Bob Ellis: The family eats out

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Bob Ellis The family eats out
  • Название:
    The family eats out
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Bob Ellis

The family eats out

Fanny lay back on the cool sheet and watched as her father's thick cock parted the moist lips of her cunt. The knob of the big bone was swollen fat, and she felt a thrill of pleasure as it spread her pussy. Soon it pressed against her membrane – pop! – and then Fanny was a virgin no more. She'd been fucked by her dad. "O-h-h-h," she moaned as the huge dork snaked into her molten cunt. "Oh, I love it, Dad."

He lowered his body over her, his strong chest pressing her large breasts flat. He lay like that for a few seconds, then kissed her cheek and spoke. "Are you all right, honey?"

She nodded, then spoke in a whisper. "Fuck me," she urged. "Fuck me good. I'm okay."

She saw him smile before she let her eyelids drop to enjoy the feel of his cock in darkness. She thrilled to the sensation of his bone withdrawing from the depths of her cunt, and then he began pumping her.

In and out her father thrust, his big whang plumbing the depths of her hot quim. She rose her ass off the sheet, jerking her loins upward to meet the downward plunge of his pelvis. Their pubic patches slapped together, the hair of each mingling for an instant with the hair of the other, and then they parted, the greased pole of a cock slurping out of the sopping cavern of a cunt. In and out the dick rammed, sending wave after wave of pleasure washing over her body, from her pussy to her tits, making the nipples tingle.

Her mind floated in the inky blackness, her senses exploding with physical pleasure. Suddenly the thought intruded on her – the cock that had made her was fucking her cunt. The dick that had fucked her mother eighteen years before and brought her into being had not torn out her cherry. It was riding in and out of her cunt-hole, sliding on a mixture of her blood and come-juice. The idea thrilled her, sent a shiver through her body. She could see her dad's face in her mind, that handsome and pleasant face that had peeked over the side of her crib when she was a child, the face of that man she loved so dearly.

Now that man was humping the hell out of her and she was digging it like mad. No other man could fuck her this way, combining such love and tenderness with such power and sureness. This was the fucking of a strong and experienced man, not a nervous boy with a thin little prick. She loved it, loved the idea that her own father was banging her cunt, loved the powerful cock-thrusting that mashed her pussy-lips apart, pressured her clit, filled the deep hole of her sweltering twat. This was something she had dreamed of as she diddled her clit, imagined as she masturbated in the darkness at night. Now it was really happening. Her father was fucking her cunt.

He rode her higher now, expertly pressing her clit with the friction of each stroke. She heard herself scream uncontrollably as powerful shocks of pleasure racked her whole being. Her father's arms gripped her tightly, and she was only vaguely aware that her fingernails dug deeply into the hard flesh of his back. They were banging furiously now, her father pounding away in Fanny's tender young cunt. She orgasmed again and again, then felt after-spasms of joy slide over her one by one, only gradually declining in strength.

Suddenly she heard the heavy breathing that signaled her father was about to come. She stroked his back gently, let her soft palm slide down to the hard hump of his ass. She stroked his asscheeks as they punched the air in the fury of his fuck. Then he was coming, breathing hoarsely and jerking his whole body at her as if to bury more than just his bone in her hole.

"O-h-h-h," he moaned over her, as she felt his hot cum shoot into her in spurt after fiery spurt. She lay back in joy to think that she could please her father this way. He humped on, spending his jism, grinding slowly to a halt in his thrusting. He lay over her motionless for a time, his breathing thick and loud. Only minutes later did he raise his head and speak to her.

"Was it good for you?" he asked.

She had to laugh. Good? It had been fabulous. "I loved it," she said. "I wish we had done it before, Dad. I always dreamed of your cock, of getting fucked by you. My cunt ached for it."

Nelson Jones dropped his head to her shoulder, then raised it again. He started to speak, couldn't find the words and just shook his head. Finally, he said, "If only you had said something. Ever since those boobs of yours started to sprout, ever since a peach fuzz started up on your little puss, I've wanted to stick my cock in it. Even when you were a baby, I looked at that little pink thing between your thighs – like a tiny apricot with its little crease – and I've thought how lovely it would be to work my bone into its softness. You were a hot little cunt from the day you were born."

"Eighteen years of waiting," she said, stroking his hair. "I had no idea. I didn't know fathers and daughters ever fucked at least not until…" She caught herself. She mustn't reveal what May Williams had told her, that her best friend's father balled her with regularity. "Not until I read something about it a few months ago," she lied, completing her sentence. "I guess a lot of girls long for it, and a lot of fathers want to sleep with their daughters."

Her father only nodded, then placed his cheek against hers. The rough skin thrilled her, warm and masculine against her soft cheek. Her thoughts returned to May Williams and May's father. Right now, in the house next door, they might be fucking too. Their mothers were out shopping together, and Fanny guessed that May took every opportunity to do it with her dad. She hoped the girl would keep to her vow of silence after Fanny told her she'd gone ahead and fucked her father. After all, it had been May who put the idea into head. They'd been talking idly about sex and their fantasies, and Fanny had confessed her dream of getting laid by her father, May had told her of the running affair between father and daughter in the Williams household. After that, the lure of it had been too great for Fanny, and she'd hinted boldly what she wanted from her own father.

Nelson was rising off of her now, giving her breast a pinch as he got up. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, there was a tinge of pink to the dripping gunk. She watched her dad walk naked to the bathroom, heard him rinse off his prick at the sink, then return to dress quickly. She rose from the bed and made her own quick visit to the john, washing out her cunt, which no longer bled, pissing, then coming back to the bedroom. Her father was watching with obvious pleasure as she dressed.

"You must be the most beautiful woman in this town," he said, looking at her swaying breasts as she leaned over to step into her panties.

She smiled, not fully used to being called a woman. But she definitely was one now. Her cherry had been popped. "Thanks, handsome," she laughed, as she pulled up the silky underpants and wriggled them over the rounded curves of her hips. It was strange conversation to her, talking like this with her dad. Somehow, the words thrilled her, titillated her, sent that tingling feeling through her nipples again.

She tweaked them the way she did when she beat off, then picked up her bra and started to put it on. Her father stepped around behind her to help fasten her bra. She worked each full, shapely tit into a lacy cup, then drew the band around behind her on each side for him to fix the clasps. "It's so nice to have someone to do that," she smiled. "When you've got big boobs it's hard to put them in after you do the clasp."

He laughed. "Your mother always wants me to do her bra in the back too."

An unpleasant feeling went through Fanny at the mention of her mother. She wondered if her father had experienced the same thing. "Are you going to tell her about, about this?"

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