall


Dianne Richards slumped into the kitchen chair, finally letting herself relax. She felt deliciously tired. Outside it was hot in the August sun, and she had counted on the cool air inside the old house to help her wake up a little. Instead, it made her feel sleepy and a little lazy. But she liked the coolness of the air passing over her hot skin.

She closed her eyes and let herself drift. She had been feeling a driving sexual need all day. It began in the morning a little while after her husband Dave left for work. She had tried to ignore the urgings that came from her cunt, but the more she tried to ignore them, the stronger they got. She surrendered herself to them.

She imagined Dave's big hands playing over her. Just like the other night. It felt so good. He would begin touching her neck, just lightly, knowing that the touch of his fingertips drove her crazy. She remembered how she moaned then.

Abruptly, his hands were replaced on her neck by his lips, and his hands cupped her ample breasts. Her attention focused there, as the tender flesh was molded and squeezed. Her breasts, already large, always seemed to grow larger with each play, seeming to stretch outwards. She liked the feeling. Her whole body was more sensitive when she was turned on, but the change happened first and fastest with her titties.

His fingers found the stiff, taut nubbins of her nipples. Dianne was not one of those women whose nipples hid from view. Even when not aroused, they strained at the fabric of the flimsy blouses she liked to wear. When first mated, she had tended to dress a bit more conservatively than before, thinking that Dave might be angry at the lustful glances she always got in public. She was surprised to discover that, far from being angry, he actually encouraged her to dress more and more provocatively.

"Hell, let 'em look!" he had said. "If anybody wants to look at my wife, that's fine. I take it as a compliment, and so should you." Dave admitted that he got a thrill out of the sexual attention she got. He encouraged her to dress as well as possible in as little as possible, and early on in their relationship they had made an agreement not to interfere with each other in sexual matters. Which was probably why their sex together was still so fantastic, even after ten years together.

Her body shivered when his fingers began kneading her nipples. He was less cautious now, and she tensed at the almost painful stimulation.

"Oh, I love that!" she whispered huskily. "Please – suck my titties now, please! Suck them hard!"

"Sure, honey, anything you say." His voice was a little uneven from his eagerness. "You know how much I like to. Let's get you out of this blouse."

Their hands worked together at unbuttoning her top. Finally the twin mounds fell into view, the nipples strained and waiting for the caresses of his knowing mouth and tongue.

Her body was arched with need. She wanted his big cock in her cunt, wanted to feel his throbbing rod slide in and out of her. She felt a delightful wetness beginning to ooze from her quivering cunt. She thrust her stiff nipples toward him. He descended on them, his wet tongue just barely flicking the tips. He took his time, going from one to the other. Each time he did, a shivering groan escaped from her lips. His teeth finally found one bursting nipple and fastened around the base while his tongue was busily whipping around the top. It hurt just a little, but it was a good hurt.

Her body shook, and she pulled his head down harder on her. "Harder now! Bite me harder! OOOHHHH!"

His hand snaked down across her smooth belly and found the snap at the top of her shorts, then the zipper. They slid easily down her thighs to her knees, and she kicked them off. As usual, she was wearing no underwear. When she opened her thighs she could feel the wet sex fluid flow down between her swollen pussy lips and then to her anus.

She was more than ready, and he knew it. While his mouth continued working on her titties, his right hand began moving on her cuntal mound. The pubic hair was sparse, which he liked. Easier to get to the right places, he thought. But the hair was also soft and silky. It had a nice feeling as he ran his fingers through it.

She jerked. She was electrified. His probing middle finger had found her naked clit. It stood up above her open cuntlips, waiting to be touched in the right way. He was certainly doing that.

She could feel the molten waves of pleasure building in an agonizing prelude to her orgasm. His finger began making circular motions around and around, lubricated by her vaginal secretions. He began to dart his finger in and out of her, occasionally moving it up her slit to touch the sensitive pleasure button. She writhed in ecstasy as he made his own little sounds of enjoyment.

Her hand found the bulge in his pants. She caressed it through the thick material, then opened the zipper. His own sexy wetness was there, and she loved the slippery feel of it on her fingers. Her hand closed round his enormous cock and she squeezed. The ponderous tool throbbed in her hand, telegraphing signals of his growing delight.

"Fuck me now, oh please fuck me, I need it, I need to feel you inside me, fuck me now, COME IN ME!"

That did it. In a few moments, he was out of hiss clothes. His breathing was fast, and she knew that it wouldn't be long for him either. His whole glans gleamed with wetness, and a pearly drop hung at the hole in the middle. His eyes drank her in for a couple of seconds. Then he moved over her, ready to thrust his dick into her hot cunt.

Now. Now! I want him inside me…

"Dianne? Dianne?" The voice intruded and seemed to come from far away.

Dianne jerked into alertness, opening her eyes. My God, she thought dizzily, was I sleeping? Wow!

"Dianne? You OK?" The voice was that of her kid sister, Bobbi.

"Yeah, Bobbi, thanks, I guess I just sort of drifted off. I just sat down here for a second to rest, and the next thing I knew I was daydreaming. Maybe I overdid it working outside today. I sure was tired."

"Must have been some daydream," Bobbi said, taking a plate from the sink where she was washing dishes and putting it in the drainer. "You were starting to move around and make noises."

Dianne took a deep breath and let it out. "Yeah, it was." She straightened up in the chair and stretched her slim body. The movement made her aware of her nipples straining against her flimsy yellow halter. They were still erect from her memory session. She also felt a telltale wetness at her crotch, which was still ready for Dave's plunging cock.

And she was still horny. She didn't often have to masturbate, but if Dave came home late from work again tonight, she'd have to. The sexual pressure was too much to bear.

Oddly, she didn't feel any embarrassment at the thought that Bobbi had watched her earlier. They often talked together about sex, though Bobbi still was a little shy about revealing exact details. She was sure that Bobbi's cherry was still intact. But then, Bobbi was only eighteen years old, just graduated from high school. There would be plenty of time, plenty of opportunities for her in the next few years at Southwestern State University. She'd make some boy very happy.

With her ripe, young body, she'd more likely make a lot of boys very happy. Dianne smiled to herself. If only she can get over that damn reluctance she has.

"I just wanted to ask you what you wanted done after I finish these," Bobbi said. "I can only stay a couple hours more. Ron's taking me out tonight."

"Ron again? You've sure been spending a lot of time with him lately."

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