Janet McCoy: Librarian with the hots

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Janet McCoy Librarian with the hots
  • Название:
    Librarian with the hots
  • Автор:
  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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"God, you should be ashamed of yourself, Jane! Lying naked on that table letting that guy eat your pussy! Then letting him stick his cock up inside you! I've never seen anything like it! You have no shame, girl! No shame! Maybe I can teach you some!" Miss Doober's words were interrupted by periodic smacks of the hairbrush. The older woman shifted her attention from the remembered scene of Jane screwing the teen and the reality of the wriggling ass before her. She wanted to reach out and stroke those firm round ass-cheeks. But more than that, she wanted to punish Jane… to teach her some respect for her and her library! How long had she wanted to have this beautiful young woman at her mercy and now her dream had come true!

"No! Oooohh! I'm sorry!" Strange things were happening to Jane as she squirmed under the blows of the hairbrush. She realized she wasn't just going through this to save her job. Some perverted side of her was actually enjoying moaning and writhing under a hail of blows! She could feel her pussy getting wet! Her clit throbbed with rising hunger! Miss Doober was satisfying some deep-suppressed part of her that she hadn't allowed, to surface until now.

She could recall the times when she was a little girl and her daddy had punished her by bending her over his knee and spanking her. Though the blows had hurt, she had felt very close to her father at those times. The two of them were sharing something very special… something intense and emotional, something even her mommy wasn't involved with. The twisted pleasure of those bygone days came back to her now, with each whacking blow of Miss Doober's brush.

The crotch of Miss Doober's panties was soaking wet. She could no longer stand the strain of holding back the passion she felt for the beautiful young blonde. Now that she had Jane withering and pleading for mercy, she had to make it up to her, make it up in a way that would bring them both a final releasing charge of pleasure.

When the blows finally stopped, Jane was at a loss at what to do. Her clitoris was hard as a pebble, throbbing for attention. She wanted desperately to reach down and wrench it into orgasm. The only problem was Miss Doober. The alder woman was calling the shots. Since she had come this far already, Jane didn't want to risk her job on a false move.

Carefully she looked back over her shoulder. What she saw made her heart skip a beat.

Miss Doober had shed her skirt and blouse. What she wore now was a lacy black bra, a black garter belt and stockings and her spike heels. Strapped around her loins was the real corker – an awesome looking dildo. She smiled down at Jane. "Are you ready, Jane?"

The young blonde had already gone so far in this absurd charade that she let no scruples stand in her way. She was hot and hungry and Miss Doober had the means to relieve her tension. If her boss wanted to screw her with a dildo, then so be it! "God, yes! I'm so horny, I'm dying!" She turned back to face the couch and wriggled her ass expectantly in Miss Doober's direction.

The head librarian was about to realize the forbidden dream of a lifetime. She had had women lovers before, but never one as beautiful as Jane. She knelt behind the blonde and shoved the tip of the dildo against her upturned pink hole.

"Holy shit!" Jane had never felt anything that huge shoving at the portals of her cunt. She wiggled back eagerly, trying to find the right angle to take that thick shaft. At last with one long lunge of Miss Doober's hips, the dildo drove deep into Jane's pussy. "Aaaaaggghhh! Oh my God! It's wonderful!"

Delighted with her employee's response, Miss Doober grabbed her hips and began to work the artificial cock in and out of her clasping cunt. Months of pent-up frustration were shed in seconds. The older woman no longer had to resent the younger for having something she couldn't get. Because now she had it!

"Oh, it feels good to screw you!" she grunted. Her fingers left white welts in Jane's ass that was a bright blotchy red from her earlier spanking. With greedy hands, the chief librarian stroked and caressed those firm round mounds. She could scarcely believe that she was touching them now, after admiring them from afar for so many months.

Jane screwed her ass hungrily back onto the filling shaft attached to Miss Doober's pussy. She had never had anything this big in her cunt. But rather than pain, the blonde felt nothing but a deep overwhelming pleasure. She wouldn't have believed it of herself, but it seemed she had lost all scruples as fat as pleasure was concerned. She would take it whenever and wherever it was offered.

She realized that from here on in, her duties at the library would include keeping Miss Doober's pussy happy. Even that depraved thought excited her. After all, she had turned Miss Doober on! And that was something that even Cathy Coke hadn't been able to do!

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